GGPoker Giving Away $5 Million in October! How Much Will You Win?

GGPoker $5 Million October Giveaway

GGPoker is giving away a whopping $5 million dollars this month to its players in most of the world in the October Giveaway.

Picture $5 million in your head. It's a pretty sight - isn't it?

At least some of this can be yours next month! This is true whether you enjoy tournaments, cash games, or lottery-style sit-and-go's referred to as Spin & Gold.

Read on to learn the eight paths to free cash in October at GGPoker:

*$4.3 million giveaway in the United Kingdom

Grab Your Free Share of $5 Million at GGPoker

1) Honeymoon for Newcomers

The first path is only available to new players. If you already have an account at GGPoker, you can skip over this section as the rest of the October Giveaway should have something for you.

Now is the perfect time for you to get your hands on a GGPoker account.

Simply download GGPoker via PokerNews and not only will you get an amazing 200 percent first deposit bonus up to $600 but also be eligible for the Honeymoon for Newcomers promotion where you can get your hands on $300 in tickets and cash simply by completing daily missions.

Just follow the steps below and the Newcomers bonus will be yours.

You will have seven days to opt into this promotion from the time you open your account.

Read More: Get Your GGPoker Off to a Flying Start With the Honeymoon Promotion.

2) Daily Free Spin

The next path to free loot will prove even easier as long as you have with the Daily Free Spin.

All you need to do is log into your GGPoker account and claim your free ticket under the 'My Promo' section and a free Spin & Gold ticket valued at $0.25 will be yours.

You have 24 hours to use your ticket before you lose it but you can always get another one by logging into GGPoker the following day. You can claim 31 tickets in total for a free $7.75 in value.

Of course, you can hit it big in a Spin & Gold to make this promotion even more lucrative as prize pools can be randomly as high as 12,000-times the buy-in or $3,000 in this case if you get lucky.

*Please note that this promotion is not available to those in CIS countries.

3) Daily $20,000 Spin & Gold Leaderboard

Perhaps the daily free Spin & Gold ticket you played every day got you in the mood to play more Spin & Gold tournaments.

The good news is that the biggest grinders of these lottery-style games will be rewarded handsomely with $20,408 in cash and Spin & Gold tickets given away every day to 550 players at a variety of stakes.

Climbing the daily leaderboard is easy as long as you are dedicated to the grind.

Simply register for as many Spin & Gold games as you can during a day at a stake you are comfortable playing. You will get points for each one you play. Second place will get double the points, while the winner will get triple the points.

The leaderboards are separated by stakes so low stakes players won't be competing against high stakes players and vice versa.

Here is a look at the different prizes players will share at a variety of stakes every day in October:

StakesDaily Prize PoolSpots Paid

$50 stakes leaderboard pays cash with the rest of the leaderboards paying out in Spin & Gold tickets.

Doing a little math, this is $631,648 given away by GGPoker in this promotion alone in October. Can you afford not to get your hands on some of it?

4) All-In or Fold Daily Prizes

All-In or Fold games are all the rage at GGPoker, especially if you just want a quick session or to blow off some steam.

You can get a free buy-in every day simply by grinding out 100 hands. The hands go quickly, so you might even be able to do this at multiple stakes and games and get a handful of free buy-ins a day.

The cash games are available in both no-limit hold'em (NLHE) and pot-limit Omaha (PLO). You will need to buy-in for eight big blinds for hold'em while just four big blinds in Omaha.

The hold'em games are all-in or fold preflop while in Omaha every player sees a free flop and this decides if they are all-in or fold. Players that build up a stack can choose to keep it all on the table or can reduce it back down to the minimum balances.

This promotion is one of the easiest to take advantage of as you aren't competing against other players for a prize, rather you just need to play 100 hands at a specific stake and game to get a free buy-in into your account.

5) Rush & Cash Daily $33K Leaderboard

Rush & Cash is GGPoker's version of fast-fold poker. Here's a quick breakdown of how the action works in case you aren't familiar with these games.

You pick a game either NLHE or PLO then decide on what stakes you want to play from $0.01/0.02 on up to $1/$2. You will then be entered into a playing pool with your first table randomly assigned.

You will be whisked away to a new table with new players whenever you are finished with a hand either by folding or going all the way to showdown. This allows you to constantly see new players while also getting in many more hands per hour than you would playing at a standard PLO or NLHE cash game table.

GGPoker juicened things up in October and will award $34,427 to the top grinders of these games across 14 different leaderboards. This comes to a whopping $1,067,237 GGPoker will give away to Rush & Cash players throughout October.

Here is a look at the daily leaderboards broken out by stakes and games:

StakesDaily Prize NLHESpots Paid NLHEDaily Prize PLOSpots Paid PLO

Climbing the leaderboard is easy to understand as you get one point for each raked hand you play at a certain stake and game.

6) Hold'em Daily $20K Leaderboard

Hold'em cash players aren't confined to Rush & Cash to get some rewards as traditional NLHE cash game players can be rewarded handsomely as well in the Hold'em Daily $20K Leaderboard.

The title is an understatement with actually $21,194 awarded daily to the top 845 players across nine different stakes. Each stake will have a separate leaderboard with a separate prize pool as follows:

StakesDaily Prize PoolSpots Paid

Climbing the leaderboard is the same as Rush & Cash where you are awarded one point for each raked hand.

7) Omaha Daily $20K Leaderboard

The Omaha Daily $20K Leaderboard is similar to the Hold'em Daily $20K Leaderboard but is reserved for Omaha players. Additionally, there is a choice of 10 different stakes to choose from to create 10 different leaderboards.

The top 643 players every day will go home with a share of $21,003. This means GGPoker will be giving away $651,078 in October alone to the top Omaha grinders.

StakesDaily Prize PoolSpots Paid

8) Short Deck $7.5K Leaderboard

GGPoker is known for its short deck games at both small stakes and high stakes. The $5 million October Giveaway wouldn't be complete without a leaderboard for those that enjoy playing with a 36 card deck.

A total of 338 Short Deck grinders will share $7,484 every day across nine leaderboard as follows:

StakesDaily Prize PoolSpots Paid

In total, GGPoker will be giving away $231,989 to Short Deck players. Why not get a piece of the pie for yourself?

  • GGPoker is giving away a whopping $5 million dollars this month in the October Giveaway. Learn how you can get a piece of the pie.

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