WATCH: The World of Poker Staking

Ryan LaPlante was prominently featured in the recent 20-minute special on poker staking on CNBC.

"Backing and staking are the financial lifeblood of tournament poker."

Those are the words of Mac VerStandig, gaming-focused lawyer and sometime PokerNews contributor. He spoke them in an interview with CNBC for a special report earlier this week titled "Who Makes Money from Professional Poker?"

The 22-minute video delves into the financial side of the poker world, specifically poker tournaments. Concepts like buying pieces, backing, mark-up and make-up are discussed. The CNBC team interviewed a number of industry figures, including poker players Ryan LaPlante and Jeff Gross, the founder of StakeKings, and a stable owner, in addition to VerStandig.

The piece is well-done and worth a watch, embedded below:

  • Curious about backing and staking in poker tournaments? Check out this special report by CNBC.

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