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The PokerNews Quiz: Probabilities on the Flop

02-24-2018 6009 responses Top results

You know about "flop props," yes? Hold'em players adding a bit of extra action to the game by betting whether the next flop will contain a pair. Or three cards in sequence. Or arrive all red or all black.

Knowing the probabilities associated with flops can help such prop bettors have an edge when making such wagers. Such knowledge can sometimes help more generally as far as understanding the likelihood of certain board textures arriving with those first three community cards.

Here's a quick quiz containing eight multiple-choice questions testing your knowledge of probabilities on the flop. (Note: all the probabilties cited below have been determined without taking into account anyone's hole cards first.)

Get six of eight right and you pass the quiz, and when done check out the "Top results" to see how you did versus others. If logged in here at PokerNews, your username will appear. Need an account? Click here to get one.

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Question 1

What is the probability of a “rainbow” flop -- that is, one containing three cards of different suits?

Question 2

What is the probability that a flop will contain two suited cards (e.g., Kh-9c-3c)?

Question 3

What is the probability the flop will come “monotone” -- that is, with all three cards the same suit?

Question 4

What is the probability the flop will contain three consecutive cards (e.g., 9-8-7)?

Question 5

What is the probability the flop will contain at least two cards ranked ten or higher (i.e., 10, J, Q, K, A)?

Question 6

What is the probability that a flop will arrive containing a pair (e.g., K-9-9)?

Question 7

What is the probability of the board showing three of a kind on the flop (e.g., J-J-J)?

Question 8

Finally, what is the probability that the flop will come “all red” (i.e., contain only hearts and/or diamonds)?

What do you think?