No Need to Break the Bank With PokerStars 'Mini' Tournaments

No Need to Break the Bank With PokerStars 'Mini' Tournaments

Not everyone has the bankroll for High Roller tournaments, and that's where the PokerStars Mini Tournaments come in. These tournaments start at just $1.10 and go up to just $55, allowing players to enjoy a wide variety of tournaments without having to break the bank.

Whether you enjoy Progressive KO, heads-up or 6-Max tournaments, there is a tournament for everyone, including a special Sunday schedule of Mini tournaments for you to enjoy.

Embark on PokerStars’ Grand Tour and Win Big

Embark on the Grand Tour journey and you could be padding your bankroll with some truly massive prizes.

PokerStars Daily Mini Schedule

If you head to the PokerStars client, all you have to do is search for Mini in the tournament lobby and you will be spoilt for choice with a series of Daily tournaments.

EventTime (GMT)Buy-inGuarantee
Mini Daily Pacific Rim Special [Progressive KO]05:00$16.50Up to $18,000
Mini Daily Kickoff12:00$11Up to $12,000
Mini Daily Marathon13:30$5.50Up to $18,000
Mini Bounty Builder HR16:30$55Up to $175,000
Mini Triple Threat20:45$22Up to $20,000

PokerStars Special Mini Schedule

On some days, the Mini schedule is supplemented by Mini versions of other tournaments such as the 'Thursday Thrill' or the 'Saturday KO'. And PokerStars has made it so you don't have to worry about what time zone you are in, with Early and Late Editions of some of their most popular tournaments.

EventTime (GMT)Buy-inGuarantee
Mini Thursday Thrill [Early Edition, Progressive KO]10:00$22$18,000
Mini Fast Friday [Early Edition)10:00$11$10,000
Mini Saturday KO [Early Edition]10:00$11$18,000
Mini Saturday Slam [4-Max, Progressive KO]11:00$11$40,000
Mini Saturday Rebuy15:30$1.10+R$5,000
Mini Saturday Duel [Heads-Up, Zoom, Progressive Total KO]17:15$22$18,000
Mini Saturday KO18:00$22$70,000
Mini Saturday Scuffle [6-Max, Progressive KO]19:30$22$35,000
Mini Thursday Thrill [Late Edition, Progressive KO]23:00$22$25,000
Mini Fast Friday [Late Edition)23:00$11$30,000
Mini Saturday KO [Late Edition]23:00$11$20,000

PokerStars Sunday Mini Schedule

Everyone knows how important Sundays are for online poker players, and for those playing on PokerStars it's no different. All of the biggest Sunday tournaments have Mini editions, including popular 6-Max and Progressive KO formats.

EventTime (GMT)Buy-inGuarantee
Mini Sunday Pacific Rim Special [Progressive KO]05:00$16.50$10,000
Mini Sunday Starter10:00$11$12,000
Mini Sunday Slam [Progressive KO]11:00$2.20$5,000
Mini Sunday Kickoff12:00$11$25,000
Mini Sunday Marathon13:30$5.50$25,000
Mini Sunday Rebuy14:15$3.30+R$10,000
Mini Sunday Stack20:45$5.50$18,000
Mini Sunday Cooldown [Progressive KO]21:00$11$40,000
Mini Sunday Supersonic [6-Max]22:00$22$8,000
Mini Sunday Wrap-Up23:00$11$18,000

Join PokerStars And Start Your Grand Tour

To get involved in the Grand Tour you need a PokerStars account. Download PokerStars via PokerNews and make a deposit of at least $20 using the bonus code “THIRTY” to be rewarded with a welcome package that hits your new PokerStars account over the course of six days.

DatDaily RewardReward Benefit
Day 110x $0.50 Spin & Go Tickets10 chances to win up to $5,000
Day 25x $1 Spin & Go Tickets5 chances to win up to $10,000
Day 35x $1 Spin & Go Tickets5 chances to win up to $10,000
Day 4$5 cash bonusTry any games of your choice
Day 55x $1 Spin & Go Tickets5 chances to win up to $10,000
Day 6$5 cash bonusTry any games of your choice
  • 'Mini' versions of some of the biggest tournaments on PokerStars start at just $1.10

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