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Colombian Pro Farid Jattin Leads the WPT Borgata Poker Open Final Six

Colombian pro Farid Jattin will take a big lead into a final six at the WPT Borgata Poker Open on Friday that also features 2012 WSOP Main Event runner-up Jesse Sylvia.

Farid Jattin Eliminated in 12th Place (€68,720)

Farid Jattin pushed his last 550,000 in from the cutoff and small blind Pratyush Buddiga shoved over the top. The big blind folded. Farid Jattin: Pratyush Buddiga: The board ran out and Jattin made his exit in 12th place.

Jattin Shoves and Steals Blinds

Over on table four, there are four shorter stacks and Farid Jattin just gave them all but two options. To call all in or to fold. Jattin open-shoved from early position and Shan Huang, Ben Heth and Romain Lewis folded.

Fernandez Loses Flip to Jattin

Leo Fernandez shoved from early position for around 10 big blinds with the and Farid Jattin called in the big blind with .

Breaking: Fedor Holz Busts

Fedor Holz was missing from the table and we asked Tobias Reinkemeier what had happened to his former table mate. He told us Farid Jattin was the one responsible.

Nitsche Busts to Jattin

Dominik Nitsche opened and then four-bet all in from the hijack against the three-bet of Farid Jattin, the latter quickly called. Nitsche: Jattin: The board ran out and the kicker played to eliminate Nitsche.

Kitai Busts Two Players

Enrico Coppola opened to 2,300 and was called by Anton Wigg. The two players were three-bet by Davidi Kitai in late position and Coppola called.

McDonald and MacPhee Shove

After a raise to 2,300 by Farid Jattin and a call, Mike McDonald moved all in for around 17,000 chips and both his opponents folded.

Kornuth and Behbehani Back

Farid Jattin and Georgios Sotiropoulos are among the late registrants whereas Salman Behbehani and Chance Kornuth took the second bullet to increase the field size.

MacPhee Busts Jattin

Farid Jattin has been eliminated by Kevin MacPhee after flopping a straight and flush draw with on the check-raised flop of .

Palma in, Jattin Not Out

Two Americans are making the headlines for this post. Whereas Nicholas Palma just entered the competition, fellow American Farid Jattin was the third player to be eliminated.

Jattin Out in 24th

Farid Jattin was all in from under the gun with the for about 240,000. Vladimir Troyanovskiy had reshoved for a little bit more from the small blind with the , and everyone else had folded.

Racener Fades Jattin's Outs with a Chop

John Racener was all in for 134,000 with the and dominating the for Farid Jattin who had him covered.

Four Way Pot, Winzeler Considers a Shove

Fabian Chauriye Rabah opened the action with a raise under the gun to 24,000. Three players called and the action folded to Hans Winzeler.

Jattin Folds to River to Crawford

Farid Jattin just raised under the gun to 13,000 and Brandon Crawford called in position after which Asher Conniff called from the big blind. The flop brought out and Jattin bet 20,000 after Conniff had checked.

Buchanan Calls Off Majority of Stack

We found Shawn Buchanan facing a bet of 10,500 from big blind Farid Jattin on a board of . The wager represented about half of his stack, and he thought a couple of minutes and called. Jattin tapped the table, and Buchanan flipped .

Zinno Hits the Rail

Anthony Zinno was eliminated shortly before the break when he got all in with pocket aces. Farid Jattin had a set of sevens on the flop and Zinno couldn't catch up.

Jattin Jets Away

Simon Appleby and Farid Jattin are the latest two casualties. Jattin raised and was called from one seat over by Brian Yoon.

Jattin Avoids Elimination

Farid Jattin started with a decent stack but that vanished rather quickly. Just now he was all in for his last 49,000 chips with the and table neighbor Pascal Hartmann looked him up with the .

Booby Trap

2013 WSOP Europe Main Event and 2015 EPT Grand Final champ Adrian Mateos was joined by Farid Jattin in checking an flop three-handed with about 9,000 in the middle.