Polk Crosses $1M in Winnings Vs. Negreanu

Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu continued battling and have played almost 20,000 hands.

It looked for a minute like Rocky was making an epic comeback, but the underdog is back on the canvas with the ref counting to 10 in Doug Polk versus Daniel Negreanu.

After falling behind nearly $1 million in their $200/$400 heads-up grudge match, Negreanu rallied in impressive fashion. The GGPoker spokesman put together a string of seven wins in eight sessions to cut that number in half down to a $486K loss on Jan. 11.

However, complete domination by Polk has followed. He won the next four straight sessions, with the last being a crushing blow: a $298,000 win, his second-biggest of the match, on Jan. 20. Now buried seven figures with less than 8,000 hands remaining, "Kid Poker" finds himself truly up against it with everything stacked against him.

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Day 19

After the early action saw Negreanu take a small lead, Polk won a stack in a four-bet pot when he checked back the flop for a board of J498. He put in a delayed c-bet for $7,062, a third of the pot, and Negreanu raised all in. Polk snap-called with top of set of jacks and had coolered his unfortunate opponent, who hit a set of fours and watched the $84K pot pushed the other way.

Negreanu then showed off some his newfound overbetting when he bet $1,500 in position in a single-raised pot on J23. Polk called and then Negreanu went with big sizings of $7,400 on the Q and $30,600 on the 7. Polk snap-called the river bet but was shown queens and jacks for the $80K pot.

A six-figure pot went to "Kid Poker" when he called a preflop raise and check-called flop and turn bets on a board of 5427J. After potting the turn for $3,410, Polk blasted in $15,346 on the river, well over the pot. However, it was met by a check-raise all in for Polk's remaining $33,602. He couldn't get away from a set of sevens but was shown 63 for the flopped nuts. Polk closed out the first hour stuck about six figures.

Polk was then able to recover somewhat, including picking off a river check-raise bluff by Negreanu, to get the deficit down to about a buy-in by the time they took a break.

Negreanu got a big river bet of $16K paid off when he flopped trip queens in a three-bet pot and slowplayed the flop and turn by just calling Polk's barrels. Then, with $4,674 in the pot, Polk went for a bet of $3,832 on 87K9J. Negreanu popped in a sizable raise to $13,089 and got paid off with Q10, pushing his edge back close to six figures.

After a max win of nearly $170K, Negreanu saw a big chunk of that go back to his rival in a bit of a preflop cooler. Having three-bet preflop only to face a four-bet to $11K, Polk shipped it in for $55K and showed down KK, dominating Negreanu's JJ. Four hearts hit the board and Polk scooped it with his superior flush.

Negreanu semi-bluffed off a stack when he called a three-bet from Polk, who led small for $2,300 into $8,217 on QJK. Negreanu made it $6,601 then overbet shoved the 5 turn for $29,288 effective. Polk found the call with AA and was in pretty good shape against A8, successfully fading the river to get back to five figures of losses.

A massive pot of shy of $160K would be the biggest swing in the day's play. They were almost 200 bigs deep when Negreanu put in a four-bet and made his usual small bet of $4,400 into $22K on A22. Polk made it $14,652 on a check-raise and they went to the J turn. Polk bet again with $17,019 and Negreanu peeled, bringing a 7. Polk shoved the last $36K in and Negreanu was ready holding AJ. Polk had been bluffing with KQ.

Polk got one more stack back with bottom two versus top pair of aces, but it wasn't enough to erase a deficit that amounted to $143K.

Hands Played: 834
Results: Daniel Negreanu +$143,642
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Day 20

Following more than a week off, they got back to it, and Polk took an unusual line early in the match when he four-bet to $10,953 and then just shoved $30,443 effective on the 467 flop. Negreanu looked him up with 65 and was in great shape against K3. The 3 turn further improved him to a straight and left Polk needing a chop that the J didn't bring home.

Polk had recovered to almost even when the next huge pot went down, starting with a Negreanu three-bet then a check on Q2J. Polk bet small with about $2,300 and Negreanu called, bringing a 3. Polk sized up with $8,777 but Negreanu again stuck around for the K river. Polk shoved for just under the $30K pot when checked to, and Negreanu tanked a long time before clicking call. Polk could only muster pocket fours, no match for Q9.

Negreanu kept the ball rolling on a board of 3K9K3, getting a pot-sized bet of $21K paid on the river after the turn checked through and showing KJ.

A four-bet pot would see Polk, the aggressor, bet small with $4,552 on A84. Negreanu peeled and the 5 hit. Both players checked, bringing the 2. Negreanu bet pretty big with $21,350. Polk shoved for $40,267 and was met with a snap-called as Negreanu hit a straight with 53. That was no good against K3 for a flush, and Polk raked in $112K.

One more big pot went to Negreanu when Polk bet the river small for a third of the $18K pot on 459A2 and Negreanu raised to $29K. Polk called but couldn't beat 43 and they took a break with Negreanu up about $75K.

After the break, Polk three-bet and checked a 436 texture. Negreanu bet about $2,700, Polk raised to $8,491, and Negreanu ripped it in. Polk quickly called with KK and prevailed against 55 when it ran 8, 10 to earn a stack.

Play slowed down a bit from there. Polk reduced his deficit to about $65K then Negreanu worked back to a $130K win. That's about where they sat for the remaining hour-plus until Polk closed things out picking off Negreanu, who went for a check-raise bluff for $21K over $4,794 on 45J6J holding 54 against 93. It was only enough to get him down to a $120K loss.

Hands Played: ~600
Results: Daniel Negreanu +$120,000
Full session video

Day 21

Negreanu tried a five-bet shove early in the session but ran his AQ smack into AK. All looked well for him on the JQ4 flop but tens hit on both the turn and river to send the $80K pot to Polk's Broadway. Negreanu got the stack right back a bit later when his own AK prevailed against QQ all in preflop, though.

Just shy of an hour in, Polk surged into a big lead. On one table, he got a pot-sized shove through for $29K on the river with a scary board of 87576 out. On the other, he four-bet and called off for $50K with JJ. Negreanu had ripped it in with a smashed 33 and the sweat was short when Polk flopped another jack.

Then, a float backfired for Negreanu as Polk three-bet then barreled pretty big with $5,505 on the 644 flop and $12,883 on the J turn. Negreanu called and then faced a shove for the last $24K on the 8 river. He quickly called with QJ but saw he was hammered from square one as Polk held QQ.

Negreanu three-bet preflop and went for $5,519 into $8,237 on a 4710 flop, with Polk calling to bring an 8. Negreanu slowed down with a check and called a small sizing of $6,361. The river was the 2 and Negreanu checked. Polk shoved for $27,329 effective and Negreanu was in there right away with Q8. Second pair was no good, as Polk got max value with K10.

One of the biggest preflop all-ins occurred a little more than two hours in when Polk four-bet to $12,360 and called Negreanu's five-bet shove for $61,600. Negreanu showed AK and it was off to the races against 1010. A K948 left Polk all but done for the river and he couldn't find his lone out.

They were more than 200 blinds deep on both tables by that point, so stacks stopped flying in as much. The potential did exist for a $200K pot when Negreanu four-bet and was called, putting a 562 flop out with $21,567 in the middle. Negreanu continued for $10,800 and received a quick call, bringing the 9 turn. Negreanu barreled again, this time for a small sizing of $12,959. Polk called again, bringing the Q. Negreanu crammed it in for a hair over the $69K pot but Polk snap-folded.

The deep stacks kept anyone from showing down anything too crazy as they played out the final hour-plus pretty evenly. One big pot did see Polk attempt a large bluff-catch on a board of 8Q2A7. Polk had fired the flop small and the turn big before checking river. Negreanu bet $18,897 into $28K and Polk looked him up light with 97. He was pleased to see Negreanu show J10 and he put a stop to Negreanu's winning streak with his own six-figure day.

Hands Played: 904
Results: Doug Polk +$114,140
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Day 22

After the marathon session on Day 21, less than 300 hands were needed to hit the halfway point. The players opted to get there in Day 22 and call it a year so they could take a break for the holidays until the calendar turned.

Things got started on a poor note for Negreanu when he called a four-bet to see a 622 flop. He checked, Polk bet about 20% of pot with $4,397, and Negreanu made it $9,339. Polk shoved for about $34K and Negreanu quickly called.

Negreanu: QJ
Polk: QQ

Negreanu had a flush draw but was dead to a chop after the 2 turn and made a worthless boat on the J river.

Another four-bet pot would see a more dynamic 59A flop. Negreanu had four-bet this time and again small for $4,319. Polk peeled to bring the 4. Polk checked and Negreanu tried his another small bet of $9,070. Polk shipped for $34,797 and Negreanu snapped it off with AJ. He had Polk's A10 pipped and the 7 river didn't help Polk.

The pendulum swung back to Polk in a three-bet pot when J33 flopped. He c-bet $2,997 into about $7,900 and Negreanu called. On the Q turn, Polk check-called $5,553. He also checked the 4 and Negreanu shoved for $28K, just a bit over the pot. That was met with a snap-call and AA and Negreanu's attempt to get value with Q9 cost him a stack.

Polk continued to run hot when he was dealt aces again, getting stacks in against Negreanu's pocket jacks after a nine-high flop. He won a couple of more solid pots and soon had a six-figure lead.

The final 10 minutes saw a rush of money head to Negreanu, though. First, at about 200 blinds deep, Polk raised and went for an overbet of $2,416 into $1,933 on A9J. Negreanu check-called and then faced a pot-sized bet of $6,767 on the 7. He check-called again, bringing a 4. Negreanu's final check was met by a huge overbet shove $69,414, more than triple the pot. That was fine by Negreanu since he'd slowplayed the 108 for the turned nuts, and Polk could only show down 82 for complete air.

Polk tried firing off again as he barreled all three streets on K8Q28. After a small flop bet in position versus Negreanu's preflop three-bet and then check, Polk bet $9,161 on the turn and shoved river for $43,736 into about $32K. Negreanu quickly called with K10 and was rewarded when Polk showed another bluff: 109.

Negreanu had turned a big loss on its head and booked a small win instead.

Hands Played: 279
Results: Daniel Negreanu +$35,000
Full session video

At this point, Negreanu had the option of waving the white flag on the challenge at the 12,500-hand mark. However, at a deficit of about $775K, he opted to keep playing.

Day 23

Polk kicked off the 2021 portion of the challenge by three-betting then betting flop and turn in the first big pot. He bet a little under half the pot with $3,313 on the J63 then fired $9,725 on the 2. A four-liner completed with the 5 and Polk finally checked with $23K left. Negreanu bet nearly all of that, leaving about $650 back for some reason, but Polk called and couldn't beat 54.

Shortly after, Polk was again the aggressor pre and continued small on the 47K flop. He bet bigger with $8,245 on the 4 turn before making a pot-sized shove of $28K on the 9. Negreanu snap-called, having rivered a boat with 99, and he'd gotten lucky versus AK.

A more successful hand for the Upswing founder came up a little over an hour in when Negreanu three-bet to $4,000 and bet small with $2,159 on the 35Q flop. Polk called, and he called $8,251 more on the K. Negreanu emptied the clip with an overbet for $46,182 effective. Polk needed only a moment before clicking call with KJ and was rewarded when he saw Negreanu had air from start to finish: 87.

Negreanu looked to have generated significant value when he three-bet and continued for $5,519 on 9510 before jammed the 2 for $30,360 into about $19K. Polk called with 54 but he got lucky on the river against JJ, making his flush with the 3.

A preflop raising war would see Negreanu cram it in for $54K on that same table, getting snap-called by Polk's KK. Unfortunately for Polk, Negreanu showed him the aces and managed to fade the king to claim the six-figure pot.

That was the last major swing and it was enough to push Negreanu from a loser on the day to a winner.

Hands Played: ~650
Results: Daniel Negreanu +$27,000
Full session video

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Day 24

The first big pot of Day 24 would be ultimately inconsequential as Negreanu three-bet and barreled off all in on 67J33. Polk looked him up with king-jack and Negreanu showed an identical hand to chop the pot.

Overall, a relatively slow first 90 minutes or so would see Negreanu build a lead of about a buy-in.

At about two hours in, things picked up in a big way. Negreanu three-bet to $4,000 preflop and continued for $2,159 on 10610, with Polk meeting that with a call. Negreanu checked the 3 and Polk bet $8,251. Negreanu called and checked the J. Polk shoved for $43,310 effective, well over the pot. Negreanu snapped it off with 109 for flopped trips, winning against a 97 bluff to scoop $115K.

Negreanu continued to roll as he built his win to about $150K. Polk looked like he might start bringing it back when he got a bet-three-bet paid on a paired board of 78266. Just $4,003 was in the middle when Polk bet $2,322 in position, and Negreanu made it $8,809. Polk came back with $19,621 and Negreanu called but couldn't beat 95.

Polk had a change to bring it further back in simultaneous big pots. In one, he got a four-bet worth about $12K in preflop then c-bet $4,943 on K26. Negreanu put in a check-raise to $11,087 and they went to the 2. Negreanu checked again, this time folding to a small bet of about $13K.

On the other table, Polk got QQ in preflop for $50K and was against AK. The JA9 flop was grim for Polk but he settled for a chop when running diamonds hit.

A session with comparatively few big swings saw Negreanu up as much as $180K before winning just shy of $100K.

Hands Played: ~700
Results: Daniel Negreanu +$98,579
Full session video

Day 25

A back-and-forth first hour ended with a big swing as Polk got a three-bet in preflop then bet $3,313 into $7,888 on J43. Negreanu peeled and then called $4,790 more on the 10. Polk stuffed it for $28K, just over the pot, on the A river. Negreanu was ready with a snap-call having turned a flush with Q5 and Polk showed he'd gotten the worst river in the deck as he had AA.

Polk was down around $60K at break but worked his way back pretty close to even. Then, Negreanu threatened a $120K pot when he three-bet to $3,720 preflop and Polk called. The flop checked through for a board of 2A89 and Negreanu checked again. Polk broke the ice with $4,983 only for Negreanu to wake up with a check-raise to $18,037. Polk called, and the 5 completed the contested board. Negreanu shoved for $38,868 and Polk didn't need much convincing as he folded pretty quickly.

Polk showed off his hero cape when he bet a 1022 flop in position after calling a three-bet. Negreanu called the small sizing of $2,239 into $8K and the turn was a 4. Both players checked, bringing a 6. Negreanu led out $8,358 and got looked up by just A3. The ace-high was good against 75.

Less than a buy-in separated the two when Negreanu three-bet and continued big for $5,358 on the 257 flop. Polk jammed for $37,455 but that didn't faze Negreanu as he called in a hurry with 1010. It was a beautiful spot for him against 88 and he faded the turn and river.

Negreanu managed to squeeze out some big value when he three-bet preflop and continued for $5,358 again on 5910. He barreled again for $12,538 on the 5, and the board double-paired with the 10. Negreanu bet $17,516 this time, and Polk looked him up but couldn't beat AA. They went to break with Polk still stuck, albeit less than two buy-ins.

A four-bet pot led to the next big spot, with Negreanu getting that in preflop and then betting $5,399 on 4810. Polk called and then took an unusual line when he led out $9,718 on the 9. Negreanu responded with a shove and Polk called for $30K, just under the pot.

Negreanu: KK
Polk: 77

Polk was smacked by the bigger pair plus draw and the A didn't help him.

Polk did grab the last four-bet pot, showing aggression after Negreanu declined to bet the 59K flop. Polk led for a third of the pot, about $7,100 on the 4, then shoved the 3 river and got through.

Negreanu was nonetheless able to book his fourth straight win.

Hands Played: 750
Results: Daniel Negreanu +$27,945
Full session video

Day 26

An unusual hand kicked things off in the first few minutes as Polk called a four-bet then came out firing with $6,479 into $21.5K on 73J. Polk slowed down with a check on the K turn. Less than pot remained to play and Negreanu shoved, with Polk snap-calling with KQ. Top pair was no good as Negreanu had AA and held on the river for the $85K pot.

An identically-sized pot was between them on the next big four-bet spot, with Negreanu again the four-bettor. This time, the flop checked through for a board of 65KK. Polk again led $6,479 and again, Negreanu called. The river was a 7 and Polk shoved for $32K. Negreanu called pretty quickly with JJ and was good against 88.

Polk had recovered some of his losses but was still down about $50K in the next big pot. He was the preflop aggressor with a three-bet and fired in a fairly large continuation-bet of $5,285 on 1075. Negreanu raised to $14,516 and Polk shoved. Negreanu quickly called off his $40K with K10 and was up against a monster draw: 98. The 7 got him there but the 7 river gave Negreanu a backdoor full house.

Polk finally regained some momentum when Negreanu barreled off all in on a board of 2373K after three-betting preflop. Only half pot remained on the river and Polk snap-called with 53 for trips, with Negreanu showing he'd gone for value with QQ.

In a single-raised pot, Polk went for a triple-barrel on AK1025. He put in flop and river overbets, the latter for $21K into $14K, but got quickly picked off by A10. Polk had air with 98, having turned a draw that would have been worthless if he made it.

They could have potentially played a massive pot down the stretch when Polk opened preflop and bet small with $645 on Q53. Polk continued for $1,884 on the 6 only to see Negreanu check-raise to $8,106. Polk called and they went to a 10 river. Negreanu bet $13,039 and Polk shoved for $78,352. Negreanu thought a bit but ultimately let it go.

Still, he continued his winning streak with another big W.

Hands Played: ~600
Results: Daniel Negreanu +$130,000
Full session video

Day 27

Polk was up about a buy-in after a fairly tame first 45 minutes when simultaneous big pots went down.

Left table: A103K2
Right table: 74QJK

On the right table, Polk three-bet preflop and triple-barreled all in. The shove was for $29K into $37K and Negreanu tanked a long time before folding. On the left table, Negreanu was the three-bettor and continued small on the flop, with Polk calling before taking over the turn and river betting when Negreanu checked. Again, Polk shoved for slightly under the pot, but this time Negreanu folded much more quickly.

Polk was up about $85K when the dust settled from those pots.

A cooler further cost Negreanu when he five-bet shoved $46K with queens, running into Polk's aces and failing to find a lady on the runout.

A four-bet pot would be the first big one pushed to Negreanu when he c-bet small on J47 and Polk check-raised small from $5,399 to $12,526. Negreanu jammed for $38,700 and Polk called with KJ for top pair. He was beaten by QQ and didn't improve, so Negreanu won the $99K pot.

Negreanu then three-bet to $4K and continued for $3,199 on J87. Polk called, bringing the 5. Negreanu bet big with $9,644 and Polk called. The river was the 3 and Negreanu shoved for $27,427, a little less than the pot. Polk tank-called with J9 and Negreanu showed J8 for jacks up to drag it.

Negreanu reduced a six-figure loss to around $20K before the final hour, but things went south again. One big spot would see him three-bet and then continue small for $2,159 on JKK. Polk called and then faced another small barrel of $4,926 on the 10. He called and Negreanu finally slowed down on the 2. Polk took the opportunity to fire big with $33,253. Negreanu called but couldn't beat AQ for the turned gutter.

Negreanu did get $48K back when he picked up kings against AK but it wasn't enough to prevent a six-figure loss.

Hands Played: ~600
Results: Doug Polk +$120,000
Full session video

Day 28

The announcers had barely introduced themselves when a four-bet pot kicked off the action. Negreanu raised to his favored $10,800 number and they went to a 106K flop. Polk check-called $5,399 and then check-called the last $24,710 on the 2 turn. Negreanu was in awful shape as his dominating AQ had gotten about the worst board possible against A10 and the K didn't help him on the river.

A single-raised pot would see a cooler develop a bit after that. Polk c-bet $763 on K49 in position and Negreanu called. Polk barreled again on the K for $2,240. Negreanu check-raised to $9,268 and Polk called, bringing out a 5. Negreanu shoved for $36,833 effective, well over the $21K pot. Polk tanked a long time before calling with K7 but was no good against 44.

Negreanu was able to work up to a decent win of around $60K but then dropped a pretty big pot when he four-bet and c-bet small on the flop per usual before the turn checked through for a board of 27KA4. Polk checked the river and Negreanu bet $21K, about two-thirds of the pot. Polk looked him up with K10 and was good against J10.

One of the biggest pots of the match developed with an innocent start as Polk raised preflop and then bet $1,311 into $1,957 on 672. Negreanu check-raised to $5,094 and Polk called, bringing the K. Negreanu slightly overbet the pot on the turn with $13,361 and Polk stuck around for the 6. Negreanu potted it, $38,869. Polk looked him up with J7 and was good against 108, swinging himself from stuck $50K to up on the day.

The swingy session continued with a preflop battle as Polk, facing a four-bet, opted to five-bet ship for about $53K. Negreanu went for the call with 99 and was happy to see he was in a dominating spot against A4. He was even happier when no ace appeared to send him the $106K pot.

Negreanu three-bet preflop to a smaller size of $3,720 and they went to a dynamic flop of A58. Negreanu continued small for $2,008 and Polk called, bringing a 7. Negreanu potted for $11,456 and Polk snap-called, so they saw a K river. Negreanu had barely checked before a bet of $23,025 was in front of Polk. Negreanu called but couldn't beat 87.

They were almost dead even heading into the last 30 minutes when Negreanu four-bet and Polk snap-called to bring a 2K7 flop out. Negreanu bet $5,399 then both players checked the 7 to bring a 9. Negreanu potted for $32,396 and Polk snap-called again but was shown a rivered boat with 99.

Polk was able to erase that loss down the stretch though and even turned it into a small win.

Hands Played: 650
Results: Doug Polk +$26,198
Full session video

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Day 29

An interesting pot went down about 45 minutes in with Negreanu already up a little more than a buy-in. He three-bet and then checked an 876 flop. Polk went with a small bet of $2,639 and Negreanu woke up with a big raise to $15,917. Polk shoved for $36K and Negreanu called.

Negreanu: 1010
Polk: 66

It was an ugly flop for Negreanu and the Q turn and A river didn't help him.

Polk had lost but regained the lead before the next big one, which saw Polk double-barrel the flop and turn small on 3J5Q8 after three-betting pre. Polk gave up his betting on the river, and Negreanu shoved with just a little over the $24K pot left. Polk about beat him in there with AQ and had Negreanu's Q6 outkicked.

The big pots continued right after that with Polk three-betting and continuing for $2,208 on K57. Negreanu called the small bet and then called $9,652 more on the Q. Polk had $24,793 left on the A river, which was less than the $31K pot, and he opted to check. Negreanu set him in and Polk snapped it off again, but this time his A10 was inferior to KQ.

Then they played a flip for $96K when Polk five-bet shipped AK and ran into 1010. Polk hit the 2K8 flop but Negreanu turned him dead with the 10.

Negreanu then went for thin value as he three-bet pre and fired all streets, jamming river on a board of 677Q5. Small sizings on the flop and turn gave way to a $31K shove into a $25K pot and Polk had an easy snap with Q7. Unfortunately for Negreanu, he'd gone for value with KQ.

Polk was the one caught slamming in top pair after Negreanu three-bet and c-bet small on 27A. Polk called and then Negreanu checked to him on the 4. Polk piled in $8,251 into the $12K pot, with Negreanu calling to bring a 3. Negreanu check-called off the last $25,988 and his A5 had made a straight against A9.

A sick cooler happened when Negreanu three-bet and Polk called, with Negreanu following up with $2,159 on AA10. Negreanu bet $4,926 on the 3, and they went to a 2 river. Negreanu bet $14,853 and Polk shoved for $33,797 more. Negreanu snapped with A10 and Polk had gotten a nasty turn with 33.

Polk double-barreled a 2Q104 board when they were already pretty deep to scoop a $40K pot and that set up one of the most interesting scenarios yet in the challenge: both players were more than 300 blinds deep on both tables. Polk was stuck about a buy-in but any one pot could massively swing things.

A single-raised pot would see potentially the biggest pot of the challenge threatened. Negreanu had opened for $1K on the button and continued for $799 on the 1066 flop. Polk raised small to $1,985 and Negreanu called. Polk went for the double check-raise on the 2 turn as Negreanu bet $3,998 and Polk went well over pot to $27,332. Negreanu called, so there was $60K in the middle heading to the A river. Polk crammed in $101K effective and Negreanu tanked but folded.

Polk won a couple of $30K pots down the stretch and then an $83K pot with top pair of queens when he faded Negreanu's AK on a queen-high board and Kid Poker gave up on the river. That gave him another win to boost his total once again.

Hands Played: 500
Results: Doug Polk +$73,000
Full session video

Day 30

There wasn't tons of movement early on as Negreanu inched up about a buy-in but that slow start would not portend what was to come.

Stacks flew in after about an hour with Negreanu five-bet ripping AQ and running into JJ. The runout favored Polk as neither player connected, squaring things up on the session. Right after, Negreanu potted river on 661065 for $14,395 after the turn checked through, but he folded to a shove worth $36K from Polk, pushing the heads-up star into the lead.

Polk scooped up several more pots without showdown after that and built his lead to $100K. He kept creeping upwards with more non-showdown winnings until the next huge blow came following a 76K flop. Negreanu had three-bet pre and put in $2,159 on the flop, with Polk responding with a call. On the 10 turn, $8,251 more went in from both players, with Negreanu keeping up his lead. He then shoved the 4 for $25K, just under the pot, but Polk was ready with K10 for top two. Negreanu had gotten a nasty turn holding 107.

The brutal run continued for Kid Poker when he called a three-bet and then a big c-bet of $6,468 from Polk on 1067. He called another $13,953 on the J, so less than half-pot remained to play on the 9. Polk shipped that last $22K in and Negreanu snapped it off with 87 for a straight, but Polk hit a straight to the queen with Q8 to drag $93K.

Up over $200K, Polk's incredible run continued when he bet $1,506, a small sizing into $7,533, after three-betting preflop and seeing A45 hit. Negreanu called and the Q hit. Polk went for a big overbet with $16,092, and Negreanu responded by cramming in $81,295. Polk snap-called to create a pot of $173K. He had the best of it.

Polk: QQ
Negreanu: 75

Negreanu had a shot with his flush draw but the A didn't bring it home and he fell $300K behind on the day.

Negreanu got a stack back when he induced turn and river overbets from Polk, the latter for almost triple the $13K pot, on J2389. Polk had 106 for an airball while Negreanu roped him in with J8.

Another huge bluff came out of Polk as he four-bet pre then bet $7,364 on JK6. Polk continued blasting with $17,472 on the 7 then emptied the clip with the last $34K effective into $72K on the 6. Negreanu found the call with AJ and was good against A3 for the pot just shy of $140K.

The wild swings continued with a stone cooler as Polk turned a nut flush versus Negreanu's second nuts and got paid for a pot-sized river jam. He bluffed most of that right back with a bet and then a huge three-bet in what had been a small pot on K2429 holding 94 against Q10.

They were more than 150 blinds deep when Negreanu c-bet in a $3,199 in a three-bet pot on 856 and faced a raise to $9,245. Negreanu ripped all in for Polk's remaining $53K and he had an easy snap with 97 for the nuts. Negreanu was smacked with 98 but did turn some hope with the 9. The K didn't got it for him on the river and Polk dragged $133K.

The biggest pot of the entire challenge to date went down in a single-raised pot with Negreanu betting the flop then potting the turn for $3,595 on J957. Polk made a monster raise to $20,675 and Negreanu peeled, bringing the 2. Polk slammed in the last $71,126 but Negreanu was waiting with 108 for the nuts. Polk had Q8 and watched the $187K go to his battered opponent.

Sizings started changing with the players more than 400 bigs deep at one of the tables down the stretch. Negreanu opened for $1,200 and called a three-bet to $4,338. Polk continued small for $2,328 on the 668 flop and Negreanu peeled. Negreanu called another small bet of $4,465 on the 10 then a huge bet of $33,691 on the A river. Polk showed 88 for the flopped boat.

Polk earned one more stack with aces against king-queen on 57Q510 and that was the end of the insane session with Polk booking a near-record win of $298K.

Hands Played: 770
Results: Doug Polk +$298,000
Full session video

  • It's been all Doug Polk of late in his battle against Daniel Negreanu.

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