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The PokerStars EPT Online starts on November 8th with the Main Event having a $5 million guarantee

Ever since PokerStars cancelled several European live events back in March, players have been waiting patiently for the announcement of a major online poker festival to take their place.

And after the recent success stories of SCOOP, the Stadium Series and WCOOP, PokerStars has now unveiled the EPT Online.

The festival runs from November 8th until November 18th and comes with a $20 million guarantee across 20 events. It is split into the EPT Online - where buy-ins range from $215 to $25,000 - and the Mini EPT Online - with buy-ins from as little as $2.20.

Play in the $5,200 EPT Online Main Event

The 2020 EPT Online Main Event takes place on November 15th. It is a four-day event with a single starting flight that gets underway at 18:05 (GMT). Players are allowed up to two re-entries during the late registration period, which runs until five minutes before the start of Day 2.

Day 1November 15th18:05End of Level 15
Day 2November 16th18:10When 72 players are remaining
Day 3November 17th18:05When 9 players are remaining
Day 4November 18th18:05Down to a winner
Mikalai Pobal wins the 2019 EPT Prague Main Event
Mikalai Pobal won the last European Poker Tour Main Event in Prague in 2019

EPT Online Main Event Satellites

Satellites to the EPT Online Main Event are already running in the PokerStars client.

$5.503-5 x $55 Satellite Seats
$113 x $109 Satellite Seats
$553 x $530 Satellite Seats
$1093 x $530 Satellite Seats
$5302 x $5,200 EPT Online Main Event Tickets

Other EPT Online Events

Other events included in the EPT Online schedule include a $25,000 Super High Roller which comes with a $2,000,000 guarantee - the second biggest of the festival.

There are also seven figures guaranteed in the $1,050 Arena Championship (Nov 8th - $1.5 million GTD) and the $10,300 High Roller (Nov 10th - $1 million GTD).

EPT Online Event buy-in breakdown

For non-hold'em players, there are three PLO events ranging from $109 to $10,300, as well as a $5,200 8-Game High Roller which is sure to attract some of the best mixed game players in the world.

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Real Trophies and Package Giveaways

PokerStars have also confirmed that they will be giving away thousands of tickets for free, with players able to qualify for free in daily freebuy feeder tournaments. Details of this will be released in the coming days.

Players who take down an EPT Online event will also win a real EPT trophy of their own.

Live Stream Coverage

There will also be cards up coverage of the festival just like a normal stop on the European Poker Tour.

The events covered will be:

November 11th$10,300 High Roller Day 2/Final Table
November 12th$1,050 Arena Championship Final Table
November 13th$25,000 Super High Roller Final Table
November 16th$5,200 Main Event Day 2
November 17th$5,200 Main Event Day 3
November 18th$5,200 Main Event Final Table

EPT Online Mini

For players with a slightly smaller bankroll, there is the EPT Online Mini which has a twenty-event schedule mirroring that of the EPT Online.

There is still a Main Event, which comes with a $55 buy-in and a $500,000 guarantee. In total there are six events which guarantee $500,000, with the Mini EPT Online alone guaranteeing $3.3 million across its twenty event schedule.

The lowest buy-in Mini EPT Online event is the $2.20 EPT Online Cup which takes place on November 15th with a $50,000 guarantee. The biggest buy-in is the $215 Super High Roller which takes place on November 13th with a $400,000 guarantee.

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EPT Online Schedule

November 8th18:05EPT Online 01 [Arena Championship]8-Max NLHE$1,050$1,500,000
November 8th19:05EPT Online 02 [PLO High Roller]6-Max PLO$10,300$500,000
November 8th20:05EPT Online 03 [High Roller]8-Max NLHE$5,200$500,000
November 9th18:05EPT Online 049-Max NLHE$530$350,000
November 9th19:05EPT Online 05 [Win the Button]8-Max NLHE$1,050$200,000
November 10th18:05EPT Online 06 [High Roller]8-Max NLHE$10,300$1,000,000
November 10th19:05EPT Online 078-Max NLHE PKO$2,100$500,000
November 11th18:05EPT Online 088-Max NLHE$2,100$500,000
November 11th19:05EPT Online 09 [High Roller]6-Max 8-Game$5,200$250,000
November 12th18:05EPT Online 10 [Super High Roller]8-Max NLHE$25,000$2,000,000
November 12th19:05EPT Online 11 [Deep Stacks]8-Max NLHE$1,050$500,000
November 13th18:05EPT Online 126-Max NLHE PKO$1,050$500,000
November 13th19:05EPT Online 13 [High Roller]6-Max NLHE 6+$10,300$400,000
November 14th18:05EPT Online 14 [EPT Online Cup]9-Max NLHE$215$500,000
November 14th19:05EPT Online 15 [High Roller]6-Max NLHE$10,300$500,000
November 15th18:05EPT Online 16 [Main Event]8-Max NLHE$5,200$5,000,000
November 15th19:05EPT Online 176-Max PLO$2,100$500,000
November 15th20:05EPT Online 188-Max NLHE PKO$1,050$500,000
November 16th19:05EPT Online 198-Max NLHE PKO$530$500,000
November 17th18:05EPT Online 20 [Last Chance]9-Max NLHE$1,050$500,000

Mini EPT Online Schedule

November 9th18:05Mini EPT Online 018-Max NLHE$11$150,000
November 9th19:05Mini EPT Online 02 [Mini PLO High Roller]6-Max PLO$109$125,000
November 9th20:05Mini EPT Online 03 [Mini High Roller]8-Max NLHE$55$150,000
November 10th18:05Mini EPT Online 049-Max NLHE$5.50$75,000
November 10th19:05Mini EPT Online 05 [Mini Win the Button]8-Max NLHE$11$50,000
November 11th18:05Mini EPT Online 06 [Mini High Roller]8-Max NLHE$109$500,000
November 11th19:05Mini EPT Online 078-Max NLHE PKO$22$150,000
November 12th18:05Mini EPT Online 088-Max NLHE$22$150,000
November 12th19:05Mini EPT Online 09 [Mini High Roller]6-Max 8-Game$55$50,000
November 13th18:05Mini EPT Online 10 [Mini Super High Roller]8-Max NLHE$215$400,000

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November 13th19:05Mini EPT Online 11 [Mini Deep Stacks]8-Max NLHE$11$75,000
November 14th18:05Mini EPT Online 126-Max NLHE PKO$11$175,000
November 14th19:05Mini EPT Online 13 [Mini High Roller]6-Max NLHE 6+$109$50,000
November 15th18:05Mini EPT Online 14 [Mini Cup]9-Max NLHE$2.20$50,000
November 15th19:05Mini EPT Online 15 [Mini High Roller]6-Max NLHE$109$300,000
November 16th18:05Mini EPT Online 16 [Mini Main Event]8-Max NLHE$55$500,000
November 16th19:05Mini EPT Online 176-Max PLO$22$75,000
November 16th20:05Mini EPT Online 188-Max NLHE PKO$11$100,000
November 17th18:05Mini EPT Online 19 [Mini Last Chance]9-Max NLHE$11$100,000
November 17th19:05Mini EPT Online 208-Max NLHE PKO$5.50$75,000
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