Former PKR Players Must Submit Claim by Feb. 28 for PokerStars Refund


PokerStars is looking to make good on their July 2017 promise to refund players who lost funds on rival online poker site PKR, which operated on the Microgaming Network.

PokerStars is urging any players who have yet to be reimbursed, to submit their claim by the filing date of Feb. 28, after which claims will no longer be honored. Filing a claim can be done here.

PokerStars recommends that players yet to make their claim check for an email from PokerStars that may have come in the last few days, likely Friday, and be sure to also check their junk mail in case the email was routed there.

To receive a credit, individuals will need to have an existing PokerStars account or open a new one so that the credit can be made directly to their PokerStars account. Further details on how to claim a credit can be found here.

A recent statement from the Stars Group further urged players to claim their credit:

“No player should be left unprotected and short-changed by an operator they trust. So if players do receive an email, or haven’t had the chance to log-in, we would urge that they do so before February 28. It will only take a few minutes.”


Players on PKR were unable to access their accounts or withdraw their account balances after the site was suspended by the Microgaming Network on May 3, 2017. Players were then notified in writing that PKR Limited and PKR Technologies entered Administration by order of the High Court on May 11 and as a result, the companies ceased trading, rendering player accounts unaccessible.

With no retribution plan in sight for players, PokerStars stepped in to make the players whole. According to PokerStars, Joint Administrators David Taylor and Matthew Wild, who were overseeing the case, worked with PokerStars and facilitated access to the PKR player database. PokerStars proceeded to notify PKR account holders of Stars' offer to refund their accounts according to their PKR balance on record on May 11.

Stars' most recent emails are an attempt to ensure that players who have yet to claim their account balance refund are aware that the offer from PokerStars will expire on Feb. 28, 2018. Players' outstanding PKR balances were provided in the body of the email they should have received.

Besides needing a PokerStars account in order to receive their lost funds, Stars assures players that there are no further obligations or play-through required, and players may withdraw their refund from their PokerStars' account as soon as it's available.

The Stars Group owns a majority shareholding in iBus Media

  • If you lost funds on PKR back in May, time is running out to make your claim to PokerStars for a full refund.

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