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True Gambling Stories #001: Stanley Fujitake – The Craps King

  • LISTEN: Some deep insight into an amazing craps roll in downtown Las Vegas that became a Sin City legend.

Our debut episode of True Gambling Stories tells the story of Stanley Fujitake's astonishing craps roll at Las Vegas's California Casino in 1989. The Cal has always had a unique relationship with gamblers from Hawaii. Stanley was one of those Islanders who frequented the downtown property — and its craps tables.

Stanley's epic roll of more than three hours became a world record and inspired a club devoted to excellence at the dice tables. Learn the inside story of this amazing gambling tale.

Stanley Fujitake – The Craps King Time Stamps

0:09Intro to the new show
0:36A bit about this first episode
0:58The history of the California Casino and and its link to Hawaii
1:55Professor Dennis Ogawa offers insight on Sam Boyd's first casino and its connection to the islands
4:22A look at the California today
6:14Stanley Fujitake and fun at the dice tables
7:44Some background on craps
8:34The Wizard of Odds Michael Shackleford breaks down the game
11:08Stanley takes the dice
13:05Boyd Director of Gaming Operations Guido Metzger describes the scene that night when he worked at the craps table
14:25The roll continues, the casino struggles with payouts, and the thousands of dollars paid on one roll of the dice
16:10Finally crapping out
16:55Boyd Vice President of Communications David Strow discusses the payouts made that night
18:20The odds of this craps miracle
18:50The Golden Arm Club is born
20:50David Strow on the importance of the Golden Arm Club, Stanley's legacy, and the Hawaiian people who play at the Cal
22:30Outro and credits

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