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The PokerNews Quiz: Common All-In Situations in Hold'em

09-09-2017 16281 responses Top results

Time again for another quiz to test your poker knowledge. This time we’re looking at eight preflop all-in situations — pretty much covering all of the commonly encountered scenarios — and testing to see how well you can estimate the chances of the better hand holding up.

There are just two choices for each situation. Read each one, think about it a moment, and make your choice. Answering six of the eight correctly earns you a passing grade. When you're done, check the "Top results" to see how you did compared to others, and if you're logged in here at PokerNews your username will appear. Need an account? Click here and get one.

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Question 1

Higher vs. lower pocket pair -- As-Ac is about a ______ favorite to win against Kd-Kh.

Question 2

A pocket pair vs. two overcards -- Qd-Qh is about a ______ favorite to win against Ac-Ks.

Question 3

A better kicker -- As-Kc is about a ______ favorite to win against against Ad-Qh.

Question 4

Pocket pair vs. unpaired hand with same rank as high card -- Ks-Kh is about a ______ favorite to win against Kd-Jc.

Question 5

Pocket pair vs. one overcard -- Jd-Jc is about a ______ favorite to win against As-8h.

Question 6

Two overcards vs. two undercards -- Ac-Qs is about a ______ favorite to win against 9d-7h.

Question 7

Overcard vs. dominated kicker -- 10h-10s is about a ______ favorite to win against Ac-10d.

Question 8

Overcard vs. two middle cards -- Ac-4d is a little over a ______ favorite to win against Js-7h.

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