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Win Your Way to a Share of €50,000 on Betsafe

Win Your Way to a Share of €50,000 on Betsafe WORKING

The Ultimate Sweat is one of the biggest buy-in tournaments on Betsafe, and you can win your way into this huge monthly poker tournament for free thanks to the Belt Invitationals.

With a guaranteed prize pool of €50,000, you can earn a ticket to The Ultimate Sweat by working your way through the tiers, starting at the White Belt Invitational, then the Yellow and Blue Belt Invitationals before competing in the Black Belt Invitational, which will award 100 seats to The Ultimate Sweat.

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How Does It Work?

Players can earn entry to Belt Invitationals by earning Status Points or generating a certain amount in rake and fees. However, they can also earn entry into the next tier by finishing in the top 50 of any Belt Invitational.

White Belt Invitational

The lowest tier is the White Belt Invitational which requires players to generate a single Status Point in order to qualify. This tournament runs daily at 18:00 (BST) with the top 50 players advancing to the next tier.

Yellow Belt Invitational

If players qualify from the White Belt Invitational, they can enter the Yellow Belt Invitational. Held daily at 20:00 (BST), players can also buy in direct providing they've generated €2.50 in rake and fees. The top 50 players win entry to the Blue Belt Invitational.

Blue Belt Invitational

The next tier of Belt Invitational runs once a week, with the Blue Belt Invitationaltaking place on Saturdays at 17:00 (BST). Again, players can use a ticket received from finishing in the top 50 of the Yellow Belt Invitational, or buy in direct after generating €7 in rake and fees.

The top 50 players will win entry to the Monthly €10,000 Black Belt Invitational

Black Belt Invitational

This is it. The Big One. Generate €25 in rake and fees or use a ticket from the Blue Belt Invitational and you will gain entry to the Black Belt Invitational. This tournament guarantees 100 tickets to the €50,000 Ultimate Sweat. This month's Black Belt Invitational takes place on the 27th June at 19:00 (BST)

Betsafe Belt Invitational Schedule

EventRequirementTimeDate (BST)Payout
White Belt InvitationalGenerate 1 Status PointDaily18:00 (BST)50 x Yellow Belt Invitational Tickets
Yellow Belt InvitationalGenerate €2.50 in rake and feeDaily20:00 (BST)50 x Blue Belt Invitational Tickets
Blue Belt InvitationalGenerate €7 in rake and feeSaturdays17:00 (BST)50 x €10,000 GTD BlackBelt Invitational Tickets
Black Belt InvitationalGenerate €25 in rake and fee27th June 202019:00 (BST)100 x €50,000 GTD Ultimate Sweat Tickets

The Ultimate Sweat

If you've won your way through the Belt Invitationals, then it's time to get ready for The Ultimate Sweat which this month will take place on 28th June at 18:30 BST. Direct buy-in is available for €100, but be sure to check out the Belt Invitationals and win your way in for less.

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Receive Up to €2,000 When You Make Your First Deposit at Betsafe Receive Up to €2,000 When You Make Your First Deposit at Betsafe