Sites With The Best Bad Beat Jackpots

Bad Beat Jackpots can be a fun option for poker players, and online poker sites with Bad Beat Jackpots provide players with an opportunity to win big by getting a piece of the jackpot. You should be aware that you're paying a little extra rake on these tables, so it's not just free money. The reward, however rare, can be enormous though!

The top poker sites with a Bad Beat Jackpot are Red Kings and Betsafe, both pokersites on the Microgaming network, so they share the same rules. Do read the rules these internet poker sites follow to see how it works.

Red Kings Beat Jackpot

RedKings poker is rated number one for online poker sites that offer bad beat jackpots. The Bad Beat Jackpot at Red Kings quickly reaches into the six-figures, which much bigger prizes when the jackpot doesn't hit for some time. The qualifying requirements at Red Kings are that you must have four deuces or better beaten in the hand. The money from the Bad Beat Jackpot is distributed as followed.

80% of the current jackpot is distributed as follows:

  • 40% is awarded to the losing hand (the bad beat winner)
  • 20% is awarded to the winning hand
  • 10% is awarded to the other players at the table where the jackpot was triggered
  • 10% is awarded to players playing at the same stakes

The remaining 20% of the Bad Beat Jack pot is used to seed the next bad beat jackpot. If the next time quads deuces being cracked is moments after, at least the jackpot isn't empty.

Players that sign up for Carbon Poker through PokerNews will receive a bonus of up to €1,500. You will receive a 100 percent match bonus on your first deposit, up to the €1,500 maximum. Rakeback is still available on Red Kings poker, so get at it while you can!

Betway Bad Beat Jackpot

Betway is a poker website on the same network, so the same rules apply. Again, 80 percent of the Bad Beat Jackpot is rewarded if you're losing with quad deuces or better. So if you make your straight flush but are beaten by a royal flush, you can start celebrating instead of drowning your sorrows, as a hefty payday awaits. And if it happens, betway will get in touch as you just massively increased your poker bankroll.

There are some rules that apply, and these go for the badbeat jackpot on Red Kings as well.

  • The losing hand must contain four of a kind 2s or better
  • You always have to use both hole cards to be able to win the bad beat jackpot, and the same goes for your opponent. So if there are four tens on the board, and you lose with a king to a player with an ace, you won't win anything.
  • There has to be a showdown in the hand. If a player folds before the showdown, there's no bad beat jackpot.
  • You have to be a participant in the hand to win anything. You have to opt-in for the €0.02 and received cards. If you were sitting out, you don't share in the jackpot.
  • You can't collude to get the bad beat jackpot, so you can't talk about the hand or soft play to get to showdown. You have to play the hand like you would if there were no jackpot.

Bad Beat Jackpot FAQ

Why play bad beat jackpot tables? Many players love the bad beat jackpot sites as they give you an opportunity to take home a huge cash prize while playing your favorite real money poker game.

Where does the bad beat jackpot come from? All of the poker sites that have bad beat jackpot tables take a small extra rake from these games. The extra rake is usually tiny, but it still costs you since you pay it like an ante; every hand. At Red Kings and Betway, you pay €0.02 per hand.

How do I collect when I win? The poker site will be in contact with you directly if you are a winner of a Bad Beat Jackpot. Most poker sites will work with you on a preferred withdrawal method, whether it be bank wire, check, or a host of other ways.

Why don’t all sites offer Bad Beat Jackpots? The answers to this can vary pretty widely but can be that the site doesn’t have the proper software or doesn’t care to develop something that is capable of keeping up with the jackpot.