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For the past several weeks, players in the United States had to watch as others around the world got to compete in the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). Well, those in Pennsylvania don’t have to wait any longer as the 2021 PASCOOP kicks off this weekend and runs through May 3.

The PASCOOP offers more than $2 million in guaranteed prize pools across 120 events with buy-ins as low as $5 up to $1,000. The highlight of the series is the two-day $300 buy-in Main Event on May 2 featuring a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

In addition, the first-ever Michigan Spring Championship of Online Poker (MISCOOP) will run alongside the New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP) from May 8 to May 24. Full details on MISCOOP and NJSCOOP to be announced in the coming weeks.

MISCOOP follows on from the inaugural Michigan Championship of Online Poker (MICOOP) series, which took place earlier this year and saw players come out in force to win over $2.2 million, exceeding the original series guarantee of $1 million.

All told, more than $5 million in guaranteed prize pool will be offered across the trio of US-facing SCOOPs. What’s more, PokerNews will be offering live updates from 10 tournaments in each series for a total of 30 events of live coverage!

“SCOOP is a prestigious tournament series and we’re excited to bring it back to Pennsylvania and New Jersey and to offer it to our Michigan community for the first time,” said FOX Bet CEO Kip Levin. “We’ve guaranteed a massive $5 million in total prizes across the three states and we’ve added $30,000 in extra value in special offers for our players in PASCOOP. We’re looking forward to sharing the full details for MISCOOP and NJSCOOP soon, but players can now get those dates in their calendars and gear up for these awesome series.”

Satellite Information

The PokerStars community can win entry to the series via the PASCOOP Depositor Freeroll and Second Chance Freerolls:

  • PASCOOP Depositor Freeroll - $15,000 worth of Main Event tickets will be awarded in the Depositor Freeroll on May 2. To win a freeroll ticket, players must deposit $30 or more with bonus code ‘PASCOOP’ before 1:59pm ET on May 2.
  • Second Chance Freerolls – If a player gets knocked out of a PASCOOP tournament before reaching the money, they will receive an entry to the next day’s PASCOOP Second Chance Freeroll, where up to $1,000 of PASCOOP tickets will be given away. The freerolls take place every day during the series, starting on April 18, and a total of $15,000 will be awarded.

History of PASCOOP

In 2020, the first-ever PASCOOP took place and featured 50 events, each with a “high” and “low” buy-in for a total of 100 tournaments that awarded more than $3.2 million.

The 2020 PASCOOP $300 Main Event attracted 1,315 entries and saw “LiveMonster179” best “fan_buzgon” in heads-up play to win the tournament for $57,395. In the more affordable $50 buy-in “Low” Main Event, the final three players from a 2,073-entry field struck a deal that saw “Tobes37” come out on top for $11,645.24, while "hunterm708" finished as runner-up for $10,820.70 and "DouglasPaul24" got $8,834.04 for third place.

2021 PASCOOP Schedule

This year, a “medium” buy-in has been added to compliment the “low” and “high” tournaments. With 40 different events, there will be a total of 120 tournaments.

PokerNews will be offering a daily recap of PASCOOP action. Additionally, we will be providing live updates from the 10 bolded events below.

EventDateTime (ET)TournamentBuy-inGuarantee
1-HApr. 17 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (Nightly Stars SE)$100$30,000
1-MApr. 17 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE$30$15,000
1-LApr. 17 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE$10$6,000
2-HApr. 17 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Turbo, Zoom)$100$20,000
2-MApr. 17 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Turbo, Zoom)$30$10,000
2-LApr. 17 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Turbo, Zoom)$10$4,000
3-HApr. 18 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Marathon SE)$100$25,000
3-MApr. 18 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Marathon)$30$12,500
3-LApr. 18 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Marathon)$10$5,000
4-HApr. 18 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special SE)$100$75,000
4-MApr. 18 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Warm Up SE)$30$25,000
4-LApr. 18 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Storm SE)$10$10,000
5-HApr. 18 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (6-Max, Progressive KO)$50$7,500
5-MApr. 18 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (6-Max, Progressive KO)$15$3,500
5-LApr. 18 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (6-Max, Progressive KO)$5$1,500
6-HApr. 18 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, Second Chance)$50$10,000
6-MApr. 18 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, Second Chance)$15$5,000
6-LApr. 18 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, Second Chance)$5$2,000
7-HApr. 18 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Supersonic SE)$50$7,500
7-MApr. 18 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Supersonic)$15$3,500
7-LApr. 18 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Supersonic)$5$1,500
8-HAprl 19 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale SE)$100$25,000
8-MAprl 19 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale)$30$15,000
8-LAprl 19 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale)$10$5,000
9-HAprl 19 (M)9 p.m.NLHE (Escalating Antes)$50$15,000
9-MAprl 19 (M)9 p.m.NLHE (Escalating Antes)$15$7,000
9-LAprl 19 (M)9 p.m.NLHE (Escalating Antes)$5$2,500
10-HApr. 20 (T)8 p.m.NLHE (Super Tuesday SE)$200$35,000
10-MApr. 20 (T)8 p.m.NLHE (Mini Super Tuesday SE)$50$20,000
10-LApr. 20 (T)8 p.m.NLHE (The Big $20 SE)$20$7,500
11-HApr. 21 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, High Roller)$2,000$100,000
11-MApr. 21 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, High Roller)$500$50,000
11-LApr. 21 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max)$200$30,000
12-HApr. 21 (W)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, H Roller Second Chance)$200$20,000
12-MApr. 21 (W)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo)$50$10,000
12-LApr. 21 (W)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo)$20$4,000
13-HApr. 22 (Th)8 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE)$200$35,000
13-MApr. 22 (Th)8 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill SE)$50$20,000
13-LApr. 22 (Th)8 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Bounty Builder $20 SE)$20$7,500
14-HApr. 23 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (Rebuy)$50$20,000
14-MApr. 23 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (Rebuy)$15$10,000
14-LApr. 23 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (Rebuy)$5$4,000
15-HApr. 23 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (4-Max)$100$15,000
15-MApr. 23 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (4-Max)$30$7,500
15-LApr. 23 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (4-Max)$10$3,000
16-HApr. 24 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Bigstack)$200$25,000
16-MApr. 24 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Bigstack)$50$15,000
16-LApr. 24 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Bigstack)$20$7,500
17-HApr. 24 (Sa)8 p.m.5-Card PLO (6-Max)$100$10,000
17-MApr. 24 (Sa)8 p.m.5-Card PLO (6-Max)$30$5,000
17-LApr. 24 (Sa)8 p.m.5-Card PLO (6-Max)$10$2,000
18-HApr. 24 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom, Total KO)$50$15,000
18-MApr. 24 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom, Total KO)$15$7,500
18-LApr. 24 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom, Total KO)$5$2,500
19-HApr. 25 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Bigstack, Sunday Marathon SE)$100$25,000
19-MApr. 25 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Bigstack)$30$12,500
19-LApr. 25 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Bigstack)$10$5,000
20-HApr. 25 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special SE)$200$100,000
20-MApr. 25 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Warm Up SE)$50$35,000
20-LApr. 25 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Storm SE)$20$12,500
21-HApr. 25 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (8-Max)$100$12,500
21-MApr. 25 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (8-Max)$30$7,500
21-LApr. 25 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (8-Max)$10$2,500
22-HApr. 25 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, Second Chance)$100$20,000
22-MApr. 25 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, Second Chance)$30$10,000
22-LApr. 25 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, Second Chance)$10$3,000
23-HApr. 25 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Supersonic SE)$50$7,500
23-MApr. 25 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Supersonic)$15$3,500
23-LApr. 25 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Supersonic)$5$1,500
24-HApr. 26 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO)$200$25,000
24-MApr. 26 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale SE)$50$15,000
24-LApr. 26 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO)$20$5,000
25-HApr. 26 (M)9 p.m.PLO (6-Max, Progressive KO)$100$10,000
25-MApr. 26 (M)9 p.m.PLO (6-Max, Progressive KO)$30$5,000
25-LApr. 26 (M)9 p.m.PLO (6-Max, Progressive KO)$10$2,000
26-HApr. 27 (Tu)8 p.m.NLHE (Super Tuesday SE)$300$40,000
26-MApr. 27 (Tu)8 p.m.NLHE (Mini Super Tuesday SE)$75$25,000
26-LApr. 27 (Tu)8 p.m.NLHE$30$8,000
27-HApr. 28 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, High Roller)$1,000$75,000
27-MApr. 28 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max)$250$35,000
27-LApr. 28 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Wedenesday 6-Max SE)$100$20,000
28-HApr. 28 (W)9 p.m.8-Game$200$15,000
28-MApr. 28 (W)9 p.m.8-Game$50$7,500
28-LApr. 28 (W)9 p.m.8-Game$20$3,000
29-HApr. 29 (Th)8 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE)$300$40,000
29-MApr. 29 (Th)8 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill SE)$75$25,000
29-LApr. 29 (Th)8 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO)$30$8,000
30-HApr. 30 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, 25% PKO$200$25,000
30-MApr. 30 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, 25% PKO)$50$15,000
30-LApr. 30 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, 25% PKO)$20$6,500
31-HApr. 30 (F)8 p.m.HORSE (6-Max)$100$8,000
31-MApr. 30 (F)8 p.m.HORSE (6-Max)$30$4,000
31-LApr. 30 (F)8 p.m.HORSE (6-Max)$10$1,500
32-HMay 1 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Win the Button)$100$25,000
32-MMay 1 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Win the Button)$50$15,000
32-LMay 1 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Win the Button)$10$4,000
33-HMay 1 (Sa)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, High Roller)$500$50,000
33-MMay 1 (Sa)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO)$200$35,000
33-LMay 1 (Sa)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO)$50$20,000
34-HMay 1 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (4-Max, Turbo)$50$25,000
34-MMay 1 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (4-Max, Turbo)$15$5,000
34-LMay 1 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (4-Max, Turbo)$5$2,000
35-HMay 2 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Deepstack, Sunday Marathon SE)$100$25,000
35-MMay 2 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Deepstack)$30$12,500
35-LMay 2 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Deepstack)$10$5,000
36-HMay 2 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (PASCOOP Main Event)$300$200,000
36-MMay 2 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (PASCCOP Main Event - Mid)$75$40,000
36-LMay 2 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (PASCOOP Main Event - Mini)$30$20,000
37-HMay 2 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (6-Max)$200$15,000
37-MMay 2 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (6-Max)$50$7,500
37-LMay 2 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (6-Max)$20$2,500
38-HMay 2 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Bigstack, Sunday Supersonic SE)$100$10,000
38-MMay 2 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Bigstack)$30$6,000
38-LMay 2 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Bigstack)$10$2,000
39-HMay 3 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (Nightly Stars SE)$100$25,000
39-MMay 3 (M)8 p.m.NLHE$30$10,000
39-LMay 3 (M)8 p.m.NLHE$10$5,000
40-HMay 3 (M)9:35 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Mach 50)$50$7,500
40-MMay 3 (M)9:35 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Mach 15)$15$3,000
40-LMay 3 (M)9:35 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Mach 5)$5$1,500
  • The 2021 PASCOOP, which begins this weekend, offers +$2 million in prize pools across 120 events.

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