Foxen Gets Off to Blistering Super MILLION$ Week Start

Alex Foxen

Super MILLION$ Week kicked off at GGPoker on December 5 with the first eight high-stakes tournaments of a bustling 38-event schedule with $15 million worth of guaranteed prize pools.

Alex Foxen got off to a blistering start, taking down the $5,250 High Roller, while GGPoker Ambassador Anatoly Filatov triumphed in a $2,100 Sunday Heater High Roller Turbo Bounty tournament.

Foxen Defeats Host of Stars to Bank $91,501

The $5,250 High Roller, Event #7 on the schedule, had a field that would not have looked out of place in a tournament costing ten times as much. The 71 entries ensured the $300,000 guarantee was surpassed by $55,000, and it was Foxen who got his hands on the lion’s share of the pot.

Joakim Andersson was the unfortunate soul who burst the money bubble. His exit paved the way to a score of at least $15,534 for the surviving eight players. Artur Martirosian locked in that sum before Wiktor Malinowski and Jason Koon busted in seventh and sixth place respectively.

Dario Sammartino
Dario Sammartino crashed out in fifth place.

Dario Sammartino fell in fifth with recent Super MILLION$ champion Thomas Muehloecker walking away with the $42,793 fourth place prize.

Brazilian sensation Yuri Dzivielevski saw his tournament end abruptly in third, a finish worth $55,130, which set up a one-on-one encounter between Foxen and flying Finn Samuel Vousden. Foxen got the job done and his hands on $91,501, leaving Vousden to lick his wounds with a $71,025 consolation prize in tow.

#7: High Roller $5250, $300K Gtd Final Table Results

1Alex FoxenCanada$91,501
2Samuel VousdenFinland$71,025
3Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil$55,130
4Thomas MuehloeckerAustria$42,793
5Dario SammartinoAustria$33,216
6Jason KoonCanada$25,783
7Wiktor MalinowskiMacau$20,013
8Artur MartirosianAustria$15,534

Filatov Takes Down $2,100 Bounty Turbo

Anatoly Filatov
Anatoly Filatov

Anatoly Filatov padded his bankroll with almost $70,000 by taking down the $2,100 Sunday Heater HR event. Filatov came out on top of a 138-strong crowd to walk away with $68,320 with bounties included.

Like Foxen’s victory, Filatov’s win came after battling with some of poker’s greats. Anton Wigg bowed out in eighth with Damian Salas crashing out in seventh.

Even with those two stars out of the way, Filatov had to lock horns with such luminaries as Konstantin Maslak and Christian Rudolph, the latter burning out in fourth for a $20,467 score.

Three-handed play saw Filatov fight it out with Israel’s Ravid Garb and Finnish grinder "Jarttu84." The former ran out of steam in third, a finish worth $24,772, leaving Filatov heads-up against the Finn.

Filatov secured the victory and reeled in the $68,320 score, leaving Jarttu84 to console themselves with a $25,011 payout.

#8: Sunday Heater HR $2,100, $250K Gtd (Bounty Turbo)

PlacePlayerCountryBountiesTotal Prize
1Anatoly FilatovUAE$48,218$68,320
3Ravid GarbiIsrael$8,593$24,772
4Christian RudolphAustria$7,437$20,467
5Konstantin MasklakRussia$2,000$12,494
7Damian SalasArgentina$3,437$10,245
8Anton WiggAustria$3,750$9,232
9jackthewinnerHong Kong$4,875$9,290

Other Super MILLION$ Week Results

*includes bounty payments

Addamo Flying High in the Super MILLION$ Main Event

Michael Addamo
Michael Addamo bagged up a big stack in the Super MILLION$ Main Event

Day 1A of the $10,300 buy-in Super MILLION$ Main Event saw 234 players take to the GGPoker virtual felt, but only 32 of them punched their Day 2 tickets at the first attempt.

Anatoly Filatov, winner of a Super MILLION$ Event earlier in the evening, bagged up a 1,751,766 stack, enough for third place right now. Only Igor d Ursel (2,308,122) and "propery81" (1,932,052) ended the first flight with more chips than the talented Russian.

Others who progressed from Day 1A included Michael Addamo (1,602,169), Daniel Dvoress (1,195,824), Sam Greenwood (826,102), and Mikita Badziakouski who bagged up a mere 107,267 chips on his sixth $10,300 bullet!

The $2,100 Super MILLIONS Omaholic Bounty event is another multi-day tournament. Its first flight saw 22 of the 162 starters make their way to Day 2.

David Coleman bagged up the biggest stack, 1,990,867, in addition to $6,000 worth of bounty payments. Patrick Leonard made it through second in chips with a 1,325,994 stack plus $5,375 from the bounty prize pool. It was an expensive evening for Ben Wilinofsky who fired six $2,100 bullets. He eventually won $1,000 in bounties and finished with 1,033,610 chips, placing him fifth right now.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Schedule

DateTime (GMT)EventBuy-inGuarantee
Mon 6 Dec4:30 p.m.#9: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
 6:00 p.m.#10: Monday Main Event $1,050, $200K GTD$1,050$200,000
 7:00 p.m.#11: Deepstack 6-Max $2,625, $200K GTD$2,625$200,000
 9:00 p.m.#12: Monday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Tue 7 Dec4:30 p.m.#13: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
 6:00 p.m.#14: Super Tuesday $1,050, $200K GTD$1,050$200,000
 6:00 p.m.#4 Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1B]$10,300$5,000,000
 7:00 p.m.#5 Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty $2,100, $1M GTD [Stage 1B]$2,100$1,000,000
 7:00 p.m.#15: Bounty King High Roller $3,150, $150K GTD$3,150$150,000
 9:00 p.m.#16: Tuesday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Wed 8 Dec4:30 p.m.#17: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $150K GTD$525$150,000
 6:00 p.m.#18: Wednesday Double Stack $1,050, $200K GTD$1,050$200,000
 7:00 p.m.#19: Omaholic Triple Chance $1,500, $100K GTD [3-Stack]$1,500$100,000
 9:00 p.m.#20: Wednesday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Thu 9 Dec4:30 p.m.#21: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
 6:00 p.m.#22: Thursday Thriller Bounty $1,050, $250K GTD$1,050$250,000
 6:00 p.m.#4 Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1C]$10,300$5,000,000
 7:00 p.m.#5 Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty $2,100, $1M GTD [Stage 1C]$2,100$1,000,000
 7:00 p.m.#23: Double Stack $2,625, $150K GTD$2,625$150,000
 9:00 p.m.#24: Thursday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Fri 10 Dec4:30 p.m.#25: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $125K GTD$525$125,000
 6:00 p.m.#26: Friday Night Fight $1,050, $150K GTD [Bounty 6-Max]$1,050$150,000
 7:00 p.m.#27: Short Deck Bounty High Roller $5,250, $100K GTD$5,250$100,000
 9:00 p.m.#28: Friday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Sat 11 Dec4:30 p.m.#29: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $150K GTD$525$150,000
 6:00 p.m.#30: Saturday Knockout $1,050, $150K GTD [Bounty]$1,050$150,000
 6:00 p.m.#4 Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1D]$10,300$5,000,000
 7:00 p.m.#5 Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty $2,100, $1M GTD [Stage 1D]$2,100$1,000,000
 7:00 p.m.#31: High Roller $5,250, $250K GTD$5,250$250,000
 9:00 p.m.#32: Saturday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Sun 12 Dec3:00 p.m.#4 Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1E]$10,300$5,000,000
 3:00 p.m.#5 Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty $2,100, $1M GTD [Stage 1E]$2,100$1,000,000
 4:30 p.m.#33: Bounty Hunters HR Main Event $525, $1M GTD$525$1,000,000
 5:00 p.m.#34: GGMasters High Rollers $1,050, $1M GTD$1,050$1,000,000
 5:30 p.m.#35: Omaholic Bounty HR $525, $100K GTD$525$100,000
 7:00 p.m.#36: Sunday High Rollers Main Event $1,050, $500K GTD$1,050$500,000
 8:00 p.m.#37: Super High Roller $25,500, $1M GTD$25,500$1,000,000
 8:00 p.m.#4 Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 2]$10,300$5,000,000
 8:00 p.m.#5 Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty $2,100, $1M GTD [Final Stage]$2,100$1,000,000
 9:00 p.m.#38: Sunday Heater HR $2,100, $250K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$250,000
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