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The Weekly Poker News Strategy Quiz: Scare Cards, Kill Pots, and Maniacs

10-31-2015 69485 responses Top results

Welcome all, to a Halloween-themed edition “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz.”

Usually our quiz questions come from the the past week’s worth of articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews. This week, however, we’re following the lead of other trick-or-treaters and dressing up the quiz in a slightly different guise.

Get seven or more of these 10 questions right and you earn you the treat of a passing grade. Meanwhile if you are tricked into any incorrect responses, you’ll get an explanation of which answer was correct.

Question 1

A player considered a MANIAC is most likely to have which playing style?

Question 2

Which of the following is *NOT* a common meaning for the term “DEAD MONEY”?

Question 3

A hold’em player who checks IN THE DARK has checked...

Question 4

In poker, a KILL POT typically refers to a hand in which...

Question 5

Which of the following is a variant of poker?

Question 6

You hold 9d-8h and the flop comes 10c-7d-6c, giving you a straight. You bet and your opponent calls. Which of the following turns would be a SCARE CARD for you?

Question 7

What does the term GHOSTING refer to in the context of online poker tournaments?

Question 8

A player sitting in the CUTOFF is in...

Question 9

What is a CUT CARD?

Question 10

On the turn, you hold Ad-Jd and your opponent has Qs-10s. On which of the following boards are you DRAWING DEAD?

What do you think?