Gear Up for the PokerStars 50/50 Main Event and its $500K Guarantee

PokerStars 50/50 Series

The latest instalment of the 50/50 Series is in full swing at PokerStars, but you still have plenty of time to get in on the action and fight it out across some excellent $50 buy-in events. The PokerStars 50/50 Series sees a schedule of 50 events, each costing $50 to enter, running from February 5-13.

Most of the 50/50 Series tournaments are played as No-Limit Hold'em, but there are a couple of Pot-Limit Omaha, PLO8, and 8-Game events mixed in. Indeed, there is even a PLO Main Event that boasts a $50,000 guarantee on its prize pool, although the actual pot will likely be greater than that.

Each day there is an 8-Max PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR with at least $150,000 guaranteed to be won, and a 6-Max Daily Supersonic rounding off the action; those hyper-turbo Supersonics come with $35,000 guaranteed.

Of course, the 50/50 Series tournament every PokerStars player wants to take down is the 46th event on the schedule, the Main Event. Played as an 8-Max PKO tournament, the 50/50 Series Main Event shuffles up and deals at 5:30 p.m. GMT on February 12 and has 3 hours 15 minutes of late registration. PokerStars guarantees at least $500,000 will be in the pot by the time late registration slams shut, meaning 11,001 entries are needed to hit the guarantee.

Up to five re-entries are permitted, and Day 1 concludes 8 hours and 50 minutes after the pitching of the first cards. Day 2 commences at 6:00 p.m. GMT on February 13 and continues until one player has all of the chips in play in their stack.

PokerStars 50/50 Series Schedule

DateTime (GMT)EventGuarantee
Mon 6 Feb3:05 p.m.#08 6-Max Deepstack$50,000
 4:30 p.m.#09 7-Max PKO$50,000
 5:30 p.m.#10 8-Max PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR$175,000
 8:05 p.m.#11 6-Max Turbo PKO$75,000
 9:30 p.m.#12 6-Max PLO Turbo PKO$15,000
 11:05 p.m.#13 6-Max Hyper Daily Supersonic$35,000
Tue 7 Feb3:05 p.m.#14 The Marathon$35,000
 4:30 p.m.#15 7-Max PKO$50,000
 5:30 p.m.#16 8-Max PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR$150,000
 8:05 p.m.#17 6-Max Turbo PKO$75,000
 9:30 p.m.#18 3-Max Turbo PKO Zoom$33,300
 11:05 p.m.#19 6-Max Hyper Daily Supersonic$35,000
Wed 8 Feb3:05 p.m.#20 The Marathon$35,000
 4:30 p.m.#21 8-Max Midweek Freeze$40,000
 5:30 p.m.#22 8-Max PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR$175,000
 8:05 p.m.#23 8-Game 6-Max$10,000
 9:30 p.m.#24 Heads-up Total PKO Zoom$50,000
 11:05 p.m.#25 6-Max Hyper Daily Supersonic$35,000
Thu 9 Feb3:05 p.m.#26 The Marathon$35,000
 5:30 p.m.#27 8-Max PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR$175,000
 8:05 p.m.#28 PLO8 6-Max PKO$15,000
 9:30 p.m.#29 6-Max Turbo PKO$30,000
 11:05 p.m.#30 6-Max Hyper Daily Supersonic$35,000
Fri 10 Feb3:30 a.m.#31 8-Max PKO$25,000
 4:30 p.m.#32 6-Max Turbo Total PKO$35,000
 5:30 p.m.#33 8-Max PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR$150,000
 8:00 p.m.#34 The Rounder$20,000
 9:30 p.m.#35 6-Max Turbo PKO$10,000
 11:05 p.m.#36 6-Max Hyper Daily Supersonic$35,000
Sat 11 Feb6:05 a.m.#37 8-Max PKO Pacific Rum Special$15,000
 4:30 p.m.#38 8-Max Deepstack$50,000
 5:30 p.m.#39 Heads-Up Total PKO Zoom$50,000
 5:30 p.m.#40 8-Max PKO Mini Bounty Builder HR$150,000
 8:40 p.m.#41 7-Max Turbo PKO$40,000
 9:30 p.m.#42 4-Max PKO Bounty Quads$35,000
 11:05 p.m.#43 6-Max Hyper Daily Supersonic$35,000
Sun 12 Feb3:05 p.m.#44 8-Max Sunday Marathon$100,000
 4:30 p.m.#45 8-Max Semi-Turbo$125,000
 5:30 p.m.#46 8-Max PKO Main Event 2-Days$500,000
 7:15 p.m.#47 6-Max PKO PLO Main Event$50,000
 8:05 p.m.#48 6-Max Turbo$100,000
 9:30 p.m.#49 Heads-Up Total PKO Zoom$50,000
 10:30 p.m.#50 7-Max PKO Series Saver$100,000

*variant is No-Limit Hold'em unless specified

PokerStars 50/50 Series Results So Far

Peter Traply
Peter Traply

A handful of 50/50 Series events are already done and dusted, with Hungarian legend Peter "Belabacsi" Traply taking down the Series Opener. Traply topped a 2,247-strong field to turn his $50 investment into a $15,202 payday.

"Jakub_Odvar" is the biggest winner of the series so far after receiving $34,810 for his victory in the #03 8-Max PKO Mini Bounty Builder event on the opening night.

EventEntrantsPrize PoolChampionPrize
#01 Series Opener2,247$102,126Peter "Belabacsi" Traply$15,202
#02 Heads-Up Total KO Zoom1,202$54,630TinyCities$7,510
#03 8-Max PKO Mini Bounty Builder9,037$410,731Jakub_Odvar$34,810*
#04 PLO 6-Max698$31,724cAzimiR69$5,395
#05 8-Max Semi-Turbo3,232$146,894yolokipo23$21,153
#06 6-Max Turbo PKO2,462$111,897GioPN$12,813*
#07 8-Max Hyper Sunday Finisher1,466$69,810LIKE A G6$10,698

*includes bounty payments

  • The PokerStars 50/50 Series runs from February 5-13, featuring 50x $50 buy-in events.

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