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The PokerNews Quiz: Frequently Used Poker Abbreviations

09-16-2017 15414 responses Top results

If you're like us, you've been enjoying following the Poker Masters series this week, a series of fast-paced, high-stakes tournaments lasting two days each.

They are employing a "shot clock" in the Poker Masters events, which helps a great deal when it comes to speeding up play. Between the shot clock and the structure, it is like following an abbreviated form of tournament poker.

The format has inspired this week's installment of the PokerNews Quiz, eight rapid-fire questions about frequently used poker abbreviations.

You know the drill — get six out of eight correct to pass the quiz, and check "Top results" afterwards to see how your results stack up versus others who took the test. If logged into your PokerNews account, your username will show among the results. If you need an account, you can click here to get one.

TL;DR — Click "Start Quiz" ASAP, and you'll be done PDQ.

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Question 1

A style of poker considered straightforward that avoids fancy play, though might become predictable.

Question 2

A method used by players to calculate their overall equity at any given point in a tournament, converting chip stacks to their real money value.

Question 3

A player who plays a high percentage of hands and often bets and raises rather than checks and calls.

Question 4

A type of poker tournament in which players occupy more than one table.

Question 5

A calculation used to measure and compare poker players’ relative profitability.

Question 6

A reference to a player who is the first to act before the flop in hold’em or Omaha.

Question 7

If you hold Ac-Kc and the flop comes 8c-3d-2h, you have flopped a ________.

Question 8

If you hold Ac-Kc and the flop comes Ad-9c-3h, you have ________.

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