Bank Up To €500 Every Day During the bet365 Summer Games

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The 2020 Olympic Games may have been postponed until 2021 but the poker equivalent is still taking place online at bet365 Poker.

The bet365 Summer Games runs until midnight BST on August 30 and gives PokerNews readers the opportunity to win some superb prizes, including up to €500 in cash, every day of the promotion.

Getting involved in the Summer Games is as simple as can be. Log into your bet365 Poker account and head to the “Missions” section of your account. You find three different Summer Games Missions each day. These are labelled Bronze, Silver, and Gold and increase in difficulty.

Completing these poker missions automatically rewards you with a free spin on the corresponding Summer Games prize wheel. The better prizes are reserved for the higher-level wheels.

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Bronze Prizes

€50 cash0.036%
€10 Twister ticket0.724%
€50 cash1.449%
€5 Twister ticket1.449%
20 free spins2.173%
10 free spins3.622%
5 free spins18.109%
50 bet365 Coins18.109%
10 bet365 Coins54.328%

Silver Prizes

€250 cash0.084%
€20 Twister ticket0.335%
€10 Twister ticket1.674%
20 free spins5.021%
€5 Twister ticket5.858%
10 free spins20.084%
100 bet365 Coins33.473%
50 bet365 Coins33.473%

Gold Prizes

€500 cash0.052%
€100 cash0.156%
€20 Twister ticket1.040%
€10 Twister ticket4.158%
€5 Twister ticket7.796%
20 free spins7.796%
10 free spins31.185%
100 bet365 Coins37.422%
50 bet365 Coins10.395%

It is possible to complete all three, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, missions each day, giving you up to three Summer Games Prize Wheel spins. You’re going to need a bet365 account to do this, of course.

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Claim Your bet365 Poker Welcome Package

Those without an account can download bet365 Poker via PokerNews. Install the software, enter a handful of details to create your free bet365 Poker account and choose your poker nickname, remembering this cannot be changed.

You’ll then receive a €365 redeemable bonus, a free €1 Twister ticket, a spin on the Welcome Prize Wheel, and five entries to a €100 Bronze Loyalty tournament!

The bonus releases into your bet365 Poker available balance as you play real money poker and earn Status Points. These Status Point are earned at a rate of 10 for every €1 you contribute to the cash game rake or pay in tournament fees.

The first two €2.50 of the bonus are released when 25 and then 50 Status Points have been earned. The following 24 instalments are paid for each 100 Status Points accumulated. The remaining instalments are redeemed for every 250 Status Points earned.

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