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How To Beat Fish in Poker

What's the most frustrating thing in poker? It has to be losing to bad players — surely, nothing hurts quite as much at that when you know you are betting than your opponents.

Nick Wealthall has just released a new video which tells you exactly how to stop the frustration of losing to bad players fast.

If you get frustrated or annoyed when bad players win hands against you, it’s not your fault. The reaction is totally natural, especially if you had the best hand and took a bad beat.

Much of the problem comes from letting these bad beats get to you, causing you to play badly. That part is entirely your fault and Wealthall is here to tell you how to make it stop.

The secret is to have a plan for beating them so you're not depending on all-in pots. In this new video, Wealthall gives you the three keys to destroying the fish.

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