Jattin, Mermelstein, Sepiol & Carroll Claim 2023 SHRPO “Big Four” Titles

2023 SHRPO

The 2023 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (SHRPO) kicked off back on July 26 and culminated on Tuesday with the conclusion of a quartet of poker tournaments dubbed “The Big Four.”

In between, there were some notable winners including Justin Liberto, who we previously covered here, as well as Shaun Deeb, who we recapped here. Other winners included Lawrence Berg (Event #21: $1,100 HORSE for $21,110), Nick Palma (Event #22: $600 Deep Stack Six-Max NLH for $16,446), and Stanley Lee (Event #31: $1,100 Purple Chip Bounty Turbo NLH for $17,740).

It was also a good series for Anthony Zinno, who laid claim to two titles. First, he topped a field of 119 runners to win Event #27: $1,100 8-Handed PLO for $25,714, and a couple of days later bested a 92-entry field to win Event #38: $1,100 Deep Stack Mixed PLO for $18,274.

Here’s a look at the results for “The Big Four.”

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Championship Ends in 4-Way Deal; Farid Jattin the Champ

Farid Jattin
Farid Jattin

The premier tournament of the series was the $5,300 buy-in, $3 million GTD SHRPO Championship, which drew 1,070 entries and blew past its guarantee by offering up a $5,189,500 prize pool.

The final table was a stacked affair with plenty of poker superstars, and four of them wound up striking a deal that ultimately saw Farid Jattin, who was the chip lead, claim the title and $655,000 in prize money.

“I think the moment I stopped defining my life by poker results, the results started coming by nature,” Jattin told SHRPO reporters. “I’m playing for my family now — for my wife, for my brother, for my parents. I’m very thankful for poker, but eventually, you’ve got to disconnect.”

He added: “This is an amazing venue. I think besides Vegas, it’s the capital of poker nowadays in the States. It’s very professional, with a very good atmosphere. And they blow the guarantees out of the water.”

2023 SHRPO Championship Final Table Results

1Farid Jattin$655,000*
2Shannon Shorr$545,000*
3Omer Rotman$490,762*
4Kitty Kuo$480,763*
5Jim Collopy$223,925
6Koray Aldemir$180,130
7Nadya Magnus$148,885
8Mike Leah$118,115
9Philipe Pizzari Pinto$87,960

*Denotes four-way deal.

Others to cash the tournament were Ryan Riess (10th - $87,960), Asher Conniff (15th - $53,710), Natasha Mercier (16th - $43,800), Darren Elias (17th - $43,800), Justin Liberto (20th - $36,120), and Sheddy Siddiqui (24th - $29,840).

Mermelstein Nabs High Roller Title

Aaron Mermelstein
Aaron Mermelstein

The two-day Event #47: $25,500 Big 4 High Roller had 86 entrants, which squeaked by the $2 million guarantee by generating a $2,124,200 prize pool that was paid out to the top dozen finishers. Ultimately, World Poker Tour (WPT) champ Aaron Mermelstein finished as the last player standing to claim the title and $614,645 first-place prize.

“It feels great, it's always good to beat the $25k, and it’s special because I’ve won it before and it’s all the best players out here. It feels amazing, so I’m glad I could close it out,” said Mermelstein, who won the tournament back in 2019.

“I love the venue, I mean the Hard Rock is one of the best places to play. It’s a clean environment, the hotel is amazing, the tournaments are really good, and I run good here so that adds to it.”

$25,500 High Roller Final Table Results

1Aaron Mermelstein$614,645
2Marcos Exterkotter$441,085
3Brandon Wittmeyer$276,150
4Isaac Kempton$189,055
5Daniel Rezaei$125,330
6Mike Chiappetta$93,465
7David Coleman$76,470
8Viktor Ustimov$65,850
9Frank Funaro$63,725

Others to cash the tournament but fall just short of the final table were Joey Weissman (10th - $61,600), Justin Saliba (11th - $59,475), and Alex Foxen (12th - $57,350).

Sepiol Holds Off Kornuth to Win $2,700 Big 4 NLH

Dan Sepiol
Dan Sepiol

Event #43: $2,700 Big 4 No-Limit Hold’em had 411 entrants compete for a portion of a $1,006,950 prize pool. The final table played host to some big names in the poker world, including the red-hot Bin Weng, but in the end, it was grinder Dan Sepiol emerging victorious to claim the title and $204,735 top prize.

Sepiol began heads-up play down 4:1 in chips against well-known poker pro Chance Kornuth, and while it took a while – it was the last tournament of the day to finish – Sepiol completed the comeback.

“It feels great, the final table was full of really good players, and I ran really, really hot,” said Sepiol, a MSPT champ who lives in Las Vegas. “I just played my game and my strategy, and tried to not get too ahead of myself so I could make every decision when it came up.”

He added: “I’m used to playing cards and going on swings, and you just can’t let it affect your emotions. I won three or four all-ins against Chance so that obviously helped.”

$2,700 Big 4 NLH Final Table Results

1Dan Sepiol$204,735
2Chance Kornuth$142,335
3Michael Wang$92,790
4Nitis Udornpim$62,000
5Leoard August$47,680
6Bin Weng$39,525
7Michael Rocco$33,180
8Hamed Zia$26,885
9Brian Altoman$20,600

James Carroll Wins Event #46: $1,100 Deep Stack NLH

James Carroll
James Carroll

The two-day Event #46: $1,100 Big 4 Deep Stack NLH had 515 runners, which offered up a $515,000 prize pool. Coming out on top of that tournament, thanks in no small part to an uncanny run of cards, was WPT champ James Carroll.

“It was one of the strangest days of poker I’ve ever had. I think in the four hours of play I had pocket aces or pocket kings 16 times, no exaggeration,” Carroll told SHRPO reporters. “I got dealt a lot of big hands today so it would have been tough for me to not win.”

He added: “It’s just nice, because the series as a whole was bad for me. I almost played the $25k instead, but I decided to try this one at the last second, and then just sort of ran up a stack. Yeah, for sure, I wasn’t at peak confidence and decided to play smaller and it worked out.”

$1,100 Deep Stack NLH Final Table Results

1James Carroll$100,000
2Rajasekar Govindan$68,100
3David Laufer$44,815
4Scott Dehm$31,445
5Darren Rabinowitz$24,150
6Kevin Payton$20,100
7Liam Hagens$16,700
8Richard Ganesh$13,340
9David “ODB” Baker$10,000
Seminole Hard Rock Cards and Chips

List of 2023 SHRPO Winners

All told, the 54-tournament series catered to a combined 17,645 entrants and awarded $18,028,605 in prize money. Here’s how things broke down.

DateTournamentEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
July 26-31Event #1: $400 Deep Stack NLH6,253$2,063,490Johnny Bromberg$219,090
7/26/23Event #2: $400 Seniors 50+214$71,690Dan Van Dyke$12,192
7/26/23Event #3: $600 Deep Stack Big O145$76,125David Shmuel$18,903
7/26/23Event #4: $200 Quad Stack Double Green Chip Bounty243$26,730Eric Ward$3,625
7/27/23Event #5: $600 Limit Omaha 889$46,725David Thurston$14,600
7/27/23Event #6: $600 Deep Stack Six-Max PLO173$90,825Sam Sternfield$23,260
7/27/27Event #7: $200 Big Stack NLH340$54,400Zachary Harrell$11,300
7/28/23Event #8: $600 Eight-Game Mix100$52,500Nick Zivolich$8,020
7/28/23Event #9: $600 Double Black Chip Bounty Turbo NLH85$28,050Carlos Bermudez$9,030
7/28/23Event #10: $600 Black Chip Bounty 5-Card PLO158$67,150Donald Maloney$15,653
7/29/23Event #11: $600 Mixed PLO139$72,975Chris Tsiolis$20,425
7/30/23Event #12: $400 Deep Stack NLH460$154,100Ethan Bennett$18,001
July 30-31Event #13: $1,100 Deep Stack NLH186$180,420Jason Min$38,100
July 31-August 1Event #14: $600 Deep Stack PLO429$223,060Peter Ng$44,270
7/30/23Event #15: $300 Quad Stack Black Chip Bounty NLH312$48,460Antuan Bunkley$8,239
7/30/23Event #16: $400 Deep Stack Turbo NLH81$27,540Kevin Naim$8,785
July 31-August 1Event #17: $1,100 Deep Stack Seniors 50+117$113,490Steven Bennett$33,010
July 31-August 2Event #18: $200 Big Stack NLH1,756$280,960Jose Ordonez$33,354
7/31/23Event #19: $400 Black Chip Bounty NLH180$42,300John Binns$9,810
7/31/23Event #20: $600 Deep Stack Turbo PLO40$21,200Christopher Hice$8,690
8/1/23Event #21: $1,100 HORSE61$59,170Lawrence Berg$21,110
8/1/23Event #22: $600 Deep Stack Six-Max NLH169$88,725Nick Palma$16,446
8/1/23Event #23: $10,000 Deep Stack NLH84$798,000Justin Liberto$257,000
8/1/23Event #24: $600 Double Black Chip Bounty PLO75$24,375Rafael Lima$6,825
8/1/23Event #25: $300 Quad Stack Black Chip Bounty NLH171$26,505Esteban Garcia$6,540
8/1/23Event #26: $1,100 Deep Stack Turbo NLH67$67,000Min Zhang$23,450
8/2/23Event #27: $1,100 8-Handed PLO119$115,430Anthony Zinno$25,714
August 2-3Event #28: $1,100 Deep Stack NLH251$243,470Mike Graffeo$55,285
8/2/23Event #29: $25,500 High Roller PLO22$543,400Shaun Deeb$239,100
8/2/23Event #30: $200 Quad Stack Double Green Chip Bounty NLH350$38,500Diana Prkacin$5,076
8/2/23Event #31: $1,100 Purple Chip Bounty Turbo NLH124$62,000Stanley Lee$17,740
August 3-4Event #32: $2,700 Eight-Game Mix65$159,250Sam Sternfield$55,745
August 3-4Event #33: $2,200 Deep Stack NLH227$454,000Mike Vanier$105,570
8/3/23Event #34: $50,000 Super High Roller17$824,500Brandon Wilson$362,780
8/3/23Event #35: $600 Black Chip Bounty NLH194$82,450Tanupat Punjarojanakul$13,774
8/3/23Event #36: $1,100 Deep Stack Turbo NLH64$64,000Gil Ben-Simhon$23,025
August 4-8Event #37: $5,300 SHRPO Championship1,070$5,189,500Farid Jattin$655,000
8/4/23Event #38: $1,100 Deep Stack Mixed PLO92$89,240Anthony Zinno$19,274
8/4/23Event #39: $300 Black Chip Bounty Turbo NLH165$38,875Chase Carlin$6,695
August 5-6Event #40: $1,100 Limit Omaha 838$36,860Eugene Kotlyarevskiy$15,110
8/5/23Event #41: $300 Quad Stack NLH204$52,020Alejandro Arana Torres$12,595
8/6/23Event #42: $400 Deep Stack HEROS65$21,775Matthew Kaplan$7,625
August 6-8Event #43: $2,700 Big 4 Deep Stack NLH411$1,006,950Dan Sepiol$204,735
August 6-8Event #44: $200 Deep Stack NLH614$98,240Nir Peleg$11,107
8/6/23Event #45: $600 Deep Stack Turbo NLH45$23,850Samuel Ganzfried$9,300
August 7-8Event #46: $1,100 Big 4 Deep Stack NLH515$515,000James Carroll$100,000
August 7-8Event #47: $25,500 Big 4 High Roller86$2,124,200Aaron Mermelstein$614,645
8/7/23Event #48: $1,100 Deep Stack Five-Card PLO118$114,460Kevin Schaffel$29,308
August 7-8Event #49: $600 Deep Stack Turbo PLO49$25,970Jonathan Borenstein$9,605
8/8/23Event #50: $500 Deep Stack NLH107$35,845Frank Dimeglio$8,425
8/8/23Event #51: $10,000 Deep Stack NLH113$1,084,800Viktor Ustimov$221,332
8/8/23Event #52: $400 Triple Stud35$11,725David Brookshire$4,805
8/8/23Event #53: $1,100 Deep Stack Six-Max PLO136$131,920Greg Levine$36,370
8/8/23Event #54: $300 Quad Stack Black Chip Bounty NLH222$34,410Adam Rothschild$7,780

The next big series at the Seminole Hard Rock in South Florida – the Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open – is slated to take place November 15-28.

  • The 2023 @SHRPO catered to a combined 17,645 entrants and awarded $18,028,605 in prize money.

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