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The PokerNews Quiz: The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Is Back!

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The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure dates all of the way back to 2004 when Gus Hansen won the inaugural PCA Main Event on the Voyager of the Seas cruise ship. The following year the series moved to the Atlantis Casino and Resort in Nassau where it has remained ever since, with the PCA name for the series returning in 2018.

This week the PCA is back, and PokerNews is returning to the Bahamas as well for coverage of all of the marquee events, including the $10,300 Main Event.

As a way to relive the exciting finishes to the most recent Main Events in the Bahamas, below find eight multiple-choice questions concerning odds and outs for the final hands of each.

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Question 1

The final hand of the 2010 PCA Main Event saw Ty Reiman all in preflop with 8d-8c versus Harrison Gimbel’s 10h-10c. The flop came Td-6d-2h to give Gimbel a set, but the 8h turn meant Reiman wasn’t drawing dead as he still had ___________.

Question 2

In the 2011 PCA Main Event, a memorable heads-up battle between Chris Oliver and Galen Hall concluded with Oliver reraise-shoving before the flop with Qh-Qc and Hall calling with Ac-8c. Oliver was at risk, but was about ___________ to survive the hand before the community cards came.

Question 3

The 2012 PCA Main Event ended with Kyle Julius bluff-raising all in with 9d-6s on a Ac-Qh-3c-8d-Tc board. But John Dibella had 6c-5c for a flush and called to win the title. Preflop, which hand had the better chance of being ahead by the river?

Question 4

Joel Micka three-bet shoved with 4h-4d on the last hand of the 2013 PCA Main Event, and Dimitar Danchev called with Ad-Qh, which meant Micka had about a ___________ chance to survive.

Question 5

There were several memorable hands between Dominik Panka and Mike McDonald during heads-up play at the 2014 PCA Main Event. In the final one, McDonald was all in with 7c-4c versus Panka’s Ad-2c. The flop fell 2s-5s-Jh, then the 7h turn put McDonald in the lead. How many outs did Panka have with one card to come?

Question 6

As happened three years before, the 2015 PCA Main Event ended with a big call when Kevin Schulz called Diego Ventura’s check-raise push on the river. Before that, Schulz had Kh-3d when he bet the Qs-6d-4h flop, and Ventura called with 10d-4d. At that point in the hand, Ventura was a ___________ favorite to end with the best hand.

Question 7

Moving ahead to 2016, in the last hand of that year’s PCA Main Event Tony Gregg reraise-shoved all in with As-8c on a flop of 8h-6h-2h and Watson tank-called with 7h-4s. When the chips went in the middle, who was the favorite to win?

Question 8

Finally during heads-up in last year’s Main Event, Cliff Josephy moved all in with As-8h and Christian Harder called with Ad-Js. How big of a favorite was Harder to win the hand?

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