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PokerNews Podcast 497: RecPoker & Lance Bradley

  • The PN Pod & RecPoker: podcasts unite!

  • Lance Bradley tells us about The Pursuit of Poker Success.

Back at it again from the World Series of Poker at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino, it's episode 497 of the PokerNews Podcast. In this show, Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt bring on Steve Fredlund from the RecPoker Podcast to dive into the top stories at the WSOP, including Doyle Brunson's retirement and the Colossus event receiving attention from ESPN.

Sarah and Jeff also talk to Steve about his podcast, and how poker can start to incorporate more and more recreational players. Steve made the trip out to Vegas with some friends to spend a week playing different tournaments at the WSOP.

Lance Bradley hops on the pod to chat about The Pursuit of Poker Success, a book he wrote that features discussions with 50 of the best poker players in the world.

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Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: Steve Fredlund from the RecPoker Podcast joins the show!
3:00How the RecPoker Podcast has started to grow, from a tiny audience in Minnesota to a broad, nationwide following
5:55Steve's poker background: how he and their friends used poker to enhance relationships with their kids
8:10The RecPoker group that came down from Minnesota to Vegas for a week: playing tournaments all across the board
8:35Walking into the World Series of Poker for the first time: what kind of experience that is
10:10The group discusses how the WSOP is introducing more recreational players to Las Vegas via their tournaments with lower price points (EX: The Giant, Colossus)
12:10The Marathon: how much value that tournament has for its price point ($2,620 buyin: 26,200 starting stack and 100-minute levels)
14:20The World Poker Tour's decision to delay final tables and move them to the Esports Arena in Las Vegas: how that impacts the recreational player
16:05What poker programs are out there that interest Steve's RecPoker audience
18:10How more poker tours are using live streams and what those types of programs bring to the viewer at home
20:00How broadcasts fight to find the balance between engaging the first-time poker viewer, and the GTO poker expert
23:25LFG Podcast Night, June 26 at Treasure Island Poker Room
25:20We all roll our eyes at players who berate dealers and/or other players: how that's halting new players from sitting down at the table
27:00Jeff's experience at the Marathon: how one table was great all the way around and one table featured the exact opposite: players being disrespectful to dealers
31:10Treat your dealers well, everyone!!
33:35Lance Bradley, the author of the Pursuit of Poker Success, joins the show!
33:45Seeing the project through to completion: "Getting to hold an actual, physical book in my hands is pretty surreal...getting to cross that one off the bucket list is pretty cool."
34:10Why he chose to pursue this concept: "I just wanted to do something different...I wanted to sit down with the players that are at the peak of the game."
35:10How open players were in talking with Lance: "Every second interview somebody was like 'this is a different set of questions' and I thought 'ok, I might be on to something here'."
36:10What jumped out to Lance: "As I got to the end, I realized there were some commonalities and the one that really stands out to me: like 48 of the 50 mention if I didn't have a circle of friends that were really into poker, I wouldn't be here."
37:00How a reader could become a better poker player: "I don't expect people to read it from page 1 to page 200. Pick and choose and read them at your leisure...The hope is you find one or two little nuggets of information that you can relate to."
37:40How he shaped his list of 50 players: "I started thinking about a couple different criteria: how available are they going to be? Like Phil Ivey isn't in the book, I knew I wasn't going to get Phil Ivey....maybe we try for him in Volume Two."
39:00What moments really stood out: "I think Ike (Haxton)'s importance in his generation of poker is really understated."
39:50Where you can buy "The Pursuit of Poker Success"
40:20Doyle Brunson plays his final tournament at the WSOP, and talks to Sarah about it!
43:10Craig Varnell Wins His First Bracelet
44:20The Colossus pops up on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt, thanks to an epic heads-up celebration.
46:55An interview with D&B Publishing: why did they pursue Lance Bradley's concept, and what's next for that company after "The Pursuit of Poker Success"
51:40Where you all can find the RecPoker Podcast: on any podcast app! Follow them @recpoker on Twitter
52:40The PokerNews Podcast Network is available on audioBoom.

Our next episode will feature a chat with Dr. Tricia Cardner, a poker coach, author, and player. Plus, we'll be wandering the hallways of the Rio to catch up with more WSOP bracelet winners!

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