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Farid Jattin Eliminated in 14th Place (€22,340) and Alexander Ivarsson Eliminated in 13th Place (€24,440)

Alexander Ivarsson opened to 27,000 from UTG+1 before Farid Jattin jammed his stack of 79,000 from the very next seat.

Larquemin's Aces Don't Get Action

Christophe Larquemin went all-in from under the gun for 138,000, but couldn't find a caller. As soon as the blinds had folded, he triumphantly slammed the onto the felt and collected the pot.

Jattin Finds Aces

Alexander Ivarsson open-shoved the small blind and Farid Jattin glanced at both hole cards and immediately called. Farid Jattin: Alexander Ivarsson: The board came and Jattin doubled for 130,000.

Jorgensen First Chip Millionaire

Farid Jattin raised to 19,000 and Theo Jorgensen called on the button. After the flop, Jattin checked and Jorgensen bet 25,000, Jattin called. The appeared on the turn and Jattin checked for a second time.

Franczak Shoves

Mikalai Vaskaboinikau shoved the turn of a board to force folds and Piotr Franczak just did so as well over on table two. Farid Jattin raised from under the gun and Franczak called in the big blind, then bet the flop for 25,000.

Grochulski Sends Stack to Jattin

Gzregorz Grochulski raised from under the gun and Farid Jattin called in the small blind. On the flop, Jattin check-called a continuation bet and checked again the turn. Grochulski shoved for around 60,000 and Jattin snap-called.

Finger Busts to Jattin

Farid Jattin raised to 11,000 from the hijack and Martin Finger moved all in from the button. It folded back to Jattin and he asked for a count. Finger was all in for 101,500 and Jattin called after another 30 seconds of consideration.

Carrel Doubles Through Finger

Charlie Carrel raised to 10,000 from the hijack and Farid Jattin called on the button. "How much do you play? 90k?" Martin Finger asked in the big blind and called. On the flop of , Finger checked and Carrel bet 15,000.

Jattin Lets it Go Against Stephensen

Felix Stephensen opened up the action preflop with a raise to 7,000 from under the gun, before Jattin in the very next seat reraised to 15,000.

Hall Doubles; Then Doubles Up Schemion Next Hand

Preflop Caitlin Hall got it all in holding against the of Farid Jattin, but when the board ran out the only woman in this €10,300 High Roller field secured the double up.

"Welcome to the Jungle"

Farid Jattin defended his big blind against the under-the-gun raise of Caitlin Hall and a pot of around 55,000 emerged until the river. Jattin led for 27,700 and Hall glanced over at her opponent, then eventually called.

Jattin Cracks Hall's Aces

The cards of Caitlin Hall were already in the muck while the board showed . Farid Jattin had tabled and his stack was counted, the Colombian doubled through Hall for 75,900.

Finger Backdoors Flush to Double Up

A player opened the action early before Farid Jattin three-bet from the button to 15,000. Martin Finger in the big blind shipped his 55.700 over the top, and after a short deliberation Jattin committed the chips.

Excellent Start for Felix Stephensen

Martin Finger's stack is more than halved while Felix Stephensen moved into the top spot at the respective table.

Jattin Busts Vaeza

Ilkin Amirov raised to 2,200 and Adolfo Vaeza called from a few seats over. The action then reached Farid Jattin on the button and he made it 7,000 to go. Both Amirov and Vaeza called and the flop came .

Finger Busts Jattin

From the cutoff, Martin Finger raised to 17,000 and his neighbor Farid Jattin shoved for about 120,000 or so. Both blinds folded and Finger called and has his cards face up even before Jattin had the chance to reveal his.

Colombian Pro Farid Jattin Leads the WPT Borgata Poker Open Final Six

Colombian pro Farid Jattin will take a big lead into a final six at the WPT Borgata Poker Open on Friday that also features 2012 WSOP Main Event runner-up Jesse Sylvia.

Farid Jattin Eliminated in 12th Place (€68,720)

Farid Jattin pushed his last 550,000 in from the cutoff and small blind Pratyush Buddiga shoved over the top. The big blind folded. Farid Jattin: Pratyush Buddiga: The board ran out and Jattin made his exit in 12th place.

Jattin Shoves and Steals Blinds

Over on table four, there are four shorter stacks and Farid Jattin just gave them all but two options. To call all in or to fold. Jattin open-shoved from early position and Shan Huang, Ben Heth and Romain Lewis folded.

Fernandez Loses Flip to Jattin

Leo Fernandez shoved from early position for around 10 big blinds with the and Farid Jattin called in the big blind with .