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Matthew Dorand Discusses Loose-Passive Players at Low-Stakes Six-Max NLHE

Matthew Dorand Discusses Loose-Passive Players at Low-Stakes Six-Max NLHE 0001

If you're looking to become a winner in low-stakes no-limit hold'em games online — and who doesn't like winning — then this is a video for you. CardRunners video instructor Matthew Dorand, also known as MdoranD, is a specialist in six-handed games and provides some insightful in-game live commentary while playing six tables of $0.10/$0.20 NLHE.

In this teaser video, Dorand specifically discusses playing against loose-passive players. In other words, he talks about what to do versus players who play a lot of hands and call bets and raises quite frequently, which is pretty much everyone at your home game.

Dorand comes across a tricky spot versus one of these players, where he raises preflop with pocket queens and is called by a loose-passive player in position. He bets on a flop of {j-}{8-}{4-} rainbow, and when another {8-} hits on the turn, Dorand bets again to try to get his opponent call with worse hands, but he is met with a raise. Because loose-passive players rarely take aggressive actions like this, Dorand decides to fold. He says, "One thing about loose-passive fish that you have to worry about is when the second pair pairs. Against good players, you normally worry when top pair pairs."

To see the rest of this training video or to find more like it, head to and take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

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