Hands of the Week: Negreanu Breaks Plexiglass, Saliba Misses the World

Daniel Negreanu

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Negreanu Breaks Plexiglass

This hand was actually captured by our friends over at Poker Central in the Venetian $25,000 High Roller. It was close to the money bubble in Level 11 (10,000/15,000/15,000), Daniel Negreanu raised the button holding pocket nines and called when Chris Brewer three-bet jammed with ace-four from the big blind. The board ran out ace-high and Negreanu was left with crumbs.

“It’s starting to get really stupid,” Negreanu would later tweet.

Not long after, Negreanu jammed his last 65,000 with pocket sixes and Brewer called with ace-seven. Again, the board ran out ace-high and Negreanu was eliminated in 10th place, though before he departed he jokingly asked, “How do I break these things?”

He was referring to the Plexiglass dividers and promptly jumped up on his chair while using the divider for support. However, the Plexiglass wasn’t as strong as it appeared as it promptly broke, leaving Negreanu holding a corner of it.

“I didn’t mean to do that but here, take this too,” he said while handing the broken piece to Brewer. The whole affair elicited a laugh from the room.

Morgan Flushed Out

John Morgan
John Morgan

In another hand from the Venetian, this one in the $1,100 MSPT Main Event (which is happening now here), it was Day 1b in Level 7 (300/600/600) when a player in early position opened to 1,500 and was called by John Morgan in the hijack and both players in the blinds.

Action checked to Morgan, who had finished fourth in a Venetian $10K High Roller the week before, on the J27 flop, and he bet 1,000. The player in the small blind then check-raised to 5,000 and action folded back to Morgan, who shoved in his remaining chips. The small blind called and hands were tabled.

Small blind: K7
Morgan: 22

Morgan would need to fade hearts or running cards to a full house, but the A came immediately on the turn and left him needing the board to pair. It wasn't meant to be, as the 9 completed the board, sending Morgan to the rail.

Saliba Misses the World

Vivian Saliba
Vivian Saliba

In 2021 888poker XL Spring Series Event #1: $50,000 Opening Event, it was in the money in Level 24 (3,500/7,000/875) when 888poker Ambassador Vivian "vivi.888." Saliba shoved her stack of just under 10 big blinds from the hijack, but got called by "U.E.N.O." in the big blind.

Saliba was suited and connected with 65 against sixes, and flopped a huge draw on 34J but then bricked the 8 turn and 9 river to send her stack to "U.E.N.O.". Saliba booked a min-cash of $135.

"JessiFilhoQ4" Gets There in Huge Cooler

Hands of the Week: Negreanu Breaks Plexiglass, Saliba Misses the World 101
"JessiFilhoQ4" Gets There in Huge Cooler

In the same 888poker tournament, it was Level 13 (500/1,000/125) when there was a four-way all-in with "ddaubar" holding aces, "Barathrum15" on ace-queen, "THEKIDM8" with Big Slick, and "JessiFilhoQ4" on jacks.

A jack hit the 38J flop, but "ddaubar" held ace of diamonds for the flush redraw.

The 6 turn and 10 river bricked though, and the flopped set for "JessiFilhoQ4" held for a huge pot. "Barathrum15" chose not to rebuy, but "ddaubar" jumped back in with another stack.

Urbanovich Doubles with Big Slick


On Day 2 of the 2021 GGPoker WSOP Super Circuit Online Series #18: $525 Main Event, $5M GTD [Day 2], the blinds were 8,000/16,000/2,000 when Dzmitry Urbanovich opened for 56,000 from the small blind. "notouji888" three-bet jammed for 1,329,932 and Urbanovich called off for 724,249.

Dzmitry Urbanovich: AK
notouji888: 94

Both players paired the 75A95 board. Urbanovich's pair was better to earn a huge double with the money bubble just two dozen players away.

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