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PokerNews to Online Live Report 30 Events During 2020 PokerStars SCOOP

Online Live Reporting

With a whopping $85 million in guarantees, the 2020 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is an absolute can't-miss series on every grinder's schedule. A total of 80 events are lined up, with buy-ins available for every wallet as each event will consist of a Low (L), Medium (M), and High (H) tier buy-in.

A wide range of poker formats is on tap during the festival that runs on PokerStars from April 30 to May 20.

While No-Limit Hold'em takes up the majority of the schedule, Pot Limit Omaha players will have plenty to look forward to as well, while specialists can duke it out in formats like H.O.R.S.E., Stud Hi-Lo and NL 2-7 Single Draw.

The $25,000 Super High Roller on May 12 is the biggest buy-in event on the schedule.

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Every single day of the SCOOP, at least $1.5 million in guarantees is up for grabs. The final Sunday alone, which sports six Main Events (three tiers of NLHE and PLO) guarantees a mouth-watering $22 million in guarantees.

Charlie Carrel
Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel won the SCOOP Main Event in 2017 for $1,200,899.97.

PokerNews Delivering Live Coverage of 30 Events

Now that live events are off for the foreseeable future, the PokerNews live reporting team has shifted their attention to the digital felt. No fewer than 30 SCOOP events will be live covered by PokerNews; an unprecedented step in the realm of online poker tournament coverage!

For all information regarding the 2020 SCOOP, check out the dedicated hub on PokerNews.

Full PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker Schedule

DateTime (EDT)EventBuy-inGameNotesGuaranteeLive Coverage on PN?
April 3013:00SCOOP 02-L$22NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill SE$300,000No
April 3013:00SCOOP 02-M$215NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE$750,000Yes
April 3013:00SCOOP 02-H$2,100NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$1,000,000Yes
April 3014:15SCOOP 03-L$22PLO6-Max$80,000No
April 3014:15SCOOP 03-M$215PLO6-Max$200,000No
April 3014:15SCOOP 03-H$2,100PLO6-Max$400,000No
April 3015:30SCOOP 04-L$11NLHE $80,000No
April 3015:30SCOOP 04-M$109NLHE $250,000No
April 3015:30SCOOP 04-H$1,050NLHE $350,000No
May 113:00SCOOP 05-L$11NLHE $125,000No
May 113:00SCOOP 05-M$109NLHE $300,000No
May 113:00SCOOP 05-H$1,050NLHE $400,000No
May 114:15SCOOP 06-L$228-Game $30,000No
May 114:15SCOOP 06-M$2158-Game $60,000No
May 114:15SCOOP 06-H$2,1008-Game $150,000No
May 115:30SCOOP 07-L$6NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$80,000No
May 115:30SCOOP 07-M$55NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$300,000No
May 115:30SCOOP 07-H$530NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$500,000No
May 117:00SCOOP 08-L$11NLHE8-Max, Turbo$35,000No
May 117:00SCOOP 08-M$109NLHE8-Max, Turbo$100,000No
May 117:00SCOOP 08-H$1,050NLHE8-Max, Turbo$200,000No
May 210:30SCOOP 09-L$6NLHE8-Max, Afternoon Deep Stack$50,000No
May 210:30SCOOP 09-M$55NLHE8-Max, Afternoon Deep Stack$175,000No
May 210:30SCOOP 09-H$530NLHE8-Max, Afternoon Deep Stack$300,000No
May 213:00SCOOP 10-L$11NLHEProgressive KO$200,000No
May 213:00SCOOP 10-M$109NLHEProgressive KO$500,000No
May 213:00SCOOP 10-H$1,050NLHEProgressive KO$750,000Yes
May 214:15SCOOP 11-L$11NL 5-Card DrawProgressive KO$15,000No
May 214:15SCOOP 11-M$109NL 5-Card DrawProgressive KO$25,000No
May 214:15SCOOP 11-H$1,050NL 5-Card DrawProgressive KO$40,000No
May 215:30SCOOP 12-L$2.20+RNLHE8-Max, Turbo$25,000No
May 215:30SCOOP 12-H$215+RNLHE8-Max, Turbo$200,000No
May 215:30SCOOP 12-M$22+RNLHE8-Max, Turbo$100,000No
May 308:00SCOOP 13-L$6NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, Mini Sunday Kickoff SE$50,000No
May 3 May08:00SCOOP 13-M$55NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Kickoff SE$250,000No
May 308:00SCOOP 13-H$530NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$400,000No
May 310:30SCOOP 14-L$11NLHE8-Max$100,000No
May 310:30SCOOP 14-M$109NLHE8-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE$350,000No
May 310:30SCOOP 14-H$1,050NLHE8-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE$500,000Yes
May 313:00SCOOP 15-L$22NLHEMini Sunday Million SE$275,000No
May 313:00SCOOP 15-M$215NLHESunday Million SE$1,000,000Yes
May 313:00SCOOP 15-H$2,100NLHESunday HR SE$1,000,000Yes
May 314:15SCOOP 16-L$22PLO6-Max$80,000No
May 314:15SCOOP 16-M$215PLO6-Max$200,000No
May 314:15SCOOP 16-H$2,100PLO6-Max$400,000No
May 315:30SCOOP 17-L$109NLHE8-Max$400,000No
May 315:30SCOOP 17-M$1,050NLHE8-Max$750,000No
May 315:30SCOOP 17-H$10,300NLHE8-Max, High Roller$1,000,000Yes
May 317:00SCOOP 18-L$22NLHE8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Mini Sunday Cooldown SE$100,000No
May 317:00SCOOP 18-M$215NLHE8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown SE$250,000No
May 317:00SCOOP 18-H$2,100NLHE8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown SE$400,000No
May 412:05SCOOP 19-L$11FLHE6-Max$12,000No
May 412:05SCOOP 19-M$109FLHE6-Max$25,000No
May 412:05SCOOP 19-H$1,050FLHE6-Max$60,000No
May 413:00SCOOP 20-L$6NLHE6-Max, Progressive KO$100,000No
May 413:00SCOOP 20-M$55NLHE6-Max, Progressive KO$500,000No
May 413:00SCOOP 20-H$530NLHE6-Max, Progressive KO$1,000,000No
May 414:15SCOOP 21-L$6NLO88-Max$15,000No
May 414:15SCOOP 21-M$55NLO88-Max$50,000No
May 414:15SCOOP 21-H$530NLO88-Max$100,000No
May 415:30SCOOP 22-L$11NLHE $50,000No
May 415:30SCOOP 22-M$109NLHE $200,000No
May 415:30SCOOP 22-H$1,050NLHE $300,000No
May 512:05SCOOP 23-L$65-Card PLO6-Max, Progressive KO$30,000No
May 512:05SCOOP 23-M$555-Card PLO6-Max, Progressive KO$100,000No
May 512:05SCOOP 23-H$5305-Card PLO6-Max, Progressive KO$200,000No
May 513:00SCOOP 24-L$109NLHE8-Max, Mini Super Tuesday SE$350,000No
May 513:00SCOOP 24-M$1,050NLHE8-Max, Super Tuesday SE$1,000,000Yes
May 513:00SCOOP 24-H$10,300NLHE8-Max, High Roller$1,000,000Yes
May 514:15SCOOP 25-L$22FL 2-7 Triple Draw $25,000No
May 514:15SCOOP 25-M$215FL 2-7 Triple Draw $50,000No
May 514:15SCOOP 25-H$2,100FL 2-7 Triple Draw $100,000No
May 515:30SCOOP 26-L$22NLHE6-Max$80,000No
May 515:30SCOOP 26-M$215NLHE6-Max$200,000No
May 515:30SCOOP 26-H$2,100NLHE6-Max$400,000No
May 518:00SCOOP 27-L$6NLHE8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$40,000No
May 518:00SCOOP 27-M$55NLHE8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$150,000No
May 518:00SCOOP 27-H$530NLHE8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$250,000No
May 612:05SCOOP 28-L$11Stud Hi/Lo $15,000No
May 612:05SCOOP 28-M$109Stud Hi/Lo $40,000No
May 612:05SCOOP 28-H$1,050Stud Hi/Lo $80,000No
May 613:00SCOOP 29-L$55NLHE8-Max, Midweek Freeze$275,000No
May 613:00SCOOP 29-M$530NLHE8-Max, Midweek Freeze$400,000No
May 613:00SCOOP 29-H$5,200NLHE8-Max, Midweek Freeze$750,000No
May 614:15SCOOP 30-L$5.50+RPLO6-Max$35,000No
May 614:15SCOOP 30-H$530+RPLO6-Max$300,000No
May 614:15SCOOP 30-M$55+RPLO6-Max$125,000No
May 615:30SCOOP 31-L$11NLHEProgressive KO$50,000No
May 615:30SCOOP 31-M$109NLHEProgressive KO$250,000No
May 615:30SCOOP 31-H$1,050NLHEProgressive KO$400,000No
May 710:30SCOOP 32-L$6NLHE $35,000No
May 710:30SCOOP 32-M$55NLHE $150,000No
May 710:30SCOOP 32-H$530NLHE $250,000No
May 713:00SCOOP 34-L$109NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill$500,000No
May 713:00SCOOP 34-M$1,050NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill$1,000,000Yes
May 713:00SCOOP 34-H$10,300NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, High Roller$1,000,000Yes
May 714:15SCOOP 35-L$6PLO88-Max$15,000No
May 714:15SCOOP 35-M$55PLO88-Max$50,000No
May 714:15SCOOP 35-H$530PLO88-Max$100,000No
May 715:30SCOOP 36-L$22NLHE6-Max$80,000No
May 715:30SCOOP 36-M$215NLHE6-Max$250,000No
May 715:30SCOOP 36-H$2,100NLHE6-Max$400,000No
May 813:00SCOOP 37-L$11NLHE8-Max$125,000No
May 813:00SCOOP 37-M$109NLHE8-Max$400,000No
May 813:00SCOOP 37-H$1,050NLHE8-Max$500,000No
May 814:15SCOOP 38-L$22HORSE $35,000No
May 814:15SCOOP 38-M$215HORSE $60,000No
May 814:15SCOOP 38-H$2,100HORSE $125,000No
May 815:30SCOOP 39-L$6NLHEHeads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO Zoom$60,000No
May 815:30SCOOP 39-M$55NLHEHeads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO Zoom$175,000No
May 815:30SCOOP 39-H$530NLHEHeads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO Zoom$250,000No
May 910:30SCOOP 40-L$11NLHEAfternoon Deep Stack$80,000No
May 910:30SCOOP 40-M$109NLHEAfternoon Deep Stack$200,000No
May 910:30SCOOP 40-H$1,050NLHEAfternoon Deep Stack$300,000No
May 913:00SCOOP 41-L$55PLO6-Max$100,000No
May 913:00SCOOP 41-M$530PLO6-Max$200,000No
May 913:00SCOOP 41-H$5,200PLO6-Max$750,000Yes
May 914:15SCOOP 42-L$6NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$80,000No
May 914:15SCOOP 42-M$55NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$400,000No
May 914:15SCOOP 42-H$530NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$750,000No
May 1008:00SCOOP 43-L$6NLHEMini Sunday Kickoff SE$50,000No
May 1008:00SCOOP 43-M$55NLHESunday Kickoff SE$250,000No
May 1008:00SCOOP 43-H$530NLHE $400,000No
May 1010:30SCOOP 44-L$22NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$200,000No
May 1010:30SCOOP 44-M$215NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up SE$500,000No
May 1010:30SCOOP 44-H$2,100NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up SE$1,000,000Yes
May 1013:00SCOOP 45-L$55NLHEMini Sunday Million SE$500,000No
May 1013:00SCOOP 45-M$530NLHESunday Million SE$1,000,000Yes
May 1013:00SCOOP 45-H$5,200NLHESunday HR SE$1,000,000Yes
May 1014:15SCOOP 46-L$22NLO86-Max, Progressive KO$60,000No
May 1014:15SCOOP 46-M$215NLO86-Max, Progressive KO$125,000No
May 1014:15SCOOP 46-H$2,100NLO86-Max, Progressive KO$200,000No
May 1015:30SCOOP 47-L$11NLHE8-Max$100,000No
May 1015:30SCOOP 47-M$109NLHE8-Max$400,000No
May 1015:30SCOOP 47-H$1,050NLHE8-Max$750,000No
May 1017:00SCOOP 48-L$6NLHETurbo, Progressive KO, Mini Sunday Cooldown SE$40,000No
May 1017:00SCOOP 48-M$55NLHETurbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown SE$225,000No
May 1017:00SCOOP 48-H$530NLHETurbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown SE$400,000No
May 1113:00SCOOP 49-L$6NLHE $80,000No
May 1113:00SCOOP 49-M$55NLHE $400,000No
May 1113:00SCOOP 49-H$530NLHE $750,000No
May 1114:15SCOOP 50-L$11Stud $15,000No
May 1114:15SCOOP 50-M$109Stud $35,000No
May 1114:15SCOOP 50-H$1,050Stud $60,000No
May 1115:30SCOOP 51-L$6NLHE4-Max, Progressive KO$35,000No
May 1115:30SCOOP 51-M$55NLHE4-Max, Progressive KO$150,000No
May 1115:30SCOOP 51-H$530NLHE4-Max, Progressive KO$250,000No
May 1212:05SCOOP 52-L$11NL 2-7 Single Draw $15,000No
May 1212:05SCOOP 52-M$109NL 2-7 Single Draw $25,000No
May 1212:05SCOOP 52-H$1,050NL 2-7 Single Draw $60,000No
May 1213:00SCOOP 53-L$215NLHE8-Max$500,000No
May 1213:00SCOOP 53-M$2,100NLHE8-Max$750,000No
May 1213:00SCOOP 53-H$25,000NLHE8-Max Super High Roller$2,000,000Yes
May 1214:15SCOOP 54-L$22PLO86-Max$40,000No
May 1214:15SCOOP 54-M$215PLO86-Max$100,000No
May 1214:15SCOOP 54-H$2,100PLO86-Max$200,000No
May 1215:30SCOOP 55-L$11NLHE $80,000No
May 1215:30SCOOP 55-M$109NLHE $250,000No
May 1215:30SCOOP 55-H$1,050NLHE $400,000No
May 1218:00SCOOP 56-L$6NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$40,000No
May 1218:00SCOOP 56-M$55NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$175,000No
May 1218:00SCOOP 56-H$530NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$300,000No
May 1312:05SCOOP 57-L$11HORSE $20,000No
May 13SCOOP 57-M$109HORSE $50,000No 
May 1312:05SCOOP 57-H$1,050HORSE $80,000No
May 1313:00SCOOP 58-L$55NLHE $350,000No
May 1313:00SCOOP 58-M$530NLHE $750,000No
May 1313:00SCOOP 58-H$5,200NLHEHigh Roller$1,000,000Yes
May 1314:15SCOOP 59-L$22NLHEHeads-Up$40,000No
May 1314:15SCOOP 59-M$215NLHEHeads-Up$100,000No
May 1314:15SCOOP 59-H$2,100NLHEHeads-Up$200,000Yes
May 1315:30SCOOP 60-L$11NLHEProgressive KO$50,000No
May 1315:30SCOOP 60-M$109NLHEProgressive KO$250,000No
May 1315:30SCOOP 60-H$1,050NLHEProgressive KO$300,000No
May 1410:30SCOOP 61-L$11NLHE $80,000No
May 1410:30SCOOP 61-M$109NLHE $175,000No
May 1410:30SCOOP 61-H$1,050NLHE $250,000No
May 1412:05SCOOP 62-L$11FLO88-Max$25,000No
May 1412:05SCOOP 62-M$109FLO88-Max$50,000No
May 1412:05SCOOP 62-H$1,050FLO88-Max$100,000No
May 1413:00SCOOP 63-L$55NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill SE$500,000No
May 1413:00SCOOP 63-M$530NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO Thursday Thrill SE$1,000,000Yes
May 1413:00SCOOP 63-H$5,200NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO, High Roller$1,000,000Yes
May 1414:15SCOOP 64-L$11Razz $20,000No
May 1414:15SCOOP 64-M$109Razz $40,000No
May 1414:15SCOOP 64-H$1,050Razz $80,000No
May 1415:30SCOOP 65-L$22NLHE $125,000No
May 1415:30SCOOP 65-M$215NLHE $350,000No
May 1415:30SCOOP 65-H$2,100NLHE $500,000No
May 1512:05SCOOP 66-L$118-Game $25,000No
May 1512:05SCOOP 66-M$1098-Game $50,000No
May 1512:05SCOOP 66-H$1,0508-Game $125,000No
May 1513:00SCOOP 67-L$22NLHE $125,000No
May 1513:00SCOOP 67-M$215NLHE $250,000No
May 1513:00SCOOP 67-H$2,100NLHE $400,000No
May 1514:15SCOOP 68-L$11PLO6-Max, Progressive KO$35,000No
May 1514:15SCOOP 68-M$109PLO6-Max, Progressive KO $125K Gtd$125,000No
May 1514:15SCOOP 68-H$1,050PLO6-Max$300,000No
May 1515:30SCOOP 69-L$11NLHE6-Max, Turbo Shootout$40,000No
May 1515:30SCOOP 69-M$109NLHE6-Max, Turbo Shootout$100,000No
May 1515:30SCOOP 69-H$1,050NLHE6-Max, Turbo Shootout$200,000No
May 1610:30SCOOP 70-L$11NLHEAfternoon Deep Stack$80,000No
May 1610:30SCOOP 70-M$109NLHEAfternoon Deep Stack$200,000No
May 1610:30SCOOP 70-H$1,050NLHEAfternoon Deep Stack$300,000No
May 1613:00SCOOP 71-L$6NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$100,000No
May 1613:00SCOOP 71-M$55NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$500,000No
May 1613:00SCOOP 71-H$530NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$750,000No
May 1614:15SCOOP 72-L$11NLO86-Max, Turbo$20,000No
May 1614:15SCOOP 72-M$109NLO86-Max, Turbo$50,000No
May 1614:15SCOOP 72-H$1,050NLO86-Max, Turbo$100,000No
May 1708:00SCOOP 73-L$6NLHEProgressive KO, Mini Sunday Kickoff SE$40,000No
May 1708:00SCOOP 73-M$55NLHEProgressive KO, Sunday Kickoff SE$200,000No
May 1708:00SCOOP 73-H$530NLHEProgressive KO$400,000No
May 1710:30SCOOP 74-L$22NLHE $200,000No
May 1710:30SCOOP 74-M$215NLHESunday Warm-Up SE$500,000No
May 1710:30SCOOP 74-H$2,100NLHESunday Warm-Up SE$750,000Yes
May 1713:00SCOOP 74-L$109NLHE8-Max Main Event$3,000,000Yes
May 1713:00SCOOP 74-M$1,050NLHE8-Max Main Event$5,000,000Yes
May 17y13:00SCOOP 74-H$10,300NLHE8-Max Main Event$5,000,000Yes
May 1714:15SCOOP 01-L$2NLHEPhase Event$200,000No
May 1714:15SCOOP 01-M$22NLHEPhase Event$1,000,000No
May 1714:15SCOOP 01-H$215NLHEPhase Event$2,000,000Yes
May 1715:30SCOOP 75-L$109PLO6-Max, PLO, Main Event$400,000Yes
May 1715:30SCOOP 75-M$1,050PLO6-Max, PLO, Main Event$750,000Yes
May 1715:30SCOOP 75-H$10,300PLO6-Max, PLO, Main Event$1,250,000Yes
May 1717:00SCOOP 76-L$11NLHE8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Mini Sunday Cooldown SE$100,000No
May 1717:00SCOOP 76-M$109NLHE8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown SE$500,000No
May 1717:00SCOOP 76-H$1,050NLHE8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown SE$750,000No
May 1814:15SCOOP 77-L$11NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$200,000No
May 1814:15SCOOP 77-M$109NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$750,000No
May 1814:15SCOOP 77-H$1,050NLHE8-Max, Progressive KO$1,000,000No
May 1817:00SCOOP 78-L$22NLHETurbo$80,000No
May 1817:00SCOOP 78-M$215NLHETurbo$200,000No
May 1817:00SCOOP 78-H$2,100NLHETurbo$300,000No
May 1913:00SCOOP 79-L$109NLHE8-Max, Mini Super Tuesday SE$400,000No
May 1913:00SCOOP 79-M$1,050NLHE8-Max, Super Tuesday SE$1,000,000Yes
May 1913:00SCOOP 79-H$10,300NLHE8-Max, High Roller$1,000,000Yes
May 1915:30SCOOP 80-L$115-Card PLO6-Max$30,000No
May 1915:30SCOOP 80-M$1095-Card PLO6-Max$80,000No
May 1915:30SCOOP 80-H$1,0505-Card PLO6-Max$175,000No
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