Eoin Starr Surges Late to Lead of Final Nine of Huge PokerNews Cup

Eoin Starr

Day 2 of the Golden Nugget Grand Poker Series Event #55 2022 PokerNews Cup $1,100 has reached its end after about 11 hours of play. The day began with 156 hopefuls out of a field of 1,245 and ended with the final table of nine.

The chip leader of the final nine is Ireland's Eoin Starr with 8,850,000. He collected the majority of his stack on the hand of the night where Thomas Hayward jammed an overpair into his flopped trips which gave Starr a huge pot and send Hayward out the door after he had previously been chip leader not long before that.

Watch all the PokerNews Cup final table action right here!

Forrest Kollar finished with the second largest stack with 7,125,000 after he had a surge late in the night to become one of the forces in the tournament. Right behind him in third is David Von Schnehen with 7,025,000. Von Schnehen showed a lot of aggression with two tables left as he was often involved in interesting pots, many of them he won to swell his stack.

After the top three, there was a significant gap in chips as the fourth-place stack, Steven Sarmiento has nearly three-times fewer chips than third place. The rest of the pack finished clumped together as the bottom six stacks were all within 600,000 of each other, one of them being well-known Scott Stewart.

PokerNews Cup Final Table Seat Assignments

TableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
FT1Gary GelmanUnited States2,575,00021
FT2Steven SarmientoUnited States2,650,00021
FT3Forrest KollarUnited States7,125,00057
FT4Patrick CaulfieldUnited States2,400,00019
FT5Eoin StarrIreland8,850,00071
FT6Scott StewartUnited States2,375,00019
FT7David Von SchnehenUnited Kingdom7,025,00056
FT8Levi KlumpUnited States2,175,00017
FT9Daniel HinhAustralia2,000,00016

The day started with 156 players, with everyone in the money and with many short stacks kicking about, the eliminations came fast and furious. The field was trimmed by half by the first break after just two hours and things would not slow down from there.

Some of the notables eliminated early in the day included; Patrick Tardif (104th), Irene Carey (73rd) and Dmitri Nobles (42nd).

After a dinner break, the stakes would get higher and the pots would get bigger as the field reached the final four tables. Harry Lodge (31st), Christopher Ahrens (18th) and Joon Kim (12th) were among those to depart before Hayward’s dramatic bust out and Marius Kudzmanas was the last to go in tenth before the final table was reached.

The final nine players will play the final table starting at 2 p.m. Tuesday, June 28. It will be streamed on the PokerNews YouTube channel in addition to Twitch.

Each of the returning players are guaranteed $20,275 for their efforts but the champion takes home a bankroll-boosting $202,725 thanks to the massive $1,207,650 prize pool the 1,245 entrants created.

PokerNews will provide updates based on the stream. So stay tuned for the conclusion of this event.

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