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Morgan Leads partypoker LIVE UK Poker Championships

Daniel Morgan

After eight 60-minute levels, Day 2 of the partypoker LIVE UK Poker Championships £1,100 Main Event has been concluded with 78 players coming back at noon tomorrow for Day 3.

Daniel Morgan (5,015,000) (lead photo) advanced as the chip-leader with Alex Harrison (4,600,00), and Jamie O'Connor (3,300,000) close behind.

Other notable names coming back tomorrow are Manig Loeser (3,080,000), Michael Chi Zhang (2,425,000), Anthony Elliott (2,410,000), Ali Ayub (2,620,000), Enzo Del Piero (1,625,000), Chris Sly (1,550,000) and UKPC Super High Roller winner Steven Morris (2,900,000).

Before play begun, the prize pool information was released and announced that the winner would be taking home £187,500, with 119 players receiving a minimum cash of £2,500. All remaining players are now guaranteed at least £3,500.

Only two players came into Day 2 with over a million in chips, but neither will be back for Day 3.

Only two players came into Day 2 with over a million in chips, but neither will be back for Day 3. Alex Luz had several important pots during the day with his biggest hand coming against Thomas Hemming. Luz bet 58,000 with the flop reading queen-jack-four and Hemming raised to 180,000. Luz wasn't prepared to call and instead moved all in. Hemming called and turned over queen-jack for top two pair, with Luz holding ace-ten and the nut flush draw. Hemming's hand improved to a full-house on the river to put a massive dent in the stack of the Day 2 chip-leader who could not rebuild.

Day 1b chip-leader Ludovic Geilich started well and was up to 1,800,000 chips at his peak, but his elimination was confirmed by the midpoint of the day, just shy of the money.

When hand-for-hand play got underway, there were several short stacks around the tables looking to hold out for a place in the money. The first player to fall was Mark Mccluskey who held pocket-aces and was up against pocket-kings, only to see a king hit the flop.

Dahe Liu eventually bubbled the Main Event. Liu moved all in from the small blind and was called by Ali Ayub in the big blind. Liu waited in anticipation to find out his fate while play at other tables was completed. When the dealer was told to turn over their hole cards, he saw his pocket-jacks were ahead of queen-deuce. However, the board ran out ace-queen-deuce-king-five, and he was awarded a UKPC Finale ticket as a consolation prize. The field then decreased rapidly after the bubble, and the big stacks started to emerge as the day drew to a close.

PokerNews coverage of the partypoker LIVE UK Poker Championships continues at noon as the field competes to make Sunday's final table. Check out the live reporting updates in the PokerNews Live Reporting section.

Manig Loeser
Manig Loeser on to Day 3

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