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Check Out the Amazing EPT Online Promotions at PokerStars

EPT Online at PokerStars

Poker players around the world are already participating in the inaugural EPT Online hosted at PokerStars from Nov. 8-18.

The festival boasts a massive $20 million guarantee spread out across 20 events. Buy-ins for the events range from $100 all the way up to $25,000.

The highlight of the festival is a whopper with the four-day EPT Online $5,200 Main Event guaranteeing a massive $5 million prize pool on Nov. 15-18.

Wouldn't you like to get involved?

Don't stress out about the big ticket price for most of the events as there will be plenty of opportunities for players to qualify into events cheaply via satellites and in some cases even for free.

In addition, you can also participate in the Mini EPT Online, which runs side-by-side with the EPT Online, and features another 20 events tagged with $3.3 million in guarantees. Buy-ins for the Mini EPT Online start at just $2.20, something every poker player should be able to buy into directly for.

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There are plenty of opportunities to join in on the EPT Online for pennies on the dollar - or even for free - that you may be unaware of. Read on to learn about how you can be playing in the prestigious EPT Online at PokerStars for a price you can afford.

Plethora of Satellites Including Path to Main Event for Free

As one might expect, there is no shortage of satellites running at PokerStars for all the EPT Events.

Tournament satellites for each event become more frequent as the event comes closer but this doesn't mean you can't try to qualify now to events you wish to play. This is especially true for the Main Event with plenty of chances every day to get into the action for a fraction of the cost.

There are also feeder tournaments and stepped Fast Track tournaments to get in even cheaper.

It's through the Fast Track tournaments you have a chance to play the EPT Main Event for free. PokerStars is running Freebuy satellites that feed into the $109 Fast Track Event.

This Freebuy event is free to enter but get ready to spend a few pennies as rebuys cost $0.11. Players start off with 1,000 in chips with rebuys adding another 5,000 chips to their stacks. In addition, players can add-on for a huge stack of 50,000 in chips after the rebuy period is over for just $0.11.

Qualify to the EPT for Free at PokerStars!

Spin Your Way to the EPT Online

Another path you might wish to consider is playing in dedicated EPT Online Spin & Go tournaments.

The cheapest Spin & Go is $7.50 but even for that price it is possible to play for an EPT Online $5,200 Main Event ticket where you just need to beat two other players if you are lucky. Other prizes include a $109 EPT Online ticket, a $22 EPT Online ticket, and $15 in cash.

There are also $75 EPT Online Spin & Go tournaments. In these events, it is possible to not only win an EPT Online $5,200 Main Event ticket but also a ticket to the EPT Online $25,000 Super High Roller, that guarantees a huge $2 million prize pool.

The Super High Roller runs on Nov. 12. The $75 Spin & Go's will still run after that with increased odds of playing for a Main Event ticket.

For all information regarding the 2020 EPT Online, check out the dedicated hub on PokerNews.

Win a Free Main Event Seat in the #EPT4Charity

Want to win a free seat to the EPT Main Event? Well, who doesn't?

Here is your chance!

PokerNews, who will offer live updates from all 20 events, and PokerStars have joined forces to award one lucky winner a $5,200 seat into the EPT Online Main Event. All you have to do is submit a winning video and pledge to donate 10 percent of any winnings to a charity of your choice. That’s why we’re calling it #EPT4Charity.

Here's how the contest works:

  • Make a 1-2 minute video clip telling us a little about yourself, what charity you’d donate to, and why. Be creative.
  • The link to your video must be shared on Twitter using the hashtag #EPT4Charity. You must also email the video/tweet links to [email protected] Put your name in the subject line, and include the following information in the email text: Name … Country of origin … short bio (tell us who you are in five sentences) … Link to your video/tweet.
  • 10 finalists will be determined by PokerNews with those videos being compiled for a selected jury to ultimately pick a winner.
  • The winner will not only receive a $5,200 ticket (non-transferable) into the EPT Online Main Event, but PokerNews will also give you the VIP treatment with an interview and featured coverage in the live updates.
  • Remember, you must have a PokerStars account and live in an eligible territory (sorry players from the USA).

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EPT Online Schedule

Nov. 818:05EPT Online 01 [Arena Championship]8-Max NLHE$1,050$1,500,000
Nov. 819:05EPT Online 02 [PLO High Roller]6-Max PLO$10,300$500,000
Nov. 820:05EPT Online 03 [High Roller]8-Max NLHE$5,200$500,000
Nov. 918:05EPT Online 049-Max NLHE$530$350,000
Nov. 919:05EPT Online 05 [Win the Button]8-Max NLHE$1,050$200,000
Nov. 1018:05EPT Online 06 [High Roller]8-Max NLHE$10,300$1,000,000
Nov. 1019:05EPT Online 078-Max NLHE PKO$2,100$500,000
Nov. 1118:05EPT Online 088-Max NLHE$2,100$500,000
Nov. 1119:05EPT Online 09 [High Roller]6-Max 8-Game$5,200$250,000
Nov. 1218:05EPT Online 10 [Super High Roller]8-Max NLHE$25,000$2,000,000
Nov. 1219:05EPT Online 11 [Deep Stacks]8-Max NLHE$1,050$500,000
Nov. 1318:05EPT Online 126-Max NLHE PKO$1,050$500,000
Nov. 1319:05EPT Online 13 [High Roller]6-Max NLHE 6+$10,300$400,000
Nov. 1418:05EPT Online 14 [EPT Online Cup]9-Max NLHE$215$500,000
Nov. 1419:05EPT Online 15 [High Roller]6-Max NLHE$10,300$500,000
Nov. 1518:05EPT Online 16 [Main Event]8-Max NLHE$5,200$5,000,000
Nov. 1519:05EPT Online 176-Max PLO$2,100$500,000
Nov. 1520:05EPT Online 188-Max NLHE PKO$1,050$500,000
Nov. 1619:05EPT Online 198-Max NLHE PKO$530$500,000
Nov. 1718:05EPT Online 20 [Last Chance]9-Max NLHE$1,050$500,000

Mini EPT Online Schedule

Nov. 918:05Mini EPT Online 018-Max NLHE$11$150,000
Nov. 919:05Mini EPT Online 02 [Mini PLO High Roller]6-Max PLO$109$125,000
Nov. 920:05Mini EPT Online 03 [Mini High Roller]8-Max NLHE$55$150,000
Nov. 1018:05Mini EPT Online 049-Max NLHE$5.50$75,000
Nov. 1019:05Mini EPT Online 05 [Mini Win the Button]8-Max NLHE$11$50,000
Nov. 1118:05Mini EPT Online 06 [Mini High Roller]8-Max NLHE$109$500,000
Nov. 1119:05Mini EPT Online 078-Max NLHE PKO$22$150,000
Nov. 1218:05Mini EPT Online 088-Max NLHE$22$150,000
Nov. 1219:05Mini EPT Online 09 [Mini High Roller]6-Max 8-Game$55$50,000
Nov. 1318:05Mini EPT Online 10 [Mini Super High Roller]8-Max NLHE$215$400,000

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Nov. 1319:05Mini EPT Online 11 [Mini Deep Stacks]8-Max NLHE$11$75,000
Nov. 1418:05Mini EPT Online 126-Max NLHE PKO$11$175,000
Nov. 1419:05Mini EPT Online 13 [Mini High Roller]6-Max NLHE 6+$109$50,000
Nov. 1518:05Mini EPT Online 14 [Mini Cup]9-Max NLHE$2.20$50,000
Nov. 1519:05Mini EPT Online 15 [Mini High Roller]6-Max NLHE$109$300,000
Nov. 1618:05Mini EPT Online 16 [Mini Main Event]8-Max NLHE$55$500,000
Nov. 1619:05Mini EPT Online 176-Max PLO$22$75,000
Nov. 1620:05Mini EPT Online 188-Max NLHE PKO$11$100,000
Nov. 1718:05Mini EPT Online 19 [Mini Last Chance]9-Max NLHE$11$100,000
Nov. 1719:05Mini EPT Online 208-Max NLHE PKO$5.50$75,000

The Stars Group is a majority shareholder in Oddschecker Global Media, the parent company of PokerNews.

  • Read about the amazing EPT Online promotions at PokerStars including a chance to play in the EPT Main Event for free.

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