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The Weekly PokerNews Quiz: Playing the Opposite Way

03-04-2017 27812 responses Top results

You often hear the advice to play a style that is the "opposite" of how others are playing. That is, if the table is playing very loose, you should tighten up. Or if there are a bunch of rocks around the table folding all the time, open up your game and play a little more loose and aggressive.

Today's installment of The Weekly PokerNews Quiz deals in opposites, with eight multiple choice questions about four pairs of poker terms that in many contexts are antonyms.

Get six of the eight correct gets you a passing grade, and check the "Top results" to see how you did versus others. Log into your PokerNews account and your username will show up. If you need an account, you can get one (for free) by clicking here.

Got it? All right, then... don't be contrary — click "Start Quiz" and go!

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Question 1

Which is an “open”?

Question 2

What is an example of a “closed” poker variant?

Question 3

Which is “light”?

Question 4

Which is “dark”?

Question 5

What does it mean to play “fast”?

Question 6

What is “slow” playing?

Question 7

Which is “dead”?

Question 8

Which of these hands is “live”?

What do you think?