Strategy with Kristy: Galen Hall Talks About How to Get Better at Poker Quickly

Galen Hall has made a name for himself in the high-stakes multi-table tournament world in the past three years. Among his achievements are a win in the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event for $2.3 million, third place in the 2011 $25,000 World Poker Tour Championship, and third place in the 2012 $100,000 PCA Super High Roller. This week, he launched a poker training site called, Poker Savants, and serves as guest on the Strategy with Kristy podcast.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

"A lot of times players come to me for advice or coaching, and they want to talk through hands. But they bring these hands that are just the most off-the-wall, crazy spots. Listen, I could spend an hour talking about this hand, but the point is to get better at poker. This isn't going to make you that much better to master this super-rare occasion. I have found that the best way to improve in poker in the least amount of time is to take really simple hands, break them down strategically and to think about basic concepts. Focus on fundamental things, tweak it, and come to a basic understanding from that."

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