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True Gambling Stories #002: Holdem & Holdups (With Guests Doyle Brunson and TJ Cloutier)

  • LISTEN: Some history of poker in the old days in Texas – underground clubs, holdups, raids, firearms

The second episode of True Gambling Stories tells the story of the Amvets Club in Dallas, Texas, an underground poker room that featured some of the game's best. While there may have been plenty of cash won, it wasn’t always easy to make it home with the winnings.

Players traveled the state for action – dodging the law and crooks along the way. This episode also features some insight on the old days from poker legends Doyle Brunson and T.J. Cloutier. Sit back, relax, and take a trip into poker's past.

Hold'em & Holdup: Gambling on Greenville Time Stamps

1:05A bit of background on Episode #2
1:30Modern poker vs. the old days
2:40Guns at the table?
3:03Poker legend Doyle Brunson robbed at knife-point
4:05Greenville Avenue's Amvets underground poker club
6:10Poker Legend T.J. Cloutier describes the club scene
8:20Amvets Club robbery
10:05Doyle with another robbery story
12:20TJ shares another robbery story from the old days
13:25Dallas = Fort Worth's bloody casino history
15:00Bob Hooks & the Amvets
17:20Cowboy takes command
21:00Card rooms return in the 2000s
22:00Raided! "Open the ****ing door!"
24:00Club closes, a bit about another standout Amvets alum
26:00Outro and credits

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True Gambling Stories #002: Holdem & Holdups (With Guests Doyle Brunson and TJ Cloutier) 101

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