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PokerNews Podcast 494: Scotty Nguyen

  • Scotty Nguyen shares some stories from his wild poker career and offers some advice to players.

Episode 494 of the PokerNews Podcast features the Prince of Poker, baby! Scotty Nguyen joins Sarah Herring for a wide-ranging, in-depth conversation about, well, just about everything. Nguyen offers some advice to listeners on not just how to become better poker players, but better people.

Also, Sarah and Jeff Platt break down the biggest stories in the poker world: Jason Koon loses the biggest cash game pot in televised/streamed history but rallies and wins a high roller tournament for more than $3.5 million, Patrik Antonius's summer plans, and the return of John Hesp to the WSOP!

Also, it's time for one of the biggest poker tournaments of the year, the Super High Roller Bowl. Sarah and Jeff share their predictions. All that and more on the PokerNews Podcast!

This week's sponsors: Spades Sun Shades (use the promo code "PokerNews" at checkout) and Global Poker

Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: the summer poker grind is underway, what's going on in Las Vegas
2:40Sponsor: Spades Sun Shades (Use the promo code "PokerNews" at checkout)
4:40What's up with all the Short Deck action?
8:00Massive Cash-Game Action at Triton Super High Roller Series
8:45Breaking down the biggest cash game hand ever streamed
12:10Jason Koon Rallies, Wins Short Deck Tournament
15:30Patrik Antonius's Summer Plans
17:15Sponsor: Global Poker
18:10San Francisco Chronicle Writes Feature on John Hesp
22:20Scotty Nguyen jumps on the show
23:30Scotty's thoughts on the evolution of Las Vegas: "I've always loved Vegas, no matter how much they've changed it, Vegas is the place to be, baby!"
24:20How he became a poker dealer: "In two weeks (at dealer school), the teacher said, 'Scotty come here for a minute'...he said, 'how about you start teaching now?'...I'm that good, you know baby?"
28:25How poker has changed over the last 20-30 years: "One word, baby: growing. With poker, there is no stopping."
30:40How his poker-playing career began: "I have no phone, no bed, I sleep on the I start dealing and playing, playing and losing, learning, going home, and rewinding everything in my head."
36:00Studying the game: "At the learned from how people were betting...then you correct yourself and then you wanted to be on the other side."
37:00His poker idols when he was coming up in the game: "You know, one day, I'm gonna play heads up with Stu (Ungar), I'm going to knock you out, baby....people will remember who Scotty Nguyen is baby, the Prince of Poker, baby."
39:10On Qui Nguyen winning the Main Event: "I have nothing bad to say about people...when I want to say something, it's gotta be good, other than that, I don't say."
40:10What's life like for Scotty now: "I'm around my family more, I miss that. I want people out there to remember: you can never not appreciate your wife and your kids...Poker, I'll always have a love for, and it's the same thing with my marriage."
42:40His mindset: "I don't want any more negative, anybody you hate or dislike, make that disappear. You start loving, and playing, and caring."
44:30Cryptonia Poker: "It's the new thing that's coming out, and right now I'm trying to learn more about Cryptonia...everything new is always fun to try to play because with technology these days, you never know what you get."
47:45Scotty's summer plans: "Last year, and the year before, I always tried to do the same. And that was a have to make poker fun. I'm going to try to make it fun. Whatever I didn't play last year, I'm going to play this year....the $10,000 Super-Turbo...that's my goal, the first one, take it down, baby. Then everything else is going to be set up for Scotty Nguyen."
50:10How his attitude has evolved: "Last couple years, I go in with anger. I wasn't Scotty Nguyen anymore, and I hated it."
51:50Follow Scotty on Twitter
54:10Scotty's message to future opponents: "If you ever sleep and dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologize, ok baby?"
55:40Recapping the interview with Scotty Nguyen
57:00An update on the Texas Card House shooting: two suspects arrested
1:00:30Taking safety precautions as a poker player
1:05:00Super High Roller Bowl Preview
1:12:00Sarah and Jeff make their SHRB predictions
1:16:50Next week: Sam Simmons from Poker Central will join the show to break down PokerGO's plans for streaming the WSOP this summer!
1:17:10Sponsor: Global Poker
1:17:40The PokerNews Podcast Network is available on audioBoom.

You can check out the full video of the interview with Scotty Nguyen below or on our YouTube Channel.

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