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The PokerNews Quiz: Talkin' Football

02-03-2018 6388 responses Top results

It's Super Bowl weekend, and everyone's talking about tomorrow's big game.

For example, you might have seen this clip from one of this week's episodes of Jeopardy! The popular quiz show gave a nod to Sunday's championship with a "Talkin' Football" category, although the contestants' came just a bit shy of reaching the goal line with their responses:

As you well know, poker is like football in that it has a lot of specialized terminology that might seem foreign to those who don't follow the game. In fact, there are a number of the same terms used in both poker and football, albeit with different meanings in each.

Today's installment of The PokerNews Quiz highlights the overlap between poker and football terms. See if you can do better than the contestants on Jeopardy!

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Question 1

A __________ can refer to a pass reception or the act of being dealt a needed card.

Question 2

A __________ can refer to a hand that is a card shy of completing a straight or flush or a play in which the quarterback drops back to pass then hands off to a back running up the middle.

Question 3

The term __________ describes going runner-runner to win a hand or a late score that covers the spread.

Question 4

A __________ can refer to a poker chip (typically one worth $5,000) or a penalty marker.

Question 5

__________ can refer to making a small leading bet or an offensive lineman obstructing defenders from tackling a runner.

Question 6

The __________ refers to where the dealer sits behind a chip tray or an area on the defensive side of the ball just opposite the offensive linemen.

Question 7

The term __________ can refer to a running play or a hot streak of winning several hands in a row.

Question 8

To __________ refers to raising in order to get all but one player to fold or having receivers run routes intended to create a one-on-one situation for one of them.

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