The PokerNews Quiz: Terms and Conditions

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Poker is a game full of its own specialized terminology, with some of the terms being better known than others. Such terms often refer to the current conditions of play, alluding to players’ actions, rules and/or etiquette, or other elements of the game.

Here are eight multiple-choice questions testing your knowledge of some poker terms. Get six out eight right and you pass the quiz, and when you're done be sure to take a look at the "Top results" to see how you finished. If you're logged into your PokerNews account your username will appear among the results.

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Question 1

The hands a player deduces an opponent might be possibly holding refers to a _________ of hands.

Question 2

In draw games, choosing *not* to discard and draw means standing _________.

Question 3

In fixed-limit games there is often a _________ on the number of raises allowed in each betting round.

Question 4

In a draw game like 2-7 triple draw, a player who plays a bad hand in order to bluff is trying to _________.

Question 5

A very small bluff meant to suggest a player is strong and thus is giving an opponent good pot odds to call is known as a _________ bluff.

Question 6

The act of sneaking chips off the table mid-game (typically prohibited) is called going _________.

Question 7

Two players are all in with the board showing Jh-10c-8s-7h. One has Ac-9c and the other Ah-9h, meaning they both have a straight. However the player with Ah-9h has a flush draw, too, meaning that player is _________.

Question 8

When everyone folds to to the big blind, that player has been given a _________.