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True Gambling Stories #007: All on Red: A Six-Figure Roulette Wager


In the seventh episode of True Gambling Stories, we follow the bouncing ball and turn to the roulette wheel. But this isn’t about a guy who just took a few hundreds out of his wallet and bet on his lucky number. This story involves a massive bet that most of us could never imagine. Six figures, one spin of the wheel. That’s it in a nutshell, but there’s so much more.

This episode's guests include professional gambler Richard Munchkin, poker player and psychologist Tricia Cardner, and Rosie Corona, who witnessed this unbelievable bet as a pit boss at the Plaza Casino in Las Vegas. So put on those headphones, hit play, and enjoy.

Betting It All on Red: Time Stamps

2:00Ashley Revell & That Nagging Idea
4:00Some History of Roulette
8:00A Night Out with the Spinning Wheel
11:30Getting the Gamble Going
13:00The Plaza & The Spin
18:30Gambling & the Brain
22:00The Result?
27:00Outro & Credits

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  • LISTEN: Ashley Revell decided to put all he had on one roulette spin - hear how it all unfolded.

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