Discover Sit & Go Tournaments on Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker Sit & Go Tournaments are quick and easy with buy-ins up to €200!

Sometimes, you just don't have enough to enter some "normal" poker tournaments. Certain tournaments take four or five hours to even make the money. That's why some players have started playing Sit & Go tournaments which are quick, fun and can be over much quicker.

Unibet Poker run five-handed and heads-up Sit & Gos that you can easily enter from a separate section in their client. Players start with 2,000 chips and have three-minute blinds.

The top two spots are paid in five-handed tournaments (details below) with just the winner walking away with the cash in heads-up tournaments.

Benefits of Sit & Go Tournaments

There are many benefits to playing sit & go tournaments, and Unibet Poker has listed some of them here.

They include the following:

  • Available every hour daily
  • Very little waiting time
  • You don’t have to commit a lot of time unlike other poker tournaments
  • Bigger chances of winning due to prize structure
  • Fixed buy-ins start from a small amount of money making them affordable and help players with a limited bankroll

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Sit & Go Tournament Strategy

Unibet Poker also has a really helpful section giving you some beginner strategy when approaching Sit & Go tournaments. Be sure to check it out before heading to the Unibet Poker client to put the strategy into practice!

The Early Stage

The blinds are fairly low, but playing tight will help you accumulate chips by contesting pots. However, try not to slow play and don't go chasing drawing hands. Your main aim should be to stay in contention rather than go for the win straight away.

Thererfore, don’t risk survival for some more chips and don't go all-in unless you're sitting on a relatively strong hand.

The Middle Stage

With only a few players left, this is the time where you need to start being more aggressive and making a couple of bluffs. Keep an eye out for the players who start to play tight and are hoping to inch into the money.

When it comes to such players, attack when you can since they are more likely to fold and retreat when they strike back.

The Late Stage

Now that you're one place off the money or even in the money, try and ramp up the aggression. Stealing blinds will form part of this, but also pick hands that will still have a shot at winning at showdown or flopping something good.

Be selective in order for your opponent to respect your raises and fold. Then go for the win!

Five-Handed Sit & Go Payout Table

Buy-inFirst PrizeSecond Prize
€ 1€ 3.17€ 1.58
€ 2€ 6.33€ 3.17
€ 4€ 12.67€ 6.33
€ 10€ 31.67€ 15.83
€ 25€ 79.17€ 39.58
€ 50€ 161.67€ 80.83
€ 100€ 323.33€ 161.67

Heads-Up Sit & Go Payout Table


Join Unibet Poker and Claim Your €200 Bonus

Join Unibet Poker via PokerNews and get your hands on €20 worth of poker tickets and a welcome bonus of €200.

Download Unibet Poker and create your free poker account. Make a deposit of at least €10 and you’ll receive one cash game ticket worth €8 and three tickets for Unibet Open satellites worth €4 each. Furthermore, you’ll also get your hands on a €200 playthrough bonus.

The money from this bonus is released into your available balance as you hit specific rake milestones. Check out the table below for all the juicy details:

LevelRakeCash rewardReward %
  • Unibet Poker Sit & Go Tournaments are quick and easy with buy-ins up to €200!

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