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Liv Boeree, Bertrand Grospellier Talk 'Power Up' at PokerStars

Liv Boeree, Bertrand Grospellier Talk 'Power Up' at PokerStars 0001
  • PokerStars pros @elkypoker @Liv_Boeree @CelinaLin @AdiAgarwal_int @MarcinHorecki excited for Power Up.

PokerStars' new Power Up game that combines no-limit hold'em with video gaming elements similar to Hearthstone is up and running, and players seem to be enjoying it so far. Several PokerStars team pros recently shared their thoughts on the game, which we bring to you here.

Favorite Power

In Power Up, players buy in to a three-person sit-and-go, similar to PokerStars' popular Spin & Go, and the game is played down to a winner. You can choose from a variety of futuristic characters, each with access to several powers, which can be played to potentially change the outcome of hands. For more information on the game, you can read the full review article here.

At first launch, Power Up players have access to nine different powers that can give a player an advantage in the hand, though one must be ready for potential countermoves from opponents.

So what are some of the team pros' favorites?

Liv Boeree, Bertrand Grospellier Talk 'Power Up' at PokerStars 101

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Celina Lin both favor the Engineer power, which allows a player to choose the deck's next card from three options.

According to Grospellier, the Engineer power has the most depth "because it synergizes very well with a lot of other powers and regular poker situations."

Lin added, "Engineer could be the game changer and turn the table around on your opponent!"

Liv Boeree prefers Intel, "because you can see what the turn and river are going to be and thus can play the flop more profitably."

According to Aditya Agarwal, "Upgrade seems like the ideal power. Numerous times while playing I have wished for an upgrade of my hand; with this power you can draw a third hole card and discard one, making it the perfect power."

All the powers have risks associated with them as opponents can counter with other powers. That's why the EMP power can be very useful, and team pro Marcin Horecki called it his favorite power.

"This power lets you make sure that your opponent will not be able to play his powers, so there will be no surprises after you bet big or go all-in with a good hand."

You can watch Grospellier and Boeree trying out the game at EPT Barcelona back in August in the short video below.


One of the exciting draws of Power Up is the opportunity to play as different characters in the form of avatars with their own personalities and backstories. Once again, team pros shared their picks for the avatar that best resembles them.

Grospellier chose Net Positive because, like him, "I aspire to one day get free of biological concerns, and able to enhance my focus and concentration by future technological upgrades."

Liv Boeree, Bertrand Grospellier Talk 'Power Up' at PokerStars 102

Boeree likes Sora because of their parallel academic backgrounds in cosmology/astrophysics and also, "now he travels around space mining on asteroids which would be a dream job of mine! We also both get bored and distracted easily."

Agarwal likes the character of Arlo Shank and says he relates to it "in terms of being all business and being a loner."

Lin went with Shayu Jyn: "Chinese, need I say more?" Lin added that she and Shayu share the ability of making quick, decisive and instinctive judgments, a quality which Lin says has made her the poker player that she is.

Horecki went with Queenie Dear. "Although I don't really look like her, I am older than most players, I don't take prisoners and seize opportunities while playing. On the other hand, I get bored without new challenges."

Looking Forward

These players seem most excited about the new gaming elements integration as well as the challenge of novel strategies that Power Up provides.

According to Grospellier, "I'm looking forward to competing with everyone on PokerStars in a brand new game, mixing both of my favorite worlds; poker and video games!"

"As a fan of Hearthstone, I can see the similarity in concept of the two games."

Lin says she really likes "the direction that PokerStars has taken to make the game fun again. As a fan of Hearthstone, I can see the similarity in concept of the two games."

For Boeree, "The thing that excites me most about Power Up is that I'll finally have the magic powers I've always dreamed of having whilst playing normal hold'em! It will be so fun figuring out fresh new strategies for this game."

Agarwal and Horecki both mentioned the high entertainment value that the new game offers. According to Agarwal, "I think it will make poker a lot more fun and entertaining and will be a welcome change for people who have been playing the same formats of poker for years."

Horecki is most looking forward to "the fresh look at the game of poker, new possibilities and shifting the metagame."

Try it Out

If you have not yet fired up the newest game on offer at PokerStars, now is the time! If you need an account, you can sign up here. Be sure to check back at PokerNews for the latest on Power Up and other news from PokerStars.

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