China’s “wangli0402” Wins the Sunday Million 13th Anniversary for $611K


The $10 million guaranteed PokerStars Sunday Million 13th Anniversary edition is done and dusted after two day of intense action. A gargantuan field of 61,342 entries (45,929 unique entrants and 15,413 re-entries) created a $12,268,400 prize pool shared among the top 10,196 finishers.

China’s “wangli0402” is the name sat proudly at the top of the payout table with a quite ridiculous $611,944 displayed at the side of their name, their prize for winning the 13th Anniversary edition of the Sunday Million.

$215 Sunday Million 13th Anniversary Edition Recap

DateApril 14th
Prize pool$12,268,400

Day 1 ended after 35 levels of play with only 980 players still in the hunt for the advertised $1,000,061 first-place prize. Each of those returning players were guaranteed $1,143 with the money bubble having burst during the first day’s play.

Several big names busted during the second day’s play, falling short of eternal glory. Team PokerStars Pro Lex “L. Veldhuis” Veldhuis fell in 741st place for $1,345, with two-time Sunday Million champion Rob “robtinnion” Tinnion collecting the same amount for his 685th place exit.

Former WSOP Main Event champion Martin “M.nosbocaJ” Jacobson busted in 500th place for $1,582 with Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot falling by the wayside in 336th place for $2,188.

The final table was set when the United Kingdom’s “patpef” moved all-in with king-queen and was called by “kacer148” of the Czech Republic who held ace-jack of spades. Two aces on the flop were more than enough to bust patpef and the nine-handed final table was determined.

$215 Sunday Million 13th Anniversary Edition Final Table Seat Draw

2RMarlandUnited Kingdom104,076,802
3Sergei “sega1989” ShakhovRussia48,183,574
9kacer148Czech Republic199,802,798
$215 Sunday Million 13th Anniversary Edition final table
$215 Sunday Million 13th Anniversary Edition final table

First to bust from the final table was Georgia’s “ZoMbiE2808” who three-bet all-in over the top of a raise from “RMarland” to find themselves in a race with ace-king versus pocket jacks. The board ran out void of aces or kings and ZoMbiE2808 headed to the showers with $62,745 in tow.

RMarland was the next casualty, unable to put ZoMbiE2808’s chips to much use. RMarland raised to 84 million from the hijack with pocket eights, leaving themselves only 5.2 million chips behind. Romania’s “idzake” called on the button and then quickly called when RMarland moved the rest of their stack into the middle of the table on a queen-high flop. Idzake’s pocket jacks held, the player count reduced by one and everyone with chips in front of them was now guaranteed a six-figure prize.

Sergei “sega1989” Shakhov was the first player to collect that six-figure score, namely $125,493. The Russian opened the betting with ace-jack of spades and called when wangli0402 three-bet all-in with what turned out to be the dominating ace-king. Neither player improved their hand with the community cards, but wangli0402 didn’t need to. Game over for Shakhov.

A coinflip took the tournament of China’s “pantherwang2019” who three-bet jammed with king-queen and was called by idzake and their threes in the hole. Pantherwang2019 flopped two pair, but idzake’s threes caught a set, which held to bust the first of two Chinese players at the final table.

Everyone had now locked up slightly more than a quarter of a million dollars, although the min-cash was set to more than double because the last five players asked to see the figures for a potential deal. Everyone typed “I agree” in the chat box immediately after seeing the figures provided by the moderator, meaning each of them would now win at least $509,664. The eventual champion would win an additional $50,000.

Greece’s “t4rz4n_21” busted in fifth-place and took their $625,073 with them. The Greek player moved all-in with king-ten and wangi040 called with seven-six of hearts. A six on the flop, a seven on the turn, and a completed heart flush on the river sent t4rz4n_21 to the rail.

Wangli0402 then sent kacer148 to the sidelines. The Chinese player initially limped in for 12 million chips with a suited king-nine and then called when kacer148 moved all-in for 177 million with ace-three. Wangli0402 paired his king on the flop and improved to trips on the river to leave three payers in the tournament.

The one-man wrecking ball continued to send foes to the rail, this time wangli0402 found pocket aces in the hole so had an easy call when idzake moved all-in on them. Idzake’s king-queen received no help from the board and heads-up was set, wangli0402 leading Germany’s “xbambi” by 973 million chips to 559 million.

$215 Sunday Million 13th Anniversary Edition heads-up between China's
$215 Sunday Million 13th Anniversary Edition heads-up between China's "wangli0402" and Germany's "xbambi"

Heads-up lasted precisely three hands. Xbambi min-raised to 24 million and wangli0402 called. A {5-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} flop saw wangli0402 check, xbambi bet 16.8 million, and wangli0402 check-raised to 45.6 million/ xbambi responded with a raise to 108 million before calling when wangli0402 moved all-in.

It was pocket aces for xbambi against the seven-six of wangli0402. The three of diamonds on the turn gifted wangli0402 a straight, the title of Sunday Million 13th Anniversary champion, and a cool $611,944 cash prize.

$215 Sunday Million 13th Anniversary Edition Final Table Results

4kacer148Czech Republic$520,535*
7Sergei “sega1989” ShakhovRussia$125,493
8RMarlandUnited Kingdom$88,737

*reflects a five-way deal

PokerStars players have more chances to win massive prizes at the upcoming 2019 Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP). This year’s SCOOP is the biggest-ever with $75 million worth of guaranteed prize pools across 183 tournaments. Learn more about the 2019 SCOOP here.

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  • China’s “wangli0402” won the Sunday Million 13th Anniversary for $611,944 after a five-handed deal.

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