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Peter Jennings Discusses Six-Max $200NL

CardRunners video instructor Peter Jennings, also known as Marshall28, stepped down from his regular stakes of $2/$4 to show students how to climb from $0.25/$0.50 to $1/$2 in a multipart video series. Previously, we showed you two clips from that series including a teaser taken from Part 5 in which Jennings commentated while playing four tables of $0.50/$1 and Part 6 in which Jennings reviewed hands with a replayer to give in-depth analysis.

This teaser is from Part 8 of the series in which Jennings has moved up limits to $1/$2. He commentates as plays back a session of playing four tables of six-max at $200NL. Because the level of play has increased, Jennings begins to discuss higher-level strategy. Along with his standard instructing on hand-reading, he also touches on meta-game elements that come into play.

To see the rest of this video series or for more training videos, head over to and take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

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