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PokerNews Podcast 482: American GPI Player of the Year Bryn Kenney

  • Bryn Kenney joins the show and Sarah couldn't be happier. Sarah and Brent wrap up the APAs and more.

This week on the PokerNews Podcast Bryn Kenney (@BrynKenney) talks about his 2017 American GPI Player of the Year win and why PokerStars should have hired him. Sarah couldn't be happier that Bryn is finally on the podcast. Sarah and Brent talk about whether poker streamers or celebrities make better ambassadors and Jake Cody putting it all on black. They also go over the results of the American Poker Awards.

Show Time Stamps

1:11Guest Preview: Bryn Kenney the GPI American Player of the Year.
1:30American Poker Awards results wrap up. Sarah KNOWS she will never recieve an APA. #DIDNOTRECIEVE
4:00Andrew Neeme wins two awards just in time to be a guest the week of March 12.
9:30More about the APAs: Jaime Staples wins Streamer of the Year. Eric Danis wins the Jury Prize.
17:06New Look for PokerStars Ambassadors - Sarah and Brent wonder if poker streamers or celebrities make a better fit.
24:12Jake Cody chops a tournament and puts it all on black. WHAT? Check out the video.
26:35Doug Polk promises to advertise things that are good for poker on his channel for free! He's looking to make an even more positive impact on the poker community. Watch the video.
29:35Bryn Kenney joins the show. Watch the full interview here.
30:52Is Bryn playing cash or only tournaments?
32:21How's the weight loss going after winning a big prop bet?
33:48How many bullets? Does Bryn reenter tournaments more than others?
37:16Winning the GPI American POY was horrible?
41:10Bryn's take on the current state of tournaments on PokerStars.
44:00What to do with game kilers?
49:350Tough times, sick moves, and mental strength.
53:31The high stakes tournament scene is booming.
57:00Dealing with ego and having confidence no matter what.
1:01:10A surprise party for Grandma Kenney and taking time for family.
1:10:35Outro - Sarah is heading to Bucharest.
1:08:26What's coming up? Potential guests and long shots.

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