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PokerNews Podcast 501: John Hesp, Ana Marquez, Tom McEvoy

  • This PokerNews Podcast from the WSOP Main Event features an interview with WSOP celebrity John Hesp!

It's an absolutely jam-packed episode of the PokerNews Podcast, coming to you from the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas!

One of poker's biggest celebrities, John Hesp, took some time to chat with Sarah Herring at this year's Main Event.

Plus, 888poker has a new ambassador: we catch up with Ana Marquez about what she brings to the table and how excited she is for her new role. 888poker Ambassador Vivian Saliba shares her thoughts as well on Ana being added to the team.

Jeff Platt tracks down poker author Johnny Kampis in the hallways of the Rio. Kampis has a new book out, "Vegas or Bust: A Family Man Takes On the Poker Pros."

Finally, Sarah speaks with Tom McEvoy about devoting his Main Event to raising awareness of breast cancer, after his daughter has been diagnosed for the second time.

This week's sponsor: Global Poker.

Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: The World Series of Poker Main Event is in full swing.
0:50Jeff busts the Main on Day 2: Not completely optimal.
2:25What poker players do after they're eliminated from the Main Event
6:45Sarah finds John Hesp in the hallway!
7:10Being in Vegas for the Main Event again: "I had an ulterior motive for coming this year...I met up with a couple Hollywood producers who I'd signed the movie deal with."
7:40Who he'd want to play him in the movie: "We've had a lot of fun talking about who might play me...I said I'd prefer George Clooney but I'd be happy with Tom Hanks."
8:30On not having a break this year before the final table: "I suppose it'll be the same if not a bit harder this replicate what happened last year, frankly, is almost impossible."
9:10Jeff contributed to Hesp's demise in this year's Main: not cool!!
13:25Sarah and Jeff dive into the Main Event numbers this year
14:40How to get more women into the game
20:10Pretty positive signs surrounding WSOP programming on ESPN, PokerGO, and Twitch
22:20Ana Marquez is named the newest Ambassador for 888Poker
22:45Marquez on joining 888Poker: "It really feels great, I'm super-happy to be with this team. It's an honor."
23:30Her plans surrounding the 888 events: "Where 888 goes, I go"
24:10Sarah chats with Vivian Saliba at the 888Poker party
24:20Saliba's experience at the WSOP: "I think I'm way more prepared and experienced...this year I'm way better in the psychological aspect."
25:20Being an ambassador for 888Poker: "Being an ambassador was one of my ambitions, and now I've accomplished this."
26:10Being named captain for Team Brazil in the "8-Team" competition: "It was such an honor, Team Brazil is great."
27:20Plans for next episode: Parker 'tonkaaap' Talbot, Tommy Angelo
28:10Jeff catches up with Johnny Kampis, the author of Vegas or Bust: A Family Man Takes on the Poker Pros
29:00The idea behind the book: "I had the concept a few years ago, 2016 was a nice, round number for poker and for me personally."
30:10Kampis's poker background
31:10His six-week poker journey in 2016: "I kinda played a mix of everything, and just had that goal to play the Main Event: and I guess if I played it and how well I did, that'll be saved for the book."
32:10The overall WSOP experience: "That feeling when you come in and see the tables and the entrance...people call it summer camp, Disneyland for adults."
32:30Find Kampis's book on Amazon
33:50Sarah talks with Tom McEvoy about raising awareness for breast cancer during the WSOP Main Event
34:40McEvoy's daughter, Melanie, has been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time: "When I was interviewed earlier, I asked for one thing. And that was for people, of whatever faith or denomination, to say some prayers."
36:55How proud he is of his daughter: "My daughter has done a lot of charitable work ever since she had breast cancer nine years ago."
37:10Wearing a pink Stetson and pink shirt to the Main Event: "Any time I get interviewed I want to make sure they know my daughter is in the picture, not just me...I'm just all about her"
39:20His daughter's advice to raise awareness: "She would absolutely say (to get tested frequently)...she's all about that, big-time, and has been for years. It's just ironic that it came back. She's such a good person, it just sickens me."

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