Where Will They Play? Who Will Win? Your Polk vs. Negreanu Poker Match Questions Answered

Everything We Know About the Polk vs. Negreanu Grudge Match

One of the longest-running feuds in modern poker history looks set to come to a head next month as Doug Polk and GGPoker’s Daniel Negreanu square off in a hotly anticipated online grudge match.

Talk of a heads-up battle between the two started all the way back in August 2014, although nothing came to fruition back then.

However this time around, it looks like it might be finally about to happen:

So, with the pair agreeing on the parameters for their heads-up duel earlier this month, PokerNews takes a look at everything you need to know about the match.

Main Questions

Here we try to answer the most pressing questions surrounding the match:

When will the Polk vs. Negreanu match take place?

November 4th

Where will the Polk vs. Negreanu match take place?

The first 200 hands will be played live with chips and cards on PokerGO. The remainder will be online at WSOP.com. Both players will play from their own homes

What format will the Polk vs. Negreanu match be?

25,000 hands of $200/$400 with 100 big blind auto-top up ($40,000 stacks). The loser may quit after 12,500 hands.

Read on for more in-depth discussion around the match and the two competitors!

Polk, Negreanu Agree on Parameters for Heads-Up Duel

Who is Daniel Negreanu?

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is a six-time WSOP bracelet winner and two-time WPT Champion. The 46-year-old was born in Toronto, Canada after his parents emigrated from Romania.

He started playing poker aged 21 before becoming the youngest WSOP champion ever after winning the $2,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em event at the 1998 WSOP. In 2004 he was named WSOP Player of the Year after taking home another bracelet.

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In 2019, Negreanu married former PokerNews host Amanda Leatherman in California.

Negreanu was previously a PokerStars ambassador until he left the site in an "amicable split" in 2019, and now represents GGPoker.

How much is Daniel Negreanu worth?

As of October 2020, Negreanu is currently ranked third in the all-time money list on The Hendon Mob, with total live earnings in excess of $42 million.

He has cashed for over $1 million on eight separate occasions in some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. This includes cashes in the WSOP Big One for One Drop, the Super High Roller Bowl, the Five-Diamond World Poker Classic, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and the Aussie Millions Main Event.

Daniel Negreanu's Top Five Poker Cashes

Jun-14United StatesWorld Series of Poker$1,000,000 Big One for One Drop2nd$ 8,288,001
May-18United StatesSuper High Roller Bowl$300,000 SHRB2nd$ 3,000,000
Dec-04United StatesWorld Poker Tour$15,300 Five-Diamond World Poker Classic1st$ 1,770,218
Jul-19United StatesWorld Series of Poker$100,000 High Roller2nd$ 1,725,838
Feb-14AustraliaAussie Millions$250,000 Challenge4th$ 1,119,610

Who is Doug Polk?

Doug Polk

Doug Polk is a 31-year old "semi-retired" poker player, also known by his online moniker "WCGRider." After dropping out of college at 19 to pursue poker full time, Polk has put together quite the poker résumé.

From playing $0.01/$0.02 cash games on PokerStars, Polk has since amassed over $1.5m in online cash game profits before adding three WSOP bracelets in 2014, 2016 and 2017.

Such are the accomplishments he has achieved during his poker career, some have even speculated whether Polk could even join Negreanu in being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

In September 2018, Polk announced his "retirement" from poker in a YouTube video stating that he wasn't going to play poker anymore. Obviously things have changed.

How much is Doug Polk worth?

According to The Hendon Mob, Doug Polk has cashed for almost $9.5 million and is currently ranked 101st on the all-time money list. He is most known for his three WSOP bracelet wins, the largest of which came in June 2017 when he won the $111,111 High Roller for One Drop.

Doug Polk's Top Five Poker Cashes

Jun-17United StatesWorld Series of Poker$111,111 High Roller for One Drop1st$ 3,686,865
Jul-14United StatesSHRB$100,000 Super High Roller1st$ 1,648,350
Feb-15AustraliaAussie Millions$250,000 The LK Boutique Challenge3rd$ 807,709
Feb-14AustraliaAussie Millions$100,000 Challenge4th$ 770,237
Jun-14United StatesBellagio$102,000 Super High Roller5th$ 602,910

When will the match take place?

The match will take place on November 4th 2020, according to a Tweet at the end of October.

Where will the match take place?

According to Negreanu, the first 200 hands will take place live - using real chips and cards - streamed on PokerGO. The rest of the competition will be "roughly every other day" with both players will play from their own houses. Negreanu stated that he agreed to a request from Polk to an "inspection" so as to verify Negreanu wasn't using any real-time assistance (RTA).

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Negreanu agreed to a webcam in order for the match to be streamed, but said on October 2nd that he would not be showing his hole cards.

On October 10th, Negreanu stated that he was sending $1,000,000 to WSOP.com ahead of the match.

What format will the match be?

Negreanu also stated that the pair would be playing $200/$400 across two tables. The stacks would be 100 big blinds deep with auto top-up on. The pair would play 25,000 hands and the loser can quit after 12,500.

He also said that if both parties agreed, the pair can "kick up the stakes" during the second half of the match.

How have the players been preparing for the match?

Following the announcement that the match would take place at the start of November, both players have been taking time out from their busy schedules to prepare for the match.

Polk has been the more vocal in his practice, tweeting on numerous occasions that he had won or lost 10+ buy-ins at stakes of $25/$50 or even $50/$100 in preparation.

On October 5th, Polk stated that he had been practicing for two months, but followed that tweet up on October 6th saying he had lost 10 buy-ins playing $50/$100.

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu heads-up preparation
A tweet from Doug Polk showing his heads-up preparation

Meanwhile Negreanu worked on his poker game in a charity event for St. Judes, but also suggested that he had also been playing $25/$50 in preparation.

Who will win between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk?

At this point, it's too early to say who will be better prepared, and therefore who will win between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk. Even Polk himself in a recent tweet stated that he did not know "how good or bad [Negreanu] is going to end up being."

Both competitors are keeping their cards close to their chest, and we'll just have to wait until November 1st to see exactly who is going to come out on top.

Who do PokerShares have as favorites?

As of October 26th, PokerShares currently have Doug Polk as a strong favourite:

Daniel Negreanu5.25+42517/4
Doug Polk1.18-5567/39

Who do you think will win?

We're asking PokerNews readers who they think will win in this heads-up contest between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk?

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Polk, Negreanu Agree on Parameters for Heads-Up Duel Polk, Negreanu Agree on Parameters for Heads-Up Duel