It Only Took Water for McGleenon to be the Star on Day 4 of the CGF Tallinn

It only took water for McGleenon to be the star on Day 4 of the CGF Tallinn

Barry McGleenon (lead photo) was the star of the show on Day 4 of the Cash Game Festival Tallinn at Olympic Park Casino as he won €3,605 (721 big blinds) on the early €5/€5 pot-limit Omaha stream.

McGleenon has been to several Cash Game Festivals with two-time Cash Game Festival trophy-winner Kevin Malone and is often seen having fun away from the tables both in the casino and during the Cash Game Festival activities.

Instead of focusing on alcoholic beverages and "having a craic," McGleenon shared with PokerNews that he was going to take care of business on the table.

"You look surprised that I was the biggest winner," McGleenon said with a big smile. "See what water can do?"

Shortly after McGleenon's win, the line-up changed, as did the game to €5/€5 no-limit hold'em for the following feature table. Michelangelo Scalcione, who was the biggest winner at a €2/€2 no-limit hold'em feature table on Day 3, proved he could play when the stakes moved up and booked a profit of €475 (95 big blinds), the most at the table.

Although McGleenon has won the most money at the feature table this festival and Scalcione is the only player to be the biggest winner at two feature tables, neither player is currently in contention for the Cash Game Festival Tallinn trophy awarded to the player that wins the most big blinds out of any of the ten designated feature tables.

In addition to a trophy, the winner will also walk away with a Cash Game Festival package valued at €1,000 to the next festival at Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City in East London. Thus far, Rain Jõgioja is in the driver's seat after booking a profit of €1,845 (922.5 big blinds) on Day 1's €2/€2 pot-limit Omaha feature table.

Here is a look at the biggest winners of the first eight feature tables of the Cash Game Festival Tallinn:

DayPlayerGameProfitBig Blinds Won
Day 1Oliver Florea€1/€1 NLHE€204204.0
Day 1Rain Jõgioja€2/€2 PLO€1,845922.5
Day 2Rikard Relander€1/€1 NLHE€756756.0
Day 2Anton Dzehelali€2/€2 PLO€359179.5
Day 3Jens Henrik Riis€2/€2 Mixed Games€573286.5*
Day 3Michelangelo Scalcione€2/€2 NLHE€348174.0
Day 3Christian Bauer€2/€2 PLO€1,256628.0
Day 4Barry McGleenon€5/€5 PLO€3,605721.0
Day 4Michelangelo Scalcione€5/€5 NLHE€47595.0

* Designates unofficial feature table.

The action was also big away from the feature table with many different games at different stakes. Players also headed to Old Town to enjoy a VIP dinner on the house at Pegasus.

Stay tuned to PokerNews as there is still one more exciting day to go at the Cash Game Festival Tallinn.

  • Here's a look at Day 4 of the Cash Game Festival Tallinn.

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