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PokerNews Podcast 472: Get a Gripsed; Evan Jarvis Joins the Podcast

  • Sarah and Brent talk about holiday shopping for poker players and Evan Jarvis joins the podcast

On this week's episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring and Brent Harrington go over the PokerNews Top Ten gift article and Sarah interviews Evan Jarvis aka "Gripsed" about making poker a full body experience, coaching, keeping a positive mindset, and more. Check out the entire PokerNews shopping list article here.

Show Time Stamps

0:18 - Intro

3:06 - Previewing this episode's guest: Evan Jarvis aka Gripsed. You can find him on Twitter or on his website.

4:30 - Happy Holidays! Sarah debates the humor in purposely mispronouncing words.

5:15 - Sarah is trying to cuss less.

8:32 - PokerNews' Top Ten gift suggestions list preview.

9:40 - It's tough to find the "right" gift sometimes.

11:40 - 10. Desjgn Playing Cards®

13:52 - 9. Bose QC35 Wireless Headphones II

16:50 - 8. Run It Up Apparel

18:16 - 7. WSOP Apparel

20:23 - 6. Sherpa 100 Power Pack

22:35 - 5. Harry's Razors

24:30 - A word from our sponsor D+B Poker Books

26:31 - Evan Jarvis Interview Intro.

27:45 - What has Evan been up to? What led to his recent break?

29:28 - The cost of trying to be at the top of three different worlds: Twitch, YouTube and poker.

31:59 - Getting back on track can be tough.

35:00 - The importance of giving your brain a break. Evan stepped away from the computer and online poker.

36:32 - Learning to listen to his body.

39:00 - Getting back into playing poker.

42:20 - Adjusting to grinding and getting older.

45:20 - Figuring out what works for you individually and being aware of what you can put off until later.

49:00 - Evan's thoughts on his own strengths as a coach, giving players a "holistic" coaching experience.

52:00 - Meeting Greg Merson for the first time.

57:00 - Being motivated by your environment and the importance of building a community.

59:45 - Finding acceptance as a professional poker player. Positive reinforcement in the poker world.

1:04:11 - The "Scam Tapes" and wanting to win the Main Event. Evan decided he was going to win the Main Event.

1:07:52 - Swapping with Griffin Benger and Greg decides he's going to win the Main Event instead.

1:11:12 - "I don't have to win." Helping people have the same feeling.

1:14:25 - Get more from Evan: You can find him on Twitter or on his website. Evan also has a Youtube channel.

1:17:28 - A word from our sponsor

1:18:13 - The rest of the shopping list: 4. PokerGO Subscription

1:21:55 - 3. DXRacer Gaming Chairs

1:23:00 - 2. Custom Poker Chips with FREE Poker Chip Case by

1:25:40 - 1. Books from D&B Poker

1:27:00 - What do you want from a poker book?

130:00 - Outro and upcoming schedule.

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If you want to find more from our guest, Evan Jarvis, you can find him on Twitter or on his website.

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