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The PokerNews Quiz: Poker Masters Go for the Green (and the Purple)

09-23-2017 14200 responses Top results

The first Poker Masters series came to a conclusion this week at the ARIA Resort & Casino — five exciting high roller multi-table tournaments featuring many of tournament poker's best.

Steffen Sontheimer impressively cashed four times, winning two of the five events — one of the $50K "prelims" and the $100K finale. In addition to earning over $2.7 million in cashes, as the top performer of the series Sontheimer won The Poker Masters Purple Jacket™.

This week Valerie Cross highlighted "The Top Five Moments from the Poker Masters" with a look at some of the more memorable hands from the series. For The PokerNews Quiz we'll likewise highlight some climactic hands with eight multiple-choice questions about odds and outs.

Get six of eight right and earn a passing grade, and when you're done look at the "Top results" to see how you fared versus others. If logged into your PokerNews account, your username will appear. Need an account? Click here.

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Question 1

During heads-up play between Nick Schulman and Matt Hyman to end Event No. 1, both players doubled up multiple times before Schulman won it. In one instance, Hyman was all in preflop with 6h-6c versus Schulman’s Ac-Jh, and after the 10d-Ad-As flop and Qc turn, Hyman was down to one card and ________ outs to survive.

Question 2

A little later, Hyman was all in preflop with Ks-Qh versus Schulman’s Ah-Ac, but made a straight to win despite being ________ to win preflop.

Question 3

Sontheimer won Event No. 2, with Fedor Holz finishing runner-up. In the last hand, Sontheimer reraise-pushed with Ac-Jd and Holz called all in with Kc-Jh, giving Sontheimer ________ chance to win.

Question 4

Bryn Kenney won Event No. 3 after a wild heads-up duel with Erik Seidel. The last hand wasn’t the most exciting -- a short-stacked Seidel was all in with 3d-2s against Kenney’s Kh-Jd -- but with two live cards Seidel still had ________ chance to survive.

Question 5

Event No. 4 ended with Doug Polk all in on a Ks-8d-6d flop holding 5d-4d, then the 2d turn made him a flush. Unfortunately for Polk, Adams had a better flush with 9d-7d, but Polk wasn’t drawing dead as he had ________.

Question 6

In Event No. 5, five players were left when Justin Bonomo went all in preflop with Kd-10c. He had two callers -- Sontheimer with As-10s and Christian Christer with Ad-Ks. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Bonomo had only ________ chance to survive.

Question 7

Holz was there at the finish in Event No. 5 as well, but went out in third. In his last hand he pushed with Qh-Jd and was up against Christner’s 7h-7c. The sevens were still in front after the As-10c-2s flop and 8c turn, but Holz still had ________ outs with the river to come.

Question 8

In Event No. 5, Christner gave Sontheimer a good heads-up battle before falling at the end, his 2d-2c failing to beat Sontheimer’s Qh-Qd. With the lower pocket pair, Christner was just ________ to win that last hand.

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