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PokerNews Podcast 491: Alec Torelli

  • Alec Torelli discusses the high-stakes poker scene and shares some advice for up-and-coming players.

It's another episode of the PokerNews Podcast! Alec Torelli jumps on the PN Pod with Sarah Herring this week. The two discuss Torelli''s week on Live at the Bike, the world of high-stakes poker (both cash games and tournaments), and what Alec tries to teach poker players who are looking to improve their game.

Sarah also takes a look at the biggest news stories in poker, which include the upcoming inductions of Maria Ho & Lupe Soto into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.

This week's sponsor: Global Poker - the Rattlesnake Open is underway, with more than $1.25 million in real cash prizes guaranteed!

Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: Sarah riding solo this week
0:50Maria Ho & Lupe Soto selected for Women in Poker Hall of Fame Class of 2018
4:15Sponsor: Global Poker: The Rattlesnake Open is underway with more than $1.25 million in real cash prizes guaranteed!
5:30An update on the Texas Card Room shooting Our thoughts are with Tom "3betpanda" Steinbach, who was shot in a robbery outside the Austin cardroom. Tom is currently recovering and is in stable condition.
10:05BLACK WIDOW Poker: A Woman's Guide to a Man's Game
14:30Sponsor: Global Poker: Take your shot at a Rattlesnake Open event!
15:35$1.375 Million Bad Beat Jackpot Hits at Playground Poker Club
19:00Interview segment with Alec Torelli
21:00"Alec Torelli Week" at Live at the Bike: "for me, I actually enjoyed talking to the fans almost more than playing, that was really cool...that was incredible"
24:00Alec's message to entrepreneurs: "I feel like the default is just to pursue money endlessly, but in reality living an ideal life...costs a lot less in terms of finance"
26:20How Alec looks at high-stakes poker in his life: "Even at the peak of my career...I was always a part-time pro poker player, and for me that was always the right balance"
29:00Alec discusses how much he enjoys coaching, and the plans to further develop Conscious Poker
34:50The similarities between coaching poker and developing a business: "Taking the lessons that I've learned from poker and applying them to's exciting because it's something new and challenging in a different way"
37:30How Alec teaches his players to merge their developing skills of the game, it's not all about how to play a certain hand: "you need to be good at playing the game of poker...and you need to be a good poker player"
40:30The evolution of high-stakes cash games: "The progression of poker is real, and you can see how people are playing differently and keeping up with modern trends, so the way that the game is tactically played has changed"
43:00Alec's plan for the summer (it's not quite set)
45:20Alec's thoughts on the high-stakes tournament scene: "It's crazy that we can still sustain that level of high-rollers"
48:00Sarah and Alec discuss the edges (or lack thereof) in the high-roller tournaments, from an investment standpoint: "All men think they're great at poker and fighting and sex and driving, and so you have this situation where there are 50 players, and all 50 think they're in the top five"..."There's only one or two people that are LeBron James to everyone, but everyone is their own LeBron James"
51:40Thoughts on this year's WSOP Main Event being played straight through, with no days off before the final table
55:20Check out the Conscious Poker blog and follow Alec on Twitter
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59:15JNandezPoker (Fernando Habegger) will join the show next week, and Jeff Platt will jump on to co-host. Follow Sarah on Twitter

You can check out the full video of the interview with Alec below or on our YouTube channel

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