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True Gambling Stories #008: How Blackjack May Have Saved FedEx

  • LISTEN: Ship It! How a night of blackjack saved the FedEx Corporation in its early days.

In this month's episode of True Gambling Stories, we take you to the blackjack tables. But this story has a twist. It’s about a global corporation and how a weekend at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas in the 1970s kept the whole operation afloat.

There’s a bit of blackjack, big money, business – and a little bit of the sights and sounds of old Las Vegas. This week's guests include the Las Vegas Advisor's Anthony Curtis and business management professor Dr. Bob Collins.

So put in the earbuds, sit back, and relax.

Betting It All on Red: Time Stamps

0:00A bit from our sponsor, MasterClass. Be sure to check out all their amazing classes including the new class with poker pro Daniel Negreanu.
4:00Federal Express & Fred Smith
6:40A vision in a term paper
9:00The Marines
10:00Old Las Vegas
12:00The Las Vegas Advisor's Anthony Curtis
14:00Launching the company & tough times
18:00Blackjack as a savior
21:00At the table
23:00Turning a profit
25:00Looking back
27:00Outro & Credits

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