2021 NJ/MI SCOOP Day 16: Both Main Events Get Underway


This Sunday saw the Main Events in both the 2021 New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP) and Michigan Spring Championships of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars get underway.

Steven "FadeOrHoldz" Madara leads the NJSCOOP Main Event with 12 players remaining, and "Orlimar17" leads the MISCOOP Main Event with 36 players remaining.

The festivals run until May 24, with more than $3 million in total guarantees up for grabs.


You can find out more information about PokerStars USA SCOOP Events by click this link!

Steven "FadeOrHoldz" Madara Leads NJSCOOP Event 51-M: NLHE [8-Max, Main Event] After Late Surge

Day 1 of the New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker Event 51-M: NLHE [8-Max, Main Event] saw rapid-fire action all day long, as a field of 391 players was narrowed down to just a dozen players returning tomorrow. Leading the way is Steven "FadeOrHoldz" Madara, with 6,690,399.

NJSCOOP Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

RankPlayerChip Count
1Steven "FadeOrHoldz" Madara6,690,399
5Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari3,770,307

"TrashNinja00" is in second with 5,179,795, and is the only other player over the five million marker. Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari is also in the mix, with an above average stack.

Madara was already one of the biggest stacks when play got down to just two tables. He was then dealt a monster hand with pocket kings, and was able to secure a big knockout to vault to the top of the leaderboard.

Some of the biggest notables in the New Jersey Pokerstars market came out to play today, but many of them were gone before the money bubble burst. Included in that list were Angel "Chr0meKing" Lopez, Ryan "hagz2richez" Hagerty, and Daniel "loxonbagel" Buzgon.

NJSCOOP Main Event Final Table Payouts


Action will resume tomorrow night at 6 PM ET, when the 12 remaining players will play down to a winner. Check below for a full list of the remaining chip counts, and be sure to come back tomorrow to see who takes the first place prize of nearly $20,000!

Recent 2021 NJSCOOP Winners

May 2350-L: $10 NLHE [Sunday Storm], $4K GTD315$4,000.00pgt4jc$583.86**
May 2350-M: $30 NLHE [Sunday Warm Up, Mini], $5K GTD164$5,000.00nhgglmbema$942.86*
May 2350-H: $100 NLHE [Deepstack, Sunday Martahon SE], $10k GTD85$6,000.00nuttedd$1,463.50
May 2351-L: $30 NLHE [Main Event, Mini], $10K GTD332$15,106.00TheDrain732$2,827.72
May 2351-M: $300 NLHE [Main Event], $100K GTD391$109,480.00 $19,938.52
May 2351-H: $500 NLHE [Jersey Special, High Roller], $20K GTD47$22,090.00MartinChatwn$8,441.71
May 2352-L: $20 NLHE [Second Chance, The Big 20 SE], $4K GTD216$4,000.00sanjeeeezy$734.27*
May 2352-M: $30 NLHE, $6K GTD206$6,000.00mikeyeager$1,170.22
May 2352-H: $100 NLHE [Second Chance, Nightly Stars SE], $10K GTD99$10,000.00wxg1989$2,369.95
May 2353-L: $20 NLHE, $2K GTD95$2,000.00jaysu$467.14
May 2353-M: $30 NLHE, $2.5K GTD84$2,500.00bgtpoker$609.81
May 2353-H: $100 NLHE [Sunday Supersonic SE], $5K GTD52$5,000.00iFoldN0T$1,910.79

*denotes heads-up deal. **denotes four-handed deal

Andrew "autokorekt" Korby Leads MISCOOP Event 36-H: $300 NLHE [Main Event]

Day 1 of the MISCOOP Main Event has wrapped up for the night after seven and a half hours of play. The $200K guarantee was reached in the later stages of the tournament and the $243,880 prize pool became official after 871 total entries (597 entries and 274 re-entries) were logged.

Once registration had ended, only 278 players remained and each knew they needed to make it into the top 116 to receive a piece of the prize pool.

MISCOOP Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

RankPlayerChip Count
4Andrew "autokorekt" Korby4,648,119

Many notable players showed up to take a shot at a MISCOOP title with many failing to find the run good needed, which included David "DavidKayePoker" Kaye, Daniel "BiggYBlains22" Sears, Eric "Emans5000" Manssur and Henry "xlzou1990" Zou.

As the virtual bodies continued to fall at a rapid pace, the money bubble quickly approached and in Level 22 "DiamondDave65 bubbled the tournament leaving the remaining 116 players in the money. From there, very few familiar names still remained and they started to drop from the field as well as Matthew "Luna_Nova21" Davis (101st Place - $682.74), Patrick "MSPT-HOF" Steele (97th Place - $682.74), David "steadymobbin420" Poppenfuse (63rd Place - $834.70), Mike "PeppSee" Long (59th Place - $834.70), K.C. "Legendkiller88" Vaughan (58th Place - $834.70), and Mike "Mike Parrott" Parrott (39th Place - $1,020.51) all got a piece of the prize pool but fell short of a Day 2 birth.

Play continued with only 36 players remaining at the hard stop for Day 1 with "Orlimar17" taking a comfortable 9,490,686 into Day 2 as the chip leader. Rounding out the top five stacks include "Kell_19red" (8,076,456), "VT3133" (5,470,291), Andrew "autokorekt" Korby (4,648,119), and "Stozypokes" (4,339,061).

MISCOOP Main Event Remaining Payouts


Day 2 of the Main Event will start Monday, May 25, at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), and PokerNews will be providing updates until an eventual champion is crowned. Blinds will remain 15-minutes in length and action will start off from Level 28 (40,000/80,000/10,000).

Make sure to come back to PokerNews tomorrow to find out who will be crowned the inaugural MICOOP Main Event Champion.

Recent 2021 MISCOOP Winners

DateTournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
May 2335-L: $10 NLHE [Deepstack], $6K GTD688$6,261Bilbert2$1,066.94
May 2335-M: $30 NLHE [Deepstack], $15K GTD548$15,000HHRaeRae$2,649.53
May 2335-H: $100 [Deepstack, Sunday Marathon SE], $30K GTD343$31,487Lovey2021$587.59
May 2336-L: $30 NLHE [MISCOOP Main Event - Mini], $20K GTD709$20,000NitWhitmer$3,406.59
May 2336-M: $75 NLHE [MISCOOP Main Event - Mid], $40K GTD577$40,000Po$ter Nutbag$7,065.32
May 2336-H: $300 NLHE [MISCOOP Main Event], $200K GTD871$243,880 $41,074.16
May 2337-L: $20 PLO, $2K GTD190$3,458TYCumAgain88$689.86
May 2337-M: $50 PLO, $6K GTD135$6,143J_Voorhees187$1,295.87
May 2337-H: $200 PLO, $12.5K GTD75$13,950Metbals9000$3,402.52
May 2338-L: $10 NLHE [Bigstack], $2K GTD292$2,745turtle_shoves$522.46
May 2338-M: $30 NLHE [Bigstack], $6K GTD199$6,000AAPoker417$1,179.89
May 2338-H: $100 NLHE [Bigstack, Sunday Supersonic SE], $10K GTD107$10,165Surge_Ibaka$2,373.91
  • 12 players remain in the NJSCOOP Main Event with 36 left in the MISCOOP Main Event as the festivals wind to a close

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