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PokerNews Podcast 496: From the World Series of Poker

  • Phil Ivey Watch in full effect, plus we break down the WSOP Player of the Year race!

It's Episode 496 of the PokerNews Podcast coming to you from the World Series of Poker at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino! PokerNews Head of Content Frank Op de Woerd joins Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt to break down the hottest stories from the first week of the WSOP.

The crew has all eyes on Phil Ivey this summer, and they also go over the WSOP Player of the Year Race. Plus, how in the world did Kane Kalas knock off the legend that is John Smith in the $10k Heads-Up Championship event?

Jeff wandered the hallways of the Rio throughout the last week, and he grabbed interviews with bracelet winners Johannes Becker and Jordan Hufty, who both have great stories to tell. Jeff also spoke with Anthony Zinno about just how much fun he was having in his Heads-Up Championship Round One match versus Kristen Bicknell.

This week's sponsor: Global Poker.

Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: Head of Content Frank Op de Woerd joins Sarah and Jeff for this episode!
1:45Jeff is on dinner break of the $1500 Six-Max event with some chips!! (He did not make day 2, very sad)
2:40Jeff discusses the vlog he's working on: trying to give viewers an idea of what it's like to play a World Series of Poker event (Episode One comes next week!)
5:00Phil Ivey played the Colossus?! Frank tells the story of the PokerNews crew spotting him in the field.
6:25Shaun Deeb running back and forth between two events, deep in both, trying to make poker history
9:00Paul Volpe Wins Third WSOP Bracelet
10:25How in the world did Kane Kalas beat John Smith?!
13:00All the love for heads-up legend John Smith!
15:00The $10k Heads-Up Championship Event, why that's one of the highlights of the WSOP schedule
17:25Jeff chats with Anthony Zinno after he beats Kristen Bicknell in Round One of the $10k Heads-Up Event
18:00Playing this event: "It's still so fun and so awesome to play this thing, I look forward to it every year."
19:00Facing off against his friend, Kristen Bicknell: "I'm not going to do any Hollywooding, whether I have it or not, I'm going to bet within five we can still talk and have fun and still play."
20:10Anthony's plans for the summer: "I look forward now to the summer more than I ever did in the past because I've been playing more and more mixed games, and they're so fun in tournament formats."
21:45What event he looks forward to the most: "The $50k Poker Players Championship, I can't wait. The whole tournament is six-max, so it makes everything much better...that tournament is awesome."
22:30Joe Cada Wins $3k Shootout
24:35The WSOP Player of the Year race: Elio Fox takes a commanding lead early on
27:40Sarah talks about the crazy heads-up match she witnessed at the 888 event in Barcelona
28:30High-stakes players playing for the love of the game, and the love of the bracelets
31:36Jeff talks to Casino Employees Event Winner Jordan Hufty
32:25What the bracelet means to him: "I don't even have words to describe how much it means to me. I've thought about winning a bracelet pretty much every single day since I was 13 years old."
33:15What the winning moment was like: "I was overwhelmed with emotion, I knew I would's a lot of money and the bracelet, it's priceless."
33:30Jordan's background: "I'm currently dealing and flooring at Aria, and from the playing side of six-max cash is predominantly where all my experience comes from."
34:30Plans on what to do with the winnings: "I've got plenty of other events to punt these winnings off."
36:00Frank brings up one of his stranger bracelet winner interviews
39:20Jeff catches up with the winner of the $2500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball event, Johannes Becker
39:40What the bracelet means to him: "I'm very happy that I won it, maybe that it's a little more meaningful because I felt the tournament (featured) my strongest games."
40:10On almost not playing this event: "I was playing the $100k No-Limit event, and I busted in 21st place...and I was kinda on the fence...but I decided to give it a shot anyways because I was looking forward to this specific tournament for months, and it worked out great."
41:00Dealing with such a stacked final table: "Hang around there with below average stack...until three-handed. Then I just started catching cards, had an amazing run."
42:10How finishing 2nd in the $50k last year helped his tournament game: "It gave me more experience playing live mixed-games tournaments."
42:55What the staking/backing process is like: "Very swingy, but in general it has been a good experience for me. Lots of friendships have evolved through staking."
43:30On the German poker community: "Sometimes it looks like Germans on the one side, and Americans on the other sides, but I try not to take sides, and be friends with both crews."
44:30The PokerNews Podcast Network is available on audioBoom.
47:55Greg Raymer calls NL 2-7 "poker in its purest form"...Frank disagrees
49:00William Reymond Wins WSOP Online Event
51:50Plans for the next week at the WSOP!
52:10LFG Podcast Night, June 26 at Treasure Island Poker Room

We'll be coming to you often from the World Series of Poker throughout the next month and a half.

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