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Pascal Lefrancois Wins Action-Packed CPP Super High Roller

Pascal Lefrancois

Pascal Lefrancois added the 2020 Caribbean Poker Party (CPP) Super High Roller title to his already massive list of poker accomplishments on November 18. His victory tasted all the more sweeter thanks to the calibre of Lefrancois’ final table opponents.

The final table was ridiculously stacked and the RNG threw up some cooler hands, making for an exciting spectacle on the partypoker Twitch channel. Here’s how the final table went down.

CPP #04 Super High Roller Final Table Results

1Pascal LefrancoisCanada$585,175
2Adrian MateosUnited Kingdom$370,477
3Claas StoobAustria$253,129
4Sergi ReixachMexico$179,037
5Sam TrickettUnited Kingdom$131,621
6Isaac HaxtonCanada$102,872
7Daniel ColpoysMexico$84,837

Daniel Colpoys was the first casualty of the seven-handed final table. Short-stacked Sam Trickett decided to fold his eight-seven despite nursing a five big blind stack and it was a decision that earned him $18,000. This is because Colpoys and Claas Stoob ended up getting their stacks in the middle, Stoob with aces and Colpoys with jacks. The aces held, Colpoys busted, and everyone else laddered up the payouts.

Two Players Qualify to the Caribbean Poker Party Main Event for $0.01!

Trickett Hits One Outer Against Teammate

Team partypoker’s Isaac Haxton was the next player eliminated. He lost a large pot against Trickett where Trickett hit a one-outer on the river. Haxton was in control in that cooler hand after flopping a set of sevens against Trickett’s aces. Trickett hit an ace on the river (Lefrancois had folded one) and Haxton handed over the majority of his stack.

He busted shortly after when he committed his final 10 big blinds with ace-nine only to lose to the pocket eights of Adrian Mateos who flopped a set.

Fifth-place and $131,621 went to Trickett. The popular Brit was left with two big blinds after his ace-jack ran into Stoob’s dominating ace-queen. Those couple of blinds went into the centre of the table with king-jack, which ultimately lost to Lefrancois’ ace-deuce.

There was another relative cooler that saw Sergi Reixach bust in fourth. He min-raised on the button with suited ace-nine before shoving for 14 big blinds after Lefrancois three-bet from the small blind. Lefrancois called, showed ace-king, and that was that for Reixach.

Heads-up was set when Stoob fell by the wayside in third. He was down to 10 big blinds when Lefrancois set him all-in. Stoob called and put his hopes on ace-deuce but was drawing thin against Lefrancois’ ace-queen. Neither player improved but Stoob needed to so crashed out.

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Two Goliaths Lock Horns Heads Up

That hand gave Lefrancois a substantial chip lead, his stack being around 1.7-times that of Mateos, but there was still plenty of work for Lefrancois to do.

The pair of star butted heads for a while but neither managed to get a proper foothold in the match. That was until a massive cooler hand took place during the 400,000/800,000/100,000a level.

Lefrancois opened to 1,760,000 with ace-four of diamonds and Mateos defended his blind with queen-jack of spades. Mateos, who won this event in The Bahamas last year, check-called a 1,200,000 bet on the ten, king, four flop. The turn was another four and the betting action was similar to the previous street; Mateos check-called a 4,800,000 bet.

The river was the ace of hearts, putting three hearts on the board, improving Mateos to a Broadway straight but Lefrancois to a full house. Mateos checked again and Lefrancois over-bet shoved. Mateos took the bait and called, only to discover his hand was second-best. Still, $370,477 for a couple of day’s work isn’t to be sniffed.

Heads-Up Events Reach Day 2

A pair of Heads-Up events kicked off while the cooler-ridden Super High Roller final table was in play. The first, a $1,050 buy-in affair, attracted 102 entrants who were whittled down to only 16 players.

All 16 are now on the money and guaranteed $2,040. $30,600 awaits the champion. Dominik Nitsche, Michael Kane, and Georgios Zisimpopoulos are among those still in contention for the title.

The $109 buy-in saw 169 players enter and only 16 remain in the hunt for the $5,400 top prize and the title of champion.

Two PLO Events Take Place on November 19

Fans of four hole cards should be please to know two Pot-Limit Omaha events take place on November 19.

They both shuffle up and deal at 19:05 GMT, one with a $320 buy-in and another with a $3,200 buy-in. These will be done and dusted today and have guarantees of $30,000 and $150,000 respectively.

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